In The Moment (Moments #1) by Olivia Jake

"Oui, mais ici, et avec toi, je suis Samantha."

In The Moment by Olivia Jake is a story about two absolute power heads Samantha Davis, and the very charming french founder of the Network Account, Laurent Roman. 

All her life, 39 year old Sam Davis has worked hard but never played hard. Devoting every second of her time, every ounce of her physical energy towards her ad agency business in Los Angeles, Sam is the definition of a "workaholic". Never taking her eye off the ball, always one step ahead of the game, she is the boss and everyone knows it. 

Laurent Roman is incredibly successful in his career, knows exactly what he wants and will not stop until he gets it. At 45, Laurent is the ultimate perfectionist, demanding and thrives off being in control in all aspects of his life. 

When Laurent and Sam come together in the meeting room for a presentation, pulses quicken and eyes meet. After such a long time of having a "no men" rule, Sam suddenly finds herself inexplicably drawn to this man and his domineering ways. As the two collide, Laurent and Sam are enveloped in a world of lust and desire, but when you're faced with something you're not really supposed to have, it soon transforms into something so much more than that.  

Becca's thoughts

I haven't read any of Olivia Jake's novels before I read In The Moment, in fact I hadn't even heard of her, but I'm so glad that I found her novel on the Kindle Store because it was fantastic. I read this on my Kindle so it was in an eBook edition. 

Olivia Jake has chosen to write her novel using third person narrative, mainly giving the reader Sam's point of view. What I found really interesting and loved was at the end of each chapter, we get to read a tiny snippet from Laurent's point of view, which I enjoyed immensely. I think this is a great tactic to use, because it gives you a view from both sides. It's fantastic always knowing what's going through Sam's head, but a man's thoughts are usually hidden away, and you feel almost sneaky being allowed this little glimpse of what he's thinking and feeling. 

The two main characters in this story are Laurent Roman and Samantha Davis, and as I stated above, they are complete workaholics. Laurent's story is that he did a lot of manual labor when he was younger, and he couldn't wait to get into an office. Samantha just constantly strives for success. She's definitely not a woman to be messed with. Everything about her is smart, presentable, crisp and pristine. Other characters do dip in and out throughout the story, such as Sam's coworkers etc, but the main focus is just on Sam and Laurent, which really evokes a feeling of solidarity and that it's just them two, even when other people are around. 

Laurent and Sam's characters were totally credible. In today's modern society, there are just as many successful women as there are successful men, and it's also refreshing to see older ages for the characters in the books. In a lot of books, the characters are usually in their early to mind twenties, and it does tend to become a bit samey same, but having two characters from the older generation makes it that little bit more interesting and new. Laurent rather reminded me of the very popular Christian Grey, with his controlling and domineering ways, except he's French. I think there are a lot of fictional men in books today that are based on Christian Grey, but certain readers do love a man in control, so it's going to be popular with readers who enjoy that type of genre. I couldn't really relate to the characters in anyway, but they were fantastic and Olivia Jake really brings them to life for the reader. 

I just have to comment on the mood of this book because it really is sensual. From the second Sam and Laurent lay eyes on each other, the author instantly drops the reader into a pot of desire. There's glances in each other's directions, light touches of the skin, whispers, and a lot of dirty talk. There's also a few sexual scenes that again, are very fifty shadesy, but they really strengthen the bond between the two main characters. 

I personally adored this story. The relationship that forms between Sam and Laurent is not purely sexual. There's understanding, adoration, and an undying flame that's constantly burning between them. Witnessing their relationship build up and gradually become something else entirely is endearing to read, and you just can't help but feel happy for them. I think the mood of the book is set perfectly by the author, and she is just brilliant at deciphering what desire is all about and relaying that to the reader. 

I would definitely recommend In The Moment to anyone who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, Bared to You by Sylvia Day, and a fantastic little novel I read called Storm Damages by Magda Alexander, which you should definitely give a read if you haven't already! So, from me, this novel is receiving a well earned rating of 9/10!

In The Moment by Olivia Jake
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