Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig

"Plus sign", she said evenly, calmly. "Pregnant". 

If you love reading girly novels about best friends, over-dramatized female chat and pregnancy, then Three Girls and a Baby is definitely the book for you. I read mine in the Kindle edition, but it's also available in paperback too. 

Ginny has just found out that she's pregnant. Normally joyous and happy news, the story begins with Ginny saying, "My life ended on a Saturday morning". After breaking up with her ex boyfriend Josh, and then "accidentally" sleeping with him, Ginny isn't quite sure what to do. Her two best friends, Jen and Annie are there by her side, and rush out to get a pregnancy test for her. As the three of them sit with their backs up against the bathtub and wait for the test to give Ginny her result, they attempt to find other things to talk about, like the grubbiness of their bathroom ceiling and whether they should hire a cleaning service. As the timer on Jen's iPhone goes off, Annie squeezes Ginny's hand, and Jen gives them the result. 

From that moment on, Ginny prepares for her pregnancy with her two best friends by her side, fighting her love for Josh even after she told him to leave. She gets fired from her job as nanny for the Conrad family in the affluent area of Bloomfield Hills, and finds a job in a lovely little bookstore called Just Books. As her stomach continues to grow, as well as the baby inside her, Ginny finds it hard to find clothes that fit, a man that still finds her attractive with swollen feet and a way to completely get over Josh, for good. Her due date gets closer and closer, and along the way, the three girls go through the ups and downs of expecting together. 

Becca's thoughts

I absolutely loved reading Three Girls and a Baby, not only for it's humorous insight on an expecting mother, but the bond that Ginny, Annie and Jen share. It's a beautiful, heart-warming story about friendship and sticking together when times get rough, and I adored it. 

Written in first person, the reader recieves Ginny's view point, which is fantastic. We get to know all her thoughts and feelings whilst she's pregnant, every single emotion that overwhelms her, and even bits and pieces from her past, including how she met Josh, Jen and Annie. Now if you've never been pregnant, you'll probably find all the bits about Ginny's pregnancy really intriguing, and even if you have, it's incredibly enjoyable to read about. The author, Rachel Schurig, adds tons of humor to the story and to the conversations that take place between the three girls. 

Another element that makes this such an enjoyable read is the way it bounces between the past and present. I've always loved experiencing flashbacks in a story, as long as it doesn't become too messy, because then you end up getting confused about where you are in the story, but Rachel Schurig does this perfectly. It's always fun getting to know a character's past, it gives the reader a little bit of insight into the characters life and makes you feel like you know them just that little bit better. Another BEAUTIFUL little extra that the author adds in is at the beginning of chapters that are based in the present. There's a small extract from A Gal's Guide to a Fabulous First Pregnancy, which tells the reader how many weeks pregnant Ginny is, and also gives lots of little tips about how to prepare and what stage of development the baby is at. This is so fun to read, it's almost like Ginny has signed up to a pregnancy newsletter or email.It also keeps the reader up to date with Ginny's pregnancy, and I think it really adds a dusting of reality to the story as well. As humorous as it is, Ginny is pregnant, and it's a big step for any young woman. It feels like you're preparing along with her!

Three Girls and a Baby is a fabulous story, so full of love and friendship it's almost cheesy, but then it's so endearing you just don't care about the cheesiness of it. Girls, you HAVE to read this novel. 

Overall, I feel this story deserves a rating of 8/10!

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