Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

"Family could be like a cushion, Kayla thought. Something soft to protect you from the blows of life. You couldn't stop the blows happening, but if you had people who cared around you then the blows hurt less."

The blurb

Once upon a time Kayla loved Christmas. 

Now she's more dedicated to her job than decking her halls, and can't 
wait for the 'most wonderful time of the year' to be over. 

Until she arrives at the enchanting Snow Crystal ski resort, 
determined to win gorgeous owner Jackson as a marketing client. 

But wooing Jackson professionally quickly turns personal as they
spend flirty festive nights in this glittering winter wonderland. With 
snowflakes swirling and slight bells ringing. 

Could she fall back under the Christmas spell? 

Becca's thoughts

I brought the paperback version of Sleigh Bells in the Snow when I decided to buy a three-book-bundle from Amazon UK a few weeks before Christmas. As well as Sleigh Bells in the Snow, I brought Just for Christmas by Scarlett Bailey which was wonderfully festive and Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews which has to be my favourite out of the three. I'm not going to lie to you readers, it was the cover that sold it to me. It's gorgeous, overloaded with festivity and romance, the setting an incredibly Christmassy vision; including snow, wooden cabins and a sled pulled by dogs. You also have an image of the two main characters, Kayla and Jackson, wrapped up together on the front too! Extremely romantic.

What I loved most about Sleigh Bells in the Snow is the effort put into the setting. Apart from at the very beginning, you're transported into a world that's constantly in Christmas mode until the story ends. Snow Crystal Ski Resort is where Kayla's story develops. It's a beautiful holiday resort; log cabins in secluded areas, perfect hot chocolates, sleigh rides through the sparkling white forests and frozen lakes to wonder upon. I fell in love with the place from the moment Kayla arrived at her secluded snow cabin,

"Forgetting she was wet and shivering, Kayla walked across the wooden floor, taking in all the tiny details from the basked of roughly chopped wood logs next to the flickering fire, to the twist of delicate lights that hung from rafters to floor turning the space into the equivalent of a fairy grotto."

Everything about this place is magical. You're constantly reminded of the freezing weather, the falling snow and the icy ground, so the image and feel of the setting is imprinted into your mind as you read. 

The two main characters are an absolute delight and I love when the male and female characters contrast, creating a chemistry that's scorching hot. Kayla is a woman who lives to work. Her career is incredibly important to her and she's fantastic at what she does; a full on business woman with the pencil skirt and stilettos to go with it. Jackson on the other hand is an outdoor man. He loves to ski, loves the place where he was brought up and finds Kayla hilarious. The amount of times she ends up face first in the snow is unbelievable and Jackson can't seem to figure out why she dislikes Christmas so much. They're both lonely and completely immersed in work; Jackson trying to keep the family business afloat and Kayla trying to make it happen. The reason for her stay in Snow Crystal is so that she can experience everything first hand in order for her to sell it to people better. During her stay, she begins to realise that there is so much more to the place that meets the eye, including the huge O'Neil family. 

This book is a beautiful story about falling in love with Christmas again. From the skiing to the sleigh rides, it has everything to make you feel like you've stepped inside a Christmas wonderland. 

I'm giving Sleigh Bells in the Snow a rating of 7/10. 
Although a beautiful story, it's not one of my favourite Christmas reads but there's definitely a lot of sexiness and chemistry within the pages, which makes it a fantastic one for romance lovers. 

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