Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

"You don't know this, baby, but some men have dream women too."

The blurb

Tyra Masters has had enough drama to last a lifetime. Now, she's back on
track and looking forward to her new, quiet life. Until she meets the man 
of her dreams. The tattooed, muscled biker plies her with tequila- and the 
best sex of her life. She knows it isn't the tequila and hot sex talking. He's
the kind of man she's always wanted. Unfortunately, he's also her new boss...

 Kane "Tack" Allen has a rule. He doesn't employ someone he's slept with. 
So when he learns he spent last night in bed with his new office manager, 
he quickly fires Tyra. Yet when Tyra stands up to him and fights for her 
job, Tack is intrigued. He tells her she can keep her job on one condition:
no more sex. But as things heat up between them, Tacks finds that
he'll be the one breaking all the rules...

Becca's thoughts

Just one word. WOW. 
This is the second novel by Kristen Ashley that I've had the pleasure of reading and I hope these words that I am about to write let you know, really and truly, how much I adored it. 

Firstly, as always, I'm going to comment on the cover. Unfortunately, I read Motorcycle Man in the eBook format so I didn't get the pleasure of admiring a real-life copy. But if I had done... DAYUMM. Leaving that guy on the cover allowed me a perfect image of the main male character Tack, and that was quite alright with me. With that small smirk on Tack's lips, I think you know what kind of man you're about to meet. I was not disappointed. 

The best thing about Kristen Ashley's novels is her characters. They are sublime. Her male characters? They're like a girl's dream come true, and even though I have only met Tack (Motorcycle Man) and Deck (Kaleidoscope) I can tell you that you want to meet these men. Both are insatiable, insanely hot, bossy but loving men. Throw a Harley Davidson in the mix, with skinny tees, tight jeans and biker boots? Your girls gone to heaven and back. Oh! And let's not forget the tattoos and hard muscle. 

Let me tell you about Tack. Tack is a hard-ass. He's also involved with Chaos; a mean, bad-ass biker club. He is also owner of Ride; car and bike fix-up business. He doesn't take any shit from anybody and once he wants something, he will get it. No doubts. No questions asked. Intense doesn't even begin to cover this guy. When he's speaking, fucking, arguing, he's insane. He swears, but at the same time calls his girl baby, which makes me melt a little inside. He also has two children, Tabby and Rush, and a crazy, lost-her-mind ex-girlfriend. Tack is the ultimate bad boy and I want him for myself. I'm referring to Tack as a boy, but he's actually a man in his forties, but god he's hot. Let's just put it this way. You couldn't/wouldn't say "no" to anything Tack suggested. 

The main female character is Tyra and I adored that woman. When the story begins, Tyra is in a club and she has her eyes on Tack. Great thing is, Tack has his eyes on her too. From there, a heated bedroom session ensues, followed by Tyra telling the reader that she thinks she has found her dream man, which ends in Tack kicking her out of his bed. Asshole. But a hot one, so I can let him off the hook. After feeling like an absolute fool, which is completely understandable due to her not being the "hop into bed and leave" type of girl, Tyra turns up to start her new job the morning after. And guess who her new boss is? That's right ladies and gentleman, Mr Tack Allen himself. From there on, a heated, sizzling atmosphere springs lodges itself between them and it's this that probably makes the story even more entertaining. The thing I loved about Tyra is, she has a backbone. There are so many females in fictional romance stories today that just give in, but when Tyra sees Tack on that morning, she braces herself. Tack actually tells her to leave, that he can't work with someone that he's slept with. This pisses Tyra off and she refuses. 

"Now, you listen to me, scary biker dude," I snapped. "I
need this job. I haven't worked in two months and I need this job. I can't wait
two more months or longer to find another job. I need to work now."

His blue eyes burned into mine in a way that felt physical but I kept right on talking. 

"So you're going good-looking, have great tats and a cool goatee. So you 
caught my eye and I caught yours. We had sex. Lots of sex. It
was good. So what? That was then, this is now. We're not 
going to play, not again. We're done playing. I'm going to come in at eight,
leave at five, do my job, and you're going to be my scary biker dude boss, 
sign my paychecks, do my performance evaluation and maybe, if you're nice, I'll
make you coffee. Other than that, you don't exist for me and I don't exist for you. What we had, we had. It's over. I'm moving on and how I'm moving on is, I'm... working... this... job."

I loved her after her speech about working at Ride, and I loved her the rest of the way through the story. Again, like Tack, she's another character that doesn't take any shit from anybody. They are the perfect match and I loved watching the feelings intensify between them. 

I have to say, the sex scenes between Tack and Tyra are smoking. So if you enjoy a passionate love scene, there are plenty for you to read in Motorcycle Man. Tack is a superb lover as you'll find out when you read it. Honestly ladies, you need to read the Motorcycle Man. Tack is one man you won't be forgetting for a while. 

I'm giving Motorcycle Man a well-deserved rating of 10/10.
I absolutely LOVED it. Tack is another book boyfriend to add to your list. Like, right now. 

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