RELEASE DAY! This Regret by Victoria Ashley & Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid

Oh my gosh! It is finally here, the official RELEASE DAY for two of my favourite books that I have read so far this year, by two of my very favourite authors, Victoria Ashley and Charisse Reid. I bet this day felt as though it would never come, but here it is! Below are the links to my reviews for both novels, links to purchase and links for the authors themselves. 

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Victoria and Charisse for making it this far! Finally, your powers of writing are unleashed upon the world. I am so, so happy for you both. 

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Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid 

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This Regret by Victoria Ashley

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I hope today is a fantastic day for you both ladies! Congratulations!

Hereafter by Terri Bruce

Jesus, she couldn't do anything right! Who would have thought being dead was so hard? 

Title - Hereafter
Author - Terri Bruce 
Publication Date - January 9th 2014
Publisher - Mictlan Press 
Format - Kindle Edition 
Pages - 369

The blurb

Why let a little thing like dying get in the way of a good time? 

Thirty-six-year-old Irene Dunphy didn't plan on dying any time soon, but that's exactly what happens when she makes the mistake of getting behind the wheel after a night of bar-hopping with friends. She finds herself stranded on Earth as a ghost, where the food has no taste, the alcohol doesn't get you drunk, and the sex... well, let's just say "don't bother." To make matters worse, the only person who can see her - courtesy of a book he found in his school library - is a fourteen-year-old boy genius obsessed with the afterlife. 

Unfortunately, what waits in the Great Beyond isn't much better. Stuck between the boring life of a ghost in this world and the terrifying prospect of of three-headed hell hounds, final judgement, and eternal torment in the next, Irene sets out to find a third option - preferably one that involves not being dead anymore. Can she wipe the slate clean and get a second chance before it's too late?  

Becca's thoughts

Hereafter by Terri Bruce was a brilliant and epic thought-provoking read that has filled my mind with crazy, crazy thoughts about the afterlife. The imagination and ideas behind this story have set my curiosity alight and I'm suddenly consumed with thoughts about what happens when we leave this world. 

Irene Dunphy is Terri Bruce's main character in Hereafter and for the entirety of the story, my mouth was hanging slightly open in awe of the ideas that were written across the screen of my kindle. Irene hops into her vehicle one night after drinking with her girlfriends and decides, stupidly, to drive herself home with a whoozy head. Ultimately, Irene dies when her swerving car heads into a lake and she drowns. When Irene wakes up, she is no longer alive - she is dead, but still present on earth. I have to say, it has been a while since I have read a story in third person; most books that I read these days are in first person and either written from just one point of view or sometimes two. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this traditional way of story-telling, and with the genre/circumstances of the plot, it worked together just perfectly. I absolutely adored Terri Bruce's ideas and how they came to life as Irene opened her eyes to the world but from a ghost's point of view. For instance, the fact that Irene can open doors and move things around, and the fact that she can still drive her vehicle and living humans will stop just behind her even though they can't actually see her. It was all truly fascinating, and it had me thinking, what if the afterlife was really like this? One part that I particularly LOVED was when Irene is choosing a table to sit down at, and living humans are doing the same thing. Irene choose a table, and some humans go to sit down too, but for no reason they decide "Nah" and head off to find a different table. And do you know what? It's so true! Has there ever been a time where you've gone to sit down somewhere but changed your mind for no apparent reason? I have a few times. Maybe there's somebody already occupying the that particular table but you just can't see them. Food for though, eh? ;) The whole of Hereafter is filled with absurd notions, but absurd notions that when you sit down and think properly about them, actually make sense. The whole idea intrigued me and once I really got into it, I just couldn't stop reading. 

Jonah is another of Terri Bruce's characters in Hereafter. I found Jonah to be very interesting, rather strange and incredibly clever. Jonah is obsessed with all things to do with the dead, and after finding a mysterious looking book in his school library one day, he is able to pass over to the land of the dead and converse with them. Fate brings Jonah and Irene together, and thankfully, due to all of the knowledge that he holds about that particular subject, he acts as a sort of side-kick to Irene. Jonah is only fourteen years old, but his intelligence contrasts greatly with his young age. I adored him. Throughout many parts of the story, I did think that he had a little crush on Irene, despite her love for Vodka and rather sharp temper that flared now and again. He was adorable with his cheeky grin, boyish looks and tendency to blush, but pushing all that aside, Irene began to grow fond of him and they actually became sorta' like best friends. 

I do think that this story will provoke a whole lot of thoughts about what awaits us on the other side. As I said before, so much of it came from Terri Bruce's imagination yet managed, somehow, to make sense. It was weird, strange yet completely enticing and I lapped up each and every word that the author wrote. The story itself went a little slow at one point, but once I had passed that part, it began to grow wild and I absolutely loved it. It was a pure roller-coaster of madness and it all so surreal, but tantalized my mind in so many ways. The characters were brilliant. As well as Irene and Jonah, there were many others that added to this crazy, delusional world and made it all the more enjoyable. Being alongside Irene as she discovered this new world, full of weird and wonderful ideas, was such an adventure and it's opened my mind to all sorts of crazy, crazy ideas. 

I am so happy that I requested Hereafter by Terri Bruce on Net Galley because so much imagination has gone into it, it should be illegal to not read something like this and open your mind to all of the impossible that could maybe be possible. It was completely out of my usual genre of chick-lit, but its books like this that make me incredibly happy to take my chances. I enjoyed it immeasurably. and I'm way beyond excited for book no.2! Bring it on! 

Becca's Books will be rating Hereafter by Terri Bruce with a stunning 5/5 rating! Completely and utterly worthy. I loved it! 

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Farewell Trip by Karen Dixon & Gary Twynam

"We often discussed what should happen to us after our deaths, didn't we? It's never bothered me much - just tip me in a cardboard box and bury me under some trees, I won't be around to see it. 

Title - Farewell Trip 
Author - Karen Dixon & Gary Twynam 
Publication Date - December 17th 2013
Publisher - Carina (Harlequin UK) 
Format - Kindle Edition 
Pages - 208 

The blurb 

"That was the first time in my life I was happy... the happiest I ever would be. And I never told you."

There's always one moment in life that passes without you saying what you really wanted - needed - to. For Ruth that day came after the death of her beloved husband Trip. 

She and Trip had fitted together perfectly, right from the very start, and their marriage was filled with love, happiness and travel. Determined to leave nothing unspoken, Trip has left ten letters, taking Ruth on one last adventure - scattering his ashes in ten locations that have meaning for them both. 

The letters take her on a journey across the world, but also back through her marriage, and the life she thought they had shared. 

They had been so happy. Hadn't they? 

Becca's thoughts

Farewell Trip was a beautifully written, emotional story about letting go and moving forward. It had my heart tightly held in a balled up fist and it moved me in so many ways it's unreal.

Firstly, the title. Ambiguous and I LOVE it.

I adored how Farewell Trip was written. It jumped backwards and forwards but not in a way that had you confused or wondering where you were in the story. There are letters, a present and a past, and it definitely turned out to be a love story that had me captivated. It also reminded me of P.S I Love You, which is probably one of the most romantic films that I have ever watched, so Farewell Trip was a sure fire winner for me.

Besides the story itself being emotional and nostalgic, there are twists and turns too, some that had me sitting there with my mouth hanging open because I just did NOT see them coming. At first I thought, "Well, I kinda' know how this is going to turn out. It's going to be heartbreaking, it's going to be sad, and then it's going to end." But no. There was lots of sadness going on in here, but within the letters that are left for the main character, Ruth, secrets and lies are also revealed and uncovered, making it not just emotional but shocking too. There's drama, anger, tears, hurt and regret - and a whole lot of travelling included in here too. In Trip's letters, he leaves a list of places where he would like his ashes to be scattered, so Ruth goes on the journey of letting go of her beloved husband. I have to say, there's just something about letters that really tugs at my heart, and with some of the things that Trip writes to Ruth, I was blubbering beneath my duvet. It was so beautiful, so emotionally charged and damn hard to carry on at some points.

I have rated Farewell Trip by Karen Dixon and Gary Twynam with 5/5 stars on Goodreads, and 10/10 on Becca's Books. It is a beautifully written love story which will stay with me for a very long time. I loved every aspect about it, from the characters to the places that Ruth travels too, and it was such a fantastic adventure, I'd definitely go on again someday.

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Kellan Haze & Breyson Abercrombie interview - INTRODUCING TWO NEW FICTIONAL HOTTIES!

February has been such an incredibly busy month! As well as the usual things happening, I have been given the privilege of beta-reading two absolutely amazing novels that are due for release on February 28th! Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid and This Regret by Victoria Ashley are two novels that have completely sucked me in and refused to let go of me long after finishing. It has been an incredible journey with both authors and I cannot wait for their publication day - I know how much hard work and dedication has gone into both novels, and finally, they're going to be released and available to the world! Congratulations both of you!

To celebrate the upcoming release day, myself, Victoria and Charisse have managed to grab Kellan Haze (From This Regret) and Breyson Abercrombie (From Accepted Fate) and sit them down together to interview them. I absolutely LOVED IT! Kellan and Breyson are two absolutely gorgeous, warm-hearted guys and I'm so happy I had the chance to throw some questions their way before they went back to their ladies. So, I won't ramble on any longer - let's get this interview rolling! 

Becca's Books interviews Kellan Haze and Breyson Abercrombie 
(From This Regret and Accepted Fate)

Becca's Books: Ahem, let me just make myself comfortable. It's quite intimidating being in the same room as you two. Welcome to Becca's Books, I have to say, I'm a huge fan of you both, although it saddens me that you're both strictly taken. Why don't you both introduce yourselves to my lovely readers? And introduce yourselves to each other too! 

Breyson: My name is Breyson Abercrombie and I live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I am the main lead in Accepted Fate alongside the most beautiful girl in the world, Kinzleigh Baker. The story begins in Laguna Beach, California giving you insight into two different areas. A little bit of the west before it throws you into the deep neck of the woods in the south. Readers, Hi (waves) and thank you for your support. I'm glad to have the opportunity to chat with some of you. 
Becca, I am flattered you are a fan and it's a pleasure to be here today. I am, fortunately, completely taken. Sorry ladies. I've been off the market for a while now. I'm not really comfortable with publicly expressing my feelings aloud, so insight will be limited. My soft side is reserved for a beautiful blonde cheerleader, you have come to know as Kinzleigh. I'm sure she'd be happy to embarrass me publicly, revealing what she tends to do to my insides (wink). She seems to get a laugh out of it most of the time anyways. 
Kellan, it's nice to meet you as well. I hear through the grapevine you are quite the ladies man yourself. The tattoos and piercings seem to have the girls talking and panting. It tends to add a blow to the rest of our egos. I will have to say for myself, that's some pretty sweet ink. I may have to come and get one done from you myself. 

Kellan: (Turns to Breyson) Oh hey, man. Thanks. These tattoos are my babies. I'd be happy as shit to give you some ink. Anytime, bro. My shop is always open. I hear you have quite the ladies fighting for your attention as well. I heard you have the words to melt a girl's heart and her panties. Right on. You treat the ladies right. Kinzleigh is a lucky lady, I hear. (Looks at Breyson's shoes) That's a sweet pair of converse. Just watch them around my lady, she has a thing for ruining them. 
(Nods) What's up, world. You can call me Kellan Haze. The sexy tattoo artist from This Regret. Don't worry, I'll give you all tattoos later. (wink) I'm good as shit with these hands, but... I belong to my special lady, Phoenix. So, try not to enjoy the process too much. You can find my shop in Texas. I'll make time for you all. After I make time for my lady of course. 

Breyson: (Looking at Kellan) I did used to be quite the ladies man before senior year. I had my fun and pick of the girls, but I definitely know now that that life isn't for me any more. Don't think I won't take you up on that ink. I've been planning something for my girl. Just need the right artist. As for the shoes, I don't usually wear these. They make me feel like a clown to be honest, but... this is the result of Kinzleigh's latest shopping excursion. I guess you can take the girl out of California but you can't take the California out of the girl. As long as she's happy, I'll wear whatever she wants me to wear. Clothes don't bother me much. 

                                              Becca's Books: Thank you gentlemen, although you're not really gentlemen when it comes to the bedroom are you? Let's spice things up a little - what's your favourite sex position? You both seem to know your way around a woman's body, lucky for Kinzleigh and Phoenix.  

Breyson: (Clears throat and rubs hair) Well, let me see. I hope Kinzleigh doesn't kill me for this and make me pay later. Sorry baby. If she does, I'm coming for you Becca (laughs). Are we talking pre Kinzleigh or post Kinzleigh? My preferences have changed since. 
As far as pre Kinzleigh, it would have been from behind. I didn't care to look into their eyes or have any kind of physical contact with them other than the obvious. I didn't do any kind of intimacy before her. It was rough, wild, and quick unless I was so drunk I didn't have to think. I was quick to get them off, quick to get myself off and quick to get them dressed. It was more of a means of meeting a need without masturbation. I used them for sole purpose. I was an asshole. I'm not proud of it now but it is what it is. 
Post Kinzleigh, I'm completely different. I don't know what made me see her different from the first time I laid eyes on her, but I did. With her I can't take my eyes off her, in and out of the bedroom. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't like it rough and wild with her but I'd prefer to make love to her. It's hard to explain without feeling like a complete douche and having to check to make sure my balls are still present. I'd rather look at her face when we have sex. I want to see the emotions on her face when I'm pleasuring her. I want to see what I'm doing to her. When we have sex all the feelings are there that were absent with other girls in the past. I care about her feeling good instead of myself. I'm not even going to what her body physically does to me because then I'll have to kill some other undeserving man attempting to take her from me to get a taste himself, which will never happen; ever. Position specifics with her are all different, but if I had to choose just one I would say her being on top. The view from below of her body and beautiful face when she orgasms is mind-blowing.
My sexual history started when I was pretty young, age is classified, but let's just say I had a "babysitter" that wasn't really your standard issue babysitter. She found me attractive and got off on inexperienced boys. I was becoming a teenager and curious. The rest is pretty much obvious. She was the only girl I kissed during sex prior to Kinzleigh and that was only because she had a weird fantasy on teaching the innocent. After her, I pretty much screwed anything that was attractive and consenting. I guess experience just builds over time when you've practised enough. What I didn't realise was there is a difference in developing experience with different people versus the same. 
I would say my experience now, with Kinzleigh, is so much more mature than having sex with multiple partners. I get to find out what makes her feel good and she gets to learn my likes and dislikes. We experiment TOGETHER and it's so much better with someone you care about versus meaningless quests. 
I like to do anything that allows me to feel her completely, emotionally and physically. I treat her just as she wants to be treated in the bed. I'm going to get off regardless because that's just what she does to me, but I want to make sure she is satisfied. It's harder for a woman to get off than a man so I let her tell me what she wants at the given time and go with it. Sometimes she wants me to make love to her slowly, sometimes she wants to take control, and sometimes she wants to role play or be more submissive with me in complete control. The point is, we change it up and it never gets old. 

Kellan: You do know, making me think of my lady's body is going to have me sitting here with a stiffy, right? (Lifts eyebrow) That's going to be a little hard to hide. Just a warning. (Turns to Breyson) Sorry man. (Adjusts his jeans)

Breyson: It's cool, I know the feeling. (Smirks) 

Kellan: Every position with her is my favourite. Just the feel of her body is enough to send me over the edge. I make sure to take special care of her needs in the bed or the shower or the roof... wherever we may end up being. If everyone thinks I'm good with my hands. (He lifts his hands and smirks) They have nothing on this tongue. Just ask the happiest woman in the fucking world. Position does not matter as long as I use this. But, if I had to choose, it would be me holding my beautiful woman against the wall, with one hand gripping her waist for support and the other wrapped in the back of her hair as she squeezes me with her thighs. I like the feeling of her legs tightening around me and her nails digging in my back as I pleasure her. 

Becca's Books: *Fans cheeks* I'd be willing to trade places with Kinzleigh or Phoenix any day. As I said before, you're both strictly taken but let's say you weren't, would I be a potential lady? What is it that you look for in your woman? 

Breyson: Again, sorry baby if you're reading this. Don't make me pay for this when I get home. I love you. 
It's kind of hard to answer that honestly now because I have developed blinders to Kinzleigh. I don't notice girls like I used to. I'm not saying this to stay in her good graces, it's the truth. She is enough for me. Now when I look at women, it's a platonic kind of way. Such as she's beautiful or attractive but not "damn I wanna screw her brains out and make her scream my name." But to answer your question in the best way possible, reflecting back on the pre Kinzleigh days. Yes, you would have been a candidate to take to the bedroom if you were willing. I am a football player and work out constantly so I like my woman to be fit but not sickly. I like curves in the fit sort of way. Something to hold on to and look at. I swayed towards cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts. I wanted feminine but fit. It always said a lot about the girl if she had a beautiful body. That's not shallow, that's just my preference. Every man is different and judging by yours, you take care of yourself and you're a beautiful woman. 

Kellan: Firstly, let me say I love my woman with every bit of my fucking heart and this answer would be before my Phoenix days. Back when I was a broken man. (Flashes an innocent, but sexy smile) But... to answer your question, you are a very attractive woman. If you could handle my roughness, I think you'd be able to hang for a bit. I've only given my heart to one woman though. What do I look for in a woman? (Sucks in his lip and nibbles) Everything about the love of my life. Her smile, her laugh, her tender touch, the way she smells like damn cupcakes. What I want in a woman is exactly what I have. She's perfect to me. For me. 

Becca's Books: Phoenix and Kinzleigh. They're both beautiful women in their own ways. Enlighten me, what drew you to them in the first place? Let's be real, you could probably have any woman that either of you wanted, but you chose these two. I guess my question is, why? 

Breyson: That's actually easy. Kinzleigh is stunning, but that's not the first thing I noticed. I've accompanied plenty of beautiful women to bed and they tend to swarm like flies, so picking one out in a crowd isn't difficult and I never had one tell me no, so my ego was pretty big. What I noticed about her was her innocence, her humbleness, and her personality. On top of her being absolutely breathtaking physically, she didn't view herself as beautiful, which made her more attractive. She always acts as if she is the lesser of all of her friends when in reality she stands out as a diamond amongst the dirt. The day she noticed me on the beach, her innocence came out full force and it was a breath of fresh air. Instead of trying to seduce me, she tried to fight her attraction to me, running in the opposite direction. She made me chase her and not the other way around. With men, a big part of standing out is the chase. It's easier to find a woman that is easy than a woman you have to work for. Kinzleigh is the most stubborn person I have ever met. I got her attention quickly and some would say her heart, but I had to do alot of sweet talking and grovelling and chasing to get it. Keeping it is a full time job. When you find a good woman, there is always someone waiting in the shadows to take your place always keeping me on my toes. 

Kellan: Phoenix has always had a special place in my heart. She was the most important person to my best friend, Adric. (Looks up to ceiling) Miss you bro. (Clears throat) I spent most of my younger days looking out for her and my instinct has always been to protect her. So as you can imagine, me setting eyes on her for the first time took my damn breath away. Not only had I missed her to death, but she was the most stunning woman in the world to me. She had always had a way of making me laugh and feeling at home around her, so seeing her grown into a beautiful woman, still the same person she was when I left her, there was no doubt in my mind I needed her as mine. I think I fell in love with her as soon as I knew it was her. I looked into those big, grey eyes and saw my future. Even though I didn't think I deserved it. I'm still not sure I do. 

Becca's Books: Breyson, how do you feel about Kellan's tattoos and piercings? Would you be willing to get a tattoo at some point? 

Breyson: They don't bother me. To each his own. Kinzleigh's brother is now full of both. I actually have one tattoo, if you remember from the story, that I got after my cousin died. It marked a way of life for me and now that, that way of life is no longer in application, I do plan on getting another tattoo. I won't reveal what it is at this time, because it's a surprise for Kinzleigh. I've been planning it since the day she got ink for me. I like ink if it's meaningful. Tattooing is a work of art just like a painting. The only difference is your body is the canvas. Judging by the tattoos I can see on Kellan, they each look like they have their own story. That is what a tattoo was meant for, which makes it more beautiful in the eye of the beholder. Meaningless ink is trashy. Piercings are fine if they have a purpose. Tongue rings, a purpose. Lip rings also have a purpose, even nipple rings. All to please your woman, making them valuable. Male earrings, to me don't serve a purpose, but that's my opinion. 

Becca's Books: Kellan, how do you feel about the fact that Breyson has only one tattoo and no piercings? Would you be willing to give him a tattoo at some point? 

Kellan: His body is his life story. I'm sure there'll be events that lead him to get more ink in the future and I'd be thrilled as hell if he let me be the one to mark him with his journeys. Each one of mine hold great importance to me. Everyone has their own vision of how to keep certain memories and events alive. Mine... is tattooing and being tatted. I plan to get more in the future. I'll never have enough, I don't think.   

Becca's Books: There's a lot of times in both stories where you both have to back someone away from your women. What is it that makes you so fiercely protective of Phoenix and Kinzleigh? 

Breyson: Well for one, I am one of the few in a group of men that got to claim their woman for the first time, where another man didn't. That doesn't make it any more special than someone who didn't, but it makes me greedy. The thought of another man touching her drives me to levels of anger I'd rather stay away from. When you love your woman it makes your protective anyway. Love drives you to do irrational things and like I said before, there is always someone waiting to take your place. I have a few of those that I have to keep my eye on. When a man wants something, he will go to extremes to get it, whether she is taken or not. 

Kellan: Like I answered earlier on, I have been protective of Phoenix for a very long time now. The thought of anyone ever hurting her has always killed me. Now, I'm protective of her in more ways than one. Her body is precious to me. The most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. The thought of another man touching her as I do, drives me to want to rip a man's heart out. No one will ever pleasure her body the way I do. I make sure of that each and every day. I will always protect her at all costs. Her life is more important than mine any day. 

Becca's Books: Looking at you now, you're both quite ripped, aren't you? Do you both work out often or ? 

Breyson: My dad is a cardiologist so I've been in the gym since I was old enough to develop any kind of muscle mass. My brothers and I have always been more toned and ripped as you say than most guys our age. Health and fitness has been drilled into my head since I was a kid. It's a part of my daily routine; a habit now more than anything. I'm also an athlete, so a lot of it comes from drills and practice as well. 

Kellan: Well. (Licks lip ring) I get a lot of bedroom exercise. I don't think we need details, right? Lot of different positions is the key. It helps with frustration and does a body good. (Smiles) 

Becca's Books: There are a lot of ups and downs in your stories, aren't there? At any point did you think you would lose your significant others? 

Breyson: Absolutely. It's the scariest thing in the world. I'm not scared of many things, but there is one thing that terrifies me and that's losing her. I would rather die a slow and painful death over and over again than to watch her walk away. 

Kellan: Oh hell yeah. Crazy ups and downs and idiots threatening to keep us apart. There were a few times I thought I'd lost Phoenix forever. My heart completely died at just the thought. Like Breyson said, it's the scariest feeling in the world. I would do anything in this world to keep her in my life. I'd die for her without a fucking doubt. 

Becca's Books: It's rather difficult sitting across from you both. I have an insane but completely understandable urge to pound on both of you. Would either of you be willing to share your woman with another in the bedroom? 

Breyson: Hell to the mother fucking no. She is like a trophy to me. Something I worked extremely hard to get. Think of it this way. If you put blood and sweat into winning something and your hard work paid off with a trophy you can hold, polish, look at and admire, would you want to let someone else touch it, taint it, and stare at its beauty? No, the greed in a human being wants to keep it for themselves. I do not want another man putting his tool where mine belongs each and EVERY night. What's between her legs is sacred. Comparable to your own personal heaven. 

Kellan: Don't make me go there. I'm still working on my anger so I'll go with a simple answer here so I don't get the urge to punch my fist through a wall. Hell no. My lips will be the only ones on that sweet body, tasting her. She's my life, everything to me. My delicious cupcake. 

Becca's Books: What kind of music are you both into? Do you have a favourite song that you would like to share with us? Is there a certain meaning behind it being your favourite song? 

Breyson: I'm one of those guys that likes a little bit of everything. My music goes according to my mood. There are so many good ones out there, it's hard to pick a favourite. 

Kellan: Mostly rock, but I listen to anything that makes me feel good and gets my fingers moving on the guitar. One of the most important songs to me though, would be Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. That song holds special meaning to me because it was my late best friend's favourite song. He used to play it on his guitar and sing it any chance he got. It will always hold his memories for me. It makes me feel at peace. 

Becca's Books: Oh! I have to ask you both this question due to my love of food, but what's your favourite meal? 

Breyson: Being from the south, you get a lot of home-made or fried foods. I would have to claim my favourite is most grilled meats, BBQ pork chops specifically, vegetables, carbs like potato salad and or macaroni and cheese. 

Kellan: Mmm... (Growls and shifts in seat) Phoenix's body covered in whipped cream and strawberries. The best damn meal I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. 

Becca's Books: I think once both of your stories are published, you're going to have hundreds of ladies swooning all over you both. Including me. *Flutters eyelashes* Tell me, as awful as it sounds, would you ever spend a night with another woman behind your woman's back? 

Breyson: Never. In my eyes I have the best and anything else would just be a downgrade. Not to mention, I've seen how people end up hurt once they have been cheated on. Kinzleigh has watched someone close to her become ruined over cheating, making it one of the primary reasons she didn't want to get close to someone. I've worked too hard to break down her barriers to ever hurt her in that way. Trust is huge and I refuse to break what I've built with her over someone that can be avoided. Everyone will have the opportunity, the strength comes from saying no. 

Kellan: Do you seriously think I'm crazy? That woman is my life. I would never do anything to hurt her. Ever. I would lay down and die for her before ever thinking of putting my hands on another woman. She's all I'll ever need. Before her, I was empty, broken. As sissy shit as it sounds, she completes my life. 

Becca's Books: Once you go global ( which I know you will) how will you cope with all of the attention? 

Breyson: One sentence answers this question. Remembering where I came from. If you remember who you were when you were nobody, you will be the same person when you're somebody. 

Kellan: I'll cope with it with a tattoo gun in one hand and my lady in the other. I will never change who I am. I've always been me and I don't plan to be anyone else in the future. Plain and simple. 

Becca's Books: Describe to me the first time you met your women. 

Breyson: The first time I met Kinzleigh was on the beach. She waltzed out there in her sexy little bikini and immediately I was taken aback. She had a beautiful body and I could tell up front she was sassy. Watching her try to fight the attraction she had for me was the most adorable thing I've ever witnessed. I didn't get to enjoy it for long though because she took off. Again, she is stubborn. The first night I got some insight to her was the night on the pier. The night I first kissed her. The night I witnessed her at her worst. She was crying and hysterical and hurt, but it was one of the times she was the most beautiful. Something about her has drawn me to her from the beginning. 

Kellan: Oh shit! (laughs) Phoenix was eleven at the time. I walked in on her and her friend Jen, drooling over some poster of a shirtless guy on her bedroom wall. He had a hole in his jeans, close to his crotch and I stood back and watched as they tilted their heads in every direction possible while complaining about how they couldn't see his crotch in the hole. I actually believe they thought if they tried hard enough they could get a glimpse of his tool. (Grabs gut and laughs harder) Oh shit, they're going to kill me. I still can't get over the way she yelled at me and threw her brush at my head. That shit really hurt. She put a lot of frustration at not seeing his junk in that throw. 

Becca's Books: Guys, do you think Kinzleigh and Phoenix would get along with each other if they ever met? 

Breyson: I think so. Kinzleigh gets along with everyone. The only people I've ever seen have an issue with her is girls that were jealous and trying to get to me. Those few people are dead to me. She generally loves people no matter which way you dice it. She has a fun personality and it draws people to her. From what I've gathered of Phoenix, I think they would be great friends given the opportunity. 

Kellan: I don't see why not. Like Breyson said, Kinzleigh gets along with everyone. Same goes for Phoenix. They could hang out and do their girlie things while we guys slam back a few drinks and make fun of them. (Winks) It's a joke. A joke, calm down. I believe they would. 

Becca's Books: Okay, I understand your ladies are waiting for you so I'll wrap this up now, but one more question for you both, will we be seeing you again sometime in the future? 

Breyson: There are three books that include Kinzleigh and I. Each are very different and not all pleasant. We have been through a lot together. Most people probably would have given up with everything we've been through, but it's only made us stronger. I love that girl with everything that I am. Let's just say that we are fortunate to be together at the end of the day and because of our personal experience, we value each other and make sure to never take one day for granted. Our story ends with Lasting Fate, book three in the Fate Series and picks up with book four Fated for you, Presley and Konnor's story, then Fate by choice which is my identical twin brother Braxton and Kinzleigh's best friend Adalynn. They each have their own journeys as well. Unless another work is thought up, that will conclude the Fate Series. 

Kellan: You'll catch a glimpse of us in a few books that may be in the works. You can look for a Novella coming in the near future of Adric's story, titled His Last Breath. That's a tough one for me, it will have my share of POV's. There might even be a story for my dickhead little brother, Kade, in the works. He thinks it should be called This Game, but we'll see about that. I'm sure he's has lots of games to play with the ladies. Tyler... we'll see. Maybe in the future. I promise me and Phoenix will make an appearance in all of them. How could we not? 

Becca's Books: Aurwh, I really don't want to say goodbye to you both. Is a hug out of the question? 

Breyson: I think a hug is innocent enough. (Stands and wraps Becca in a hug) Thank you for allowing me to be here, and thank you, the reader, for your support for Kinzleigh and I in this story. 

Kellan: Sure thing. I'm pretty sure Phoenix left her gun at home. (Stands up and winks) It's been a pleasure. This was actually some fun shit even though I might be in trouble later. That's okay, I don't mind taking a beating once in a while. I sort of like it. (Gives innocent hug) 

Becca's Books: Well Kellan and Breyson, it had been an absolute pleasure! Say hello to Phoenix and Kinzleigh for me, and I hope everything turns out perfectly for all of you. Any last words you'd like to say? 

Breyson: Live full and never regret. Love hard and cherish those you're given. You never know when they could be taken away. 

Kellan: Fight to love and fight for love. It's the best feeling in the world and worth the battle. I look forward to seeing you all in the future. (Turns to Breyson and gives man hug) Come see me at the shop. It's on the house for you, man. Good luck in the future for you and your lady. You two have something special. (Pulls away and straightens shirt) Got me all mushy and shit. 

Breyson: Likewise man. Maybe we can get the girls together for a meet and greet. I might just come check out this tattoo shop soon. Definitely a strong possibility. 

* * * 

I think I have just fallen in love with them both all over again. 
Remember readers - RELEASE DATE - FEBRUARY 28TH. 

This Regret by Victoria Ashley

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Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid

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* * * 
All's I can say is, February 28th is going to be an amazing day. 


Let's Call the Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples

Reason number ninety-something or other for not reading your best friend's diary - although to be honest I was way past caring now - would have to be: You might just find out something you really didn't want to know. 

Title - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off 
Author - Jill Steeples 
Publication Date - January 7th 2014
Publisher - Carina 
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages - 256

The blurb

Reasons why you should never, ever, read your best friend's diary (even if it has fallen to the floor, pages open oh-so-temptingly...) 
1.) It's morally indefensible. 
2.) She would never trust you again. 
3.) You probably know it all anyway...
So what harm could the tiniest peek do...? Answer: Lots!

The best reason for never reading your best friend's diary: You might just find out something you really didn't want to know!

Learning her fiance, Ed - the guy she's supposed to marry this weekend! - is having an affair with her best friend, is a devastating bombshell for bride-to-be Anna. Confused, hurt and absolutely livid, she hops on the first train to anywhere-but-here in need of some serious soul-searching. Can she ever forgive Ed? Who is Anna 'sans Ed'? And more importantly, should she go through with the wedding or should she just call the whole thing off? 

Becca's thoughts

I absolutely LOVED Let's Call the Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples. It was fun, entertaining, comical and a utter feel-good story. The whole concept behind it was brilliant and having a twist right near the beginning completely caught my attention. I was hooked the rest of the way through. 

Anna finds her best friend's diary on her bedroom floor. Unable to quench her nosiness, Anna peeks inside and can't believe what she finds. Her so called "best-friend" Sophie has been having an affair with her soon-to-be-husband, Ed, and suddenly, Anna is faced with the decision of "Do I still want this?" What follows is a fantastic escape from Anna's messed up, unattractive life. She disappears to one of her oldest friend's Ben's house in the country and chooses to stay there whilst she makes up her mind. Whilst far away from her regular life, Anna meets a colourful array of characters who try their best to advise Anna on what to do. Not everyone is as they seem though, and Anna soon finds that out. 

The story was about escape and I bloody loved it. After having to read about her best friend Sophie apparently falling in love with her fiance Ed, I'm not surprised she does a runner! I would too! After slapping Sophie silly first, obviously. I loved how Jill started the story. She misled me entirely and I actually sat back, eyed my Kindle and mouthed the words, "What the fuck" when the plot took a turn for the worst. After that little twist, it was fair to say I was hooked, without a doubt. 

Anna's character made me laugh again and again in Let's Call the Whole Thing Off. When she finds out about Sophie and Ed, the first thing she does is pours herself a glass of wine. Girl after my own heart! ;) I loved how she dealt with the situation, disappearing and giving herself a whole new identity and actually thinking that it was believable. It made me giggle constantly and I don't think I have read such an entertaining book in a long time. It was enjoyable, it kept me wanting more and I just couldn't stop reading due to being desperate to reading about whatever Anna came up with next. Her little escapade to the country gives way to many, many things happening. I loved reading about her gathering her thoughts, I loved reading as the other characters bestowed their wise words upon her and I just LOVED the escapism of the story. I totally lost myself in it. Anna's attempt at running away is extremely entertaining. I was rather shocked at the fact that she didn't react to the confessions in Sophie's diary in a more aggressive manner. I was actually hoping for a bit of a brawl between her and Sophie, but I guess just getting up and leaving was a much better payback for Ed, the dirty dog!!! 

I'm rating Let's Call the Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples with a brilliant 9/10! It was enjoyable, entertaining, funny and downright wild! I loved it! A total girly, chick-flick read that left me with a smile on my face long after finishing it! 

* * * 

Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid

"I'll be on my knees for the rest of my life thanking God for her." 

Title - Accepted Fate
Author - Charisse Reid
Publication Date - February 28th 2014

The blurb

What do you do when everything you had planned out for yourself gets changed in one summer? Do you embrace the new or fight to keep to keep things the same? 

For seventeen year old Kinzleigh everything was going just as she always planned. She had great friends, went a school she loved, and always knew she was destined for greatness. One step already completed towards acquiring the job she has forever dreamed of, a pro football cheerleader. Nothing and no one was going to stand in her way, especially not love. What she doesn't expect is for her parents to suddenly change everything and send her spiralling into a life she didn't want for herself, especially after meeting one blue eyed boy she can't stop dreaming about. Her life is changing at every turn. She is learning that sometimes life has different plans than our own. When she finally accepts the hand fate has dealt, everything is ripped from her once again. 

Can she accept the ugly fate that was chosen for her or will she fight to once again accept it. 

Becca's thoughts

I am so happy that I was introduced to the lovely author, Charisse Reid. Ever since being asked to beta-read her first fantastic novel Accepted Fate, Breyson and Kinzleigh have become a new favourite fictional couple of mine. I read Accepted Fate chapter by chapter and loved each and every part that Charisse sent to me. I feel privileged to have been allowed to do this and to have been trusted enough by such a fantastic author. Thank you Charisse, for allowing me to be part of your incredible journey. It has been an absolute pleasure. 

There were many, many things I loved about Accepted Fate. The first thing that I always find endless amounts of enjoyment in, is when a story is written in dual point of view. I love it even more when it is dual point of view and first person. There is something sneaky and satisfying about being able to read from both character's points of view. Accepted Fate is written from Kinzleigh's (main female character) and Breyson's (main male character) perspective. It's brilliantly slotted together, creating a smooth, easy-flowing read that is impossible to put down. The constant change in point of view ensures the turning of pages and it also allows you to get a glimpse of emotion from the female and male side which is always exciting I think!

Another thing I adored was Charisse's incredibly detailed descriptions of outfits in Kinzleigh and Breyson's story. Honestly ladies, Charisse should be a fashion designer. Every outfit that her characters wear is placed right there into your mind perfectly. It really is out of this world and makes imagining the story playing out in your mind a million times easier. Every character is described to you clearly and precisely and I couldn't help but marvel at how well put together each chapter is. 

The relationships between many of Charisse's characters are well-built, incredibly developed and completely believable. There are a lot of characters to take into consideration even though the story switches between just two viewpoints, but Charisse manages to portray other character's feelings and emotions through their actions and facial expressions. As the main plot-line develops, so does the relationship between Kinzleigh and Breyson, creating a story that completely and utterly blows your freaking mind. 

Charisse's main female character Kinzleigh is truly hard not to love. She's an all-American girl. Her dream is to become a pro football cheerleader and she fits the bill perfectly. She's blonde, she has a perfect body and let's face it, she's practically every guy's dream girl. What I love about Kinzleigh is her determination. She is a girl who holds her dreams high and isn't afraid of going after them, which I love. When things get thrown upside down, Kinzleigh really doesn't know what the hell to do. Charisse has chosen an absolutely perfect title for her first novel, and it is totally appropriate. Overall, Kinzleigh was adorable, completely lovable, and one hundred percent believable. 

Moving onto Breyson, who is Charisse's main male character, let's just say it's kinda' hard not to fall head over heels for this guy. Breyson is caring, loving, kind, yet he still has that bad-boy attitude that we all secretly love. What I adored about Breyson most was his feelings towards Kinzleigh. There is nothing I love more than seeing a guy lose his sense all because of one lady, and that is what happens to Breyson. He's cool, he's laid-back but he knows when he wants something, and he definitely doesn't like to share. His muscles and sexy mouth are absolute winners with me. I loved him. Absolutely loved him. 

I think Accepted Fate has everything that a superbly addictive novel should have. Drama, romance, naughtiness, attraction, chemistry, characters that you can't help but to love and smooth, perfectly paced plot line that well and truly keeps you hooked. I have given Accepted Fate 5 twinkling gold stars on Goodreads, and it is also receiving 10/10 from Becca's Books!

Again, thank you Charisse, for allowing me to take part in such an incredible journey of yours! It's been absolutely fantastic and I'd do it again and again and again. 

* * * 

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This Regret by Victoria Ashley

"I always knew that she was going to be beautiful, but damn, she blows my mind. She's no longer that sweet, lanky fifteen year old girl that I used to protect. No, now she's blossomed into a full grown woman, taking my breath away."

Title - This Regret 
Author - Victoria Ashley 
Publication Date - February 28th 2014

The blurb

Phoenix has been stumbling through life since her brother Adric's tragic death but after eight years, she is finally piecing what remains together. She has a nice apartment, a steady job and not to mention a fresh new 'relationship' with her childhood friend, Kade Haze. He's the sexy boy next door she never even dreamed of falling for, but can't seem to stop the pull she feels toward him.

Just when life began to make sense again and a feeling of normalcy was on the horizon, Phoenix's carefully constructed walls come crashing down. 

When walking into the tattoo shop one day, the last thing she's expecting to see is Kellan Haze, Adric's best friend no one has seen or heard from since the day they found her brother's body. He's nothing as she remembers him as a child, with his wild messy hair, tattoos that cover most of his undeniably sexy body and eyes so intense it makes her legs quiver with one look. The one thing even she can't deny is the instant rush she feels just by being in his presence. 

But how can you choose between love and lust when of these hold a dark secret, one that can crush your world to pieces and leave you gasping for air. Who can you trust when your mind is pulling you in two different directions and your heart has to choose for you? 

The Haze brothers are sexy, daring and possibly... dangerous. 

This Regret is a story of love, lust, betrayal and danger with an ending that no one saw coming. 

Becca's thoughts 

I read Victoria Ashley's first novel Wake Up Call a while ago, and completely feel head over heels in love with her characters. One thing that struck me with her writing was how real and raw it was - every situation, every setting and every possibility was written perfectly.Once I had finished, I really did think that Victoria Ashley was the best thing since sliced bread ;) 

I thank god that I wrote such a pleasing review for Wake Up Call for Victoria, because if I hadn't we wouldn't have become such good friends. Due to this wonderful friendship blossoming, Victoria chose to allow me to beta-read her second novel, This Regret and I cannot believe how lucky I have been to experience her latest story before so many readers out there. I feel absolutely privileged to have been included in the progress of her writing; I've been sent chapter by chapter as she's completed them and it has been one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. Watching an author's work come to life before me is one hell of a thing to participate in, trust me. So, before I begin my review, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the very talented, very wonderful Victoria Ashley. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your second novel, thank you so much for trusting me enough, and thank you so much for keeping me updated constantly. I've never felt so involved, and it has been so touching, you've really made the beginning of 2014 a special year. 

So, onto This Regret. 

First of all, I have already rated This Regret on Goodreads and it has received the best possible rating from me - 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, and ten out of ten on Becca's Books. I have no doubt in my mind that This Regret will be a much-loved, popular and well-read book by the end of this year. 

The characters - I know for certain that Victoria Ashley's main male character Kellan Haze will be on the top of the book-boyfriend lists when This Regret hits the shelves.GOD FREAKING DAYUUUUM. You have never met anything like this guy, he is absolutely divine. I think Victoria may have became rather bored with my "Oh my god, KELLAN" comments but honestly, it's just so hard not to "Oh my god" every time he makes an appearance.I remember reading Wake Up Call and thinking that Victoria's male character in that story, Jace, was incredibly hot, but she's just taken things to a whole new level with Kellan, like I'm saying she's really stepped up the game.This guy is like a god. His body is like a work of art, and that's just the tattoos. Beneath those are mounds of hard muscles, the 'V' that the girls go crazy for and abs that you just want to lick. His messy hair and rough exterior are definite perks of this guy, and his love for rough sex wouldn't go unnoticed either. Kellan is a delectable bad boy with a soft, loving, caring nature that only one woman is able to bring out. From the moment Victoria introduced him to me, my mind was made up and I wanted this gorgeous man for myself. Kellan is an important character in This Regret - the moment he returns back home, things begin to happen that no one can control. Besides looking, acting and speaking like a walking sex-god, Kellan rides a motorbike, wears leathers and wears biker boots. If that's not enough to make you want to read this book, then you're a lost cause I'm afraid! ;)

Phoenix is such a beautiful, beautiful character in This Regret and I'm telling you right now, I would do anything to be in her shoes when it comes to Kellan. Phoenix hasn't had a peachy life, in fact, it's been downright awful and I feel for the girl. I really do. She has been through so much crap and finally, when things are beginning to slot nicely into place, a force bigger than nature itself comes storming back into her life and flips everything upside down in the process. Behind Phoenix's strong and determined exterior, she has an incredibly weak spot for a certain someone and Victoria really highlights this fact in her writing. 

As well as the two main characters, Victoria has also created Kade, who is Kellan's brother. Kade is also kinda' hot but he didn't really have the same effect on me as Kellan did. Although, both of them together, the Haze brothers, would be a force to be reckoned with. There's a whole bunch of characters included, some absolutely lovely, some just plain assholes, but they all come together to really make This Regret what it truly is - an epic love story. 

Victoria has taken a huge step with this novel and I am so, so happy for her. I cannot wait for This Regret to be officially released. Although, I have to say, reading about lots of other ladies swooning over Kellan is forcing me to bite back a tiny bit of jealousy ;) Victoria writes with such a rawness, letting each character take over and portraying them to the readers in a non-superficial way, allowing you to really love and adore them in the same way that I do. There's so much depth to the story, so much history, and as it all begins to come together, it's mind-blowing. The rawness and pure emotion that I found in Wake Up Call is still evident in This Regret, only a million times more powerful and overwhelming. The story evoked so many feelings inside of me. It had me biting my lip, wiping away the tears, smiling insanely and wanting to smash up the object that was nearest to me. It was crazy good, and I was always ready for Victoria to send another chapter on over to me. Honestly, I don't think I could ever get enough of Kellan. I really don't. Putting aside his hotness for a moment, the story itself was perfectly put together, amazing twists and turns, and a lot of hot, heated moments that caused the lip-biting. The scenes, the settings, the trouble brewing. It had my heart racing like a galloping horse. 

I cannot rate This Regret enough. I truly, truly can't. There is just something so addictive about Victoria Ashley's style of writing and creation of characters and circumstances that intrigues and satisfies me. I will never tire of anything that she writes and I will always be ready and willing to read her latest novel, whenever or whatever it may be. She has a unique style to her books that I've had a taste for, and now, I don't think I'll be able to stop. 

So, Victoria, another huge thank you from me, and the highest rating that I can possibly give for This Regret. I absolutely loved it from start to finish, and you better get started on your next one missy ;) 

* * * 

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The Darkest Joy by Marata Eros

"The darkest joy is better than none at all. 
Imperfect, vital... When it comes like a thief in the night and robs your heart of its energy to resist the love that has been offered." 

Title - The Darkest Joy 
Author - Marata Eros 
Publication Date - February 18th 2014
Publisher - Gallery Books 
Format - Kindle Edition 
Pages - 320 

The blurb

I don't want my broken fixed...

Six months ago, Brooke Starr was one impeccable piano performance away from Julliard. Now, she is lonely, devastated, orphaned... seeking solace in a place where the sun never sets and trying to make sense of the dark tragedy that clouds her shattered heart. 

There are no coincidences...

Deep-sea fisherman Chance Taylor can't imagine what his life would be if he'd never taken that midnight stroll to the pier. Had never seen the intriguing, raven-haired girl swan dive into the Alaskan sea. Had never plunged into the icy waters to rescue her... and finally felt her electric charge. 

As their blazing chemistry consumes them, Chance is determined to save Brooke from her demons. But Brooke knows she must find her own footing. She thinks she's already lost everything, until the terror of her past catches up with her and threatens all the she has left: her life, her love, and the freedom to choose between drowning in grief and finding joy in the darkness. 

Becca's thoughts  

This novel had everything that I love. Suspense, mystery, romance, tragedy and enough emotion to tear your walls right down. It was amazing. 

The cover for The Darkest Joy by Marata Eros is beautiful. It's intimate, dark and the two characters are placed in such a way that shows how obviously captivated by each other they are. The colours add a dark and twisted feeling to the book, which is fits perfectly in with the story behind the cover. 

From the moment that I began reading, I had a feeling that I was going to really, really like this book. There was just something so attractive about the way that Marata writes and I couldn't get enough. When the story begins the atmosphere is one of sadness, and misery engulfs the main character, Brooke. It was heart wrenching but, Marata wrote in a way that really takes you down and under with the character. Short, snappy sentences worked with certain parts so well, really making it seem like Brooke couldn't think or even speak full sentences. Marata use of words and how she set out her writing dropped me into a pool of constant sadness, and it never fails to amaze me when writers can do that. 

Marata's characters in The Darkest Joy captured my heart from the get-go. Thankfully, something that I always love to read, Marata chose to write from Brooke's point of view and also Chance's point of view too, giving the reader the best of both worlds. 

Brooke Starr suffers an awful lot of tragedy and gut-wrenching pain. It's terrible. I really don't know how she manages to cope with it all. To get away from her memories and past, she is left a cabin in Alaska by her Aunt Milli. Brooke flees to Alaska and meets Chance Taylor in dire circumstances. I loved it when Brooke grazed upon the cabin for the first time. She's always had such a cushy life, with her well-off parents and huge home - seeing the old, worn out log cabin is a shock to her system. As she settles in, she begins to grow accustomed to the old shower and the dusty furnishings, and watching her grow used to her new surroundings was rather emotional. Everything changes for Brooke - her home, her life... It's a new start and a big change.

Chance Taylor is a local fisherman in the Alaskan community where Brooke goes to stay. He was gorgeous, laid-back, a player, and the sea was his world. He decided long ago that he had no time for women or relationships or any that emotional crap, until of course, he meets Brooke and she tips his world upside down. Chance was so attractive, with his guitar and muscles and tattoos. Thankfully, he breaks through Brooke's walls and attempts to make her feel alive once more. 

The two characters worked incredibly well together and I adored the chemistry that the author Marata Eros created. It was always bubbling under the surface, and I do think that's the best kind. 

As well as the characters and the storyline that runs along with them, there's also a major twist to this story that will blow your mind. Honestly. I was just like WUUUUT?!
It was crazy good and SO enjoyable!

I'm going to be rating The Darkest Joy by Marata Eros with 10/10. 
It has everything that a fantastic read needs, and I'd happily re-read this again and again, just to watch the magic happen between Brooke and Chance. It was wonderful. 

   * * *
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* * *