RELEASE DAY! This Regret by Victoria Ashley & Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid

Oh my gosh! It is finally here, the official RELEASE DAY for two of my favourite books that I have read so far this year, by two of my very favourite authors, Victoria Ashley and Charisse Reid. I bet this day felt as though it would never come, but here it is! Below are the links to my reviews for both novels, links to purchase and links for the authors themselves. 

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Victoria and Charisse for making it this far! Finally, your powers of writing are unleashed upon the world. I am so, so happy for you both. 

* * * 

Accepted Fate by Charisse Reid 

Check out Charisse Reid -

Buying links for Accepted Fate - 

Becca's Books - 

This Regret by Victoria Ashley

Check out Victoria Ashley - 

Buying links for This Regret - 

Becca's Books - 

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I hope today is a fantastic day for you both ladies! Congratulations!

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