Rowena's Key by A.J. Nuest

"You wear Rowena's Key." 

Title - Rowena's Key 
Author - A.J. Nuest 
Publication Date - November 7th 2013
Publisher - HarperImpulse 
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages - 109

The blurb

The key would unlock his future and the safety of his kingdom, but he never imagined the sorceress would unlock his heart... 

Antiques restorer, Rowena Lindstrom, finds herself the owner of an ancestral armoire containing a hidden key and a magic mirror leading to another realm. 

But the handsome prince waiting on the other side is truly the final straw. This must be an elaborate joke, right? As she struggles to discover the truth, Rowena learns Prince Caedmon Austiere needs the key to save his kingdom. In the end, she cannot deny him anything. Including her heart.

Becca's thoughts

I received a copy of Rowena's Key from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Fantasy and magic and crazy, weird stuff happening normally does nothing for me. I tend to brush it off, reality and realness blocking my mind from the absurd things that are happening. But, with Rowena's Key, I lapped up the fantasy and enjoyed every moment of it. 

I thought the cover for Rowena's Key was gorgeous. It looked classical and timeless, which fits in perfectly with the story. The colours and the font chosen worked incredibly well together to really give off that 'gone back in time' look. 

The characters in Rowena's Key were great! You meet Rowena first, who is the main female character in the story. The story begins with Rowena, who is apparently the best antiques dealer in Chicago, making a purchase on an old, dated armoire. It's cracked in a number of places, it has wobbly legs and it's not something that her usually sharp eye would choose to buy. After she has taken the armoire home, she really doesn't understand what in the world possessed her to buy such a dreadful piece of furniture. After fiddling around with the armoir for a day or two, Rowena falls upon something that changes her life forever. Inside the armoir, she finds something that is rather like an open window or an open doorway. She is looking right into a medieval room. When she discovers this, she also discovers Prince Caedmon who lives on the other side. Rowena and Caedmon cannot touch each other, but they can see and they can speak. From inside one of the drawers of the armoir, Rowena finds a golden key. The key that can right Prince Caedmon's kingdom from crumbling and falling to the ground. In order for Caedmon to retrieve this key, he attempts to woo and charm Rowena. And from there on, the story just gets better and better. I loved Rowena's character. As well as being rather feisty, she has a little attitude, which I always like to see in a female character. I suppose you could say that she was a little naive as well, but aren't we all? After a bad break-up with her ex-boyfriend, Brad, Rowena does not want to fall for a guy's bullshit ever again, but when she meets Prince Caedmon, her views on falling in love slowly begin to mould into something else. Rowena flees from her everyday life and falls hopelessly in love with Prince Caedmon from her side of the mirror. 

As well as reading the story from Rowena's side, you also get to read from Prince Caedmon's side too. One thing I loved about this guy was his obvious use of older language than Rowena's more modern way of speaking. The difference between the two character's eras was made perfectly clear to the reader and I loved the fact that they were two people from completely different places in time, communicating. It was wonderful and so magical! Prince Caedmon was also rather dishy; with his broad shoulders and muscled body, and his sword, obviously ;) Caedmon had a lovely heart beneath his manly exterior, and was able to sympathise with Rowena's harsh happenings that had happened during her life. This ultimately said to me that they may be from completely different walks of life, but they weren't so different after all. 

The story itself was totally enjoyable. As I said at the beginning of my review, fantasy doesn't normally work for me, but Rowena's Key took me back to the days when my mind was open to anything and everything happening. As well the obvious talking and swapping details about their lives, there was a ever-growing chemistry between Rowena and Caedmon. It was frustrating watching all this sexual tension building up between them but knowing that it wouldn't amount to anything! Argh! The idea of speaking to another being from another world entirely sparked up my imagination and I lost myself to the story. 

I'm giving Rowena's Key a fantastic rating of 8/10! If you love fantasy, and a bit of bubbling chemistry then this book is definitely for you. 

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  1. Becca!!!! Thank you so much for this fabulous review! I absolutely LOVE IT! You are so awesome! I just can't thank you enough for your kind and generous words! This completely made my day! Thank you!