The French House by Nick Alexander

"The problem isn't the story; it's the ears that are listening."

Title - The French House
Author - Nick Alexander
Publication Date - April 1st 2013
Publisher - Corvus
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages - 424

The blurb
(Amazon UK)

CC is trapped by a job she no longer loves in an unfriendly city. So, when her new boyfriend decides it's time to sell up and move to the South of France, she decides in seconds to change her life. After all, who wouldn't pick an azure sea, aperitifs and sunshine over a dreary commute and a rainy climate? 

She hadn't expected a tumbledown farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Or a motley assortment of surly builders, eccentric farmers and a resentful, terrifying neighbour - who happens to be her boyfriend's aunt. 

Suddenly, CC's dream of a place in the sun is looking more like a nightmare. Does she have the courage to stick it out, and make a home of her French House? 

Becca's thoughts
(Purchased from Amazon UK)

I'm really not sure how I feel about The French House. Mainly because I'm not sure why certain things were added into the story. Here's an example of what I'm trying to say; you're eating a box of chocolates and out of nowhere there's a banana. This is kinda' how I felt about certain parts of the story. 

The plot of The French House was pretty good. Personally, I love a good story about a character getting up and leaving to start somewhere afresh in a completely different country. I love reading about the settings of places that I've never visited, so in The French House, I was taken to France. The descriptions of France were brilliant. I was able to image everything perfectly clear in my head which is always good! The story progressed really well, the characters were okay too, but I couldn't relate to any of them. 

CC is the main female character in the story. She was rather comical and a little sarcastic but I felt that she really didn't want to be at The French House from the beginning. Her relationship with Victor was a bit strange too. I mean, they kiss and have sex but I didn't feel that there was any depth to their relationship. When I'm reading about a couple, I love to feel the chemistry between them. I know this story was about the sizzling chemistry and more about the change that CC goes through, but a little bit wouldn't have hurt, right? 

Victor is CC's boyfriend. He was kinda' cute, but damn, he has the temper of a five year old child! He annoyed me on a regular basis. If that was Nick Alexander's goal, that the author definitely achieved it. By the end of the book, I couldn't stand the guy. The fact that he sticks up for his aunt in the story really pissed me off too. Why would you do that?! CC finds herself in some pretty crazy situations and Victor just stands there, "Yes, but remember, she's my aunt." I just wanted to smash the guy in the face! You're supposed to stand by your woman, Victor. Whether the mad hatter is your aunty or not!

Moving onto the strange aunty that is named Distira. She is a very weird person and she gave me the creeps. I didn't like her one bit. From the moment the three of them meet, things begin to turn upside down. I'm really not sure what was supposed to happen with the aunt, because she kinda' gets forgotten about a little down the line and leaves no lasting effect on the characters. Just why? 

Unfortunately, the only thing I really enjoyed about The French House was the setting. I feel that the story dragged on a little and the dialogue between Victor and CC left a lot to be desired. It didn't really work for me, so I'm giving The French House a rating of 6/10. 

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