Trying Too Hard by Molly Ann Wishlade

"Her common sense drifted away like cobwebs on the wind and her body revealed her true emotions with every breath she took."

Title - Trying Too Hard
Author - Molly Ann Wishlade
Publication Date - January 29th 2014 
Publisher - Carina 
Format - Kindle Edition 

The blurb
(Amazon UK) 

What's the French word for lust...? 

Hired as an intern at a coveted talent agency, blonde bubbly Catrin Owens knew she could be brilliant at the job. The code of conduct is crystal clear - business is business, pleasure is pleasure... and the two should never, ever meet! No problem for Catrin - she's hard-working, and determined to excel. Until, that is, she meets the 6 ft-something wall of lean, muscle that is her boss' top client. 

Scarred, and brimming with forbidden sex appeal, the French rugby star Henri Chevallier crashes through the walls of Catrin's neatly-ordered life - and throws her polished professionalism aside like a scrap of sheer French lingerie.

The sex is fierce, exhilarating... life-changing - and almost all the more exciting as she knows she's risking the career she dreamed of. Catrin knows she should step away. The problem? Henri is a temptation she can't seem to resist... 

Becca's thoughts 
I received Trying Too Hard by Molly Ann Wishlade via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. 

I'm a sucker for a hot, fiery romance so Trying Too Hard by Molly Ann Wishlade was a perfect little treat for me. The only problem I found was that this story was just DAMN short! If the author had extended this story some more, I would have enjoyed it so much more.I felt a little like there was too much crammed into such a small amount of pages. I wanted to know so much more about the characters and their pasts etc. Besides the length of the book, I actually quite enjoyed it. 

Catrin Owens is obsessed with her career. She is dying to make it to the top of the ladder and has worked incredibly hard to get where she is. Catrin is determined, successful and hopelessly infatuated with the gorgeous French rugby star, Henri. I really liked Catrin - she was a nice, down to earth character. She constantly questions herself which I liked, because I kinda' do that too, but I just wanted her to make up her mind about Henri, because the constant yo-yo'ing about him drove me a little bit mad.

Henri Chevallier is absolutely divine! The French rugby star knows exactly how to handle a woman, and from the moment he sets eyes on Catrin, he knows he has to have her. I love the way Molly Ann Wishlade describes Henri to the reader. 

With his athletic frame reaching almost six foot, his dark brown hair, soft chocolate eyes and honeyed skin, he reminded her of a Greek god. When he walked into a room, he seemed to fill it with his masculine presence and easy confidence. 

Honeyed skin? Chocolate eyes? Hell yes. That sounds like a Greek god to me too. Henri is attractive, and Catrin feels a pull towards him that she just cannot resist.

The story itself was okay, but as I said earlier, there was so much more than could have been written. I wanted to get deeper with the characters, find out what they had both gone through in life. I wasn't sure whether this was intended to be read as a short story. If so, then yes, it was fab! But soooo much more could have been done it. 

The sex was fantastic, very detailed and steamy, which I'm sure you'll love, ladies! And Henri is sure to delight you. 

I'm rating Trying Too Hard with 6/10. 
The characters were great, the sex was great, but the story just wasn't in depth enough for me. 


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