New blog feature ~ Meet Me Mondays!

Hello there my lovely book-bloggers! I hope you are all well? 

I had a brilliant idea yesterday. An idea that I hope those involved will love taking part in. It's going to be a brand new feature on Becca's Books called Meet Me Mondays. Each Monday, beginning on the 7th of April, a book blogger will be making an appearance and answering some weird and wonderful questions for me!

Basically, what I'm hoping to do, is bring the book-blogging community to the surface and introduce them all to you in one way or another. I'm very excited about it and you should be too! 

The book blogging community is absolutely fantastic. I have never met such a brilliant bunch of people in all my life. They're all so friendly and open, and they're such a joy to be around. 
I cannot wait for you all to meet them. So keep your eyes peeled for my first guest on Monday the 7th of April, it will be awesome :)

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