30 Day Book Challenge ~ Day 15 ~ A character who you can relate to most.

This is actually a really hard question to answer when it comes down to it, but when I sit and think about it properly, even though I'm not a mother, I'd have to say Alice from Fiona Gibson's Take Mum Out. You're probably wondering why on earth I'm relating myself to a mother of twins, but the fact that Alice is a mother actually doesn't have a lot to do with it, believe it or not. 

I'm relating myself to Alice because I think I get a crystal clear image of what she endures on a daily basis. If you didn't already know, I am the eldest of seven children. I'm twenty-one and the age gap goes all the way down to my youngest sister who is three. In Take Mum Out, Fiona Gibson creates scenes of utter chaos, messiness and stress! Living with children is not easy, and I'm not even their mother. Everything is turned upside down, you hoover one minute and the next the floor is covered again, screaming, shouting, fighting. As I was reading Take Mum Out, I was re-living scenes from my days at home and to tell you the truth, I absolutely loved it. I think I relate to Alice because I know exactly what she goes through, I know what it's like to go into the bathroom and find all manner of disgusting things, to find the toothpaste squirted all over the sink and to try and have phone calls out of earshot but failing miserably. 

So, there you have it. A character who I think I can relate to most. Tell me, which character do you relate to most?  

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