30 Day Book Challenge ~ Day 17 ~ Author I wish people would read more.

Ah, well this one is easy. +Victoria Ashley is an author that I wish all my friends would read because she is just completely and utterly and amazing, and I love EVERYTHING that she writes. 

Victoria's latest novel This Regret contained my favourite book-boyfriend of all time. Mr Kellan Haze. Honestly ladies, if the whole bad-boy, tattooed and pierced, plays guitar, swears a lot is your thing, then you need to read This Regret right this instance and feast your minds upon Kellan. I'm becoming hot & flustered just thinking about him ;) 

I read Victoria's first novel Wake Up Call a while back, and fell head over heels in love with everything that she created. Her plots, her characters, her settings and the way she writes. She is just amazing, and will always be one of my most favourite authors. 

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