30 Day Book Challenge ~ Day 22 ~ Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise.

Erm. Erm. Erm. Least favourite plot device? I really have no answer to Day 22's challenge. One thing that sometimes grinds my gears a little bit is when a fictional couple split up, and then the female character finds out that she is pregnant. Is this classed as a plot device? I'm not 100% sure actually, but I think sometimes it can become a little samey same and the whole shabang happens, and I'm thinking, "Here we go again..." To be completely honest with you though, plot devices don't really bother me. If a books good it's good, I don't tear it apart and pick out every tiny detail. It's the writer's creation and it's what they wanted to do. That's my view on it anyway. 

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