Carry You by Beth Thomas

"Don't be dependant on anything, or anyone, to make you happy. Be strong. Be stronger than that. You can exist in the world with only you to rely on, only you, yourself. Find other ways to be happy."

Title - Carry You
Author - Beth Thomas
Publication Date - April 24th 2014
Publisher - Avon
Format - eBook
Pages - 400

The blurb

"For you mum. This is all for you."

Daisy has lost her mum to breast cancer. She's at rock bottom and doesn't think she'll ever get back up again. Her best friend Abi has other ideas - she tells it like it is and she's determined to make Daisy remember the person she used to be. 

What Daisy doesn't know is that, thanks to Abi, her life is about to take an unexpected turn, when she signs them up to do a charity walk. Added to which, someone is about to burst into Daisy's world in a riot of colour reminding her that life can be full of surprises. 

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, thank you to the publisher for accepting me and granting me an eBook copy of Carry You via Net Galley. I was so, so happy to receive an email informing me that Carry You was waiting on my dashboard. I won't lie, I fell in love with the cover instantly as it is absolutely gorgeous. After reading the blurb, I couldn't wait to get started. 

The very first thing that I noticed once I had started reading Carry You was Beth's sense of humour. Oh my life. She had me in absolute stitches. There's a particular scene where Daisy is at the hairdressers that had me almost weeing with laughter and my partner was looking at me like I had lost my mind but I could just imagine the whole scene playing out in my head and each time I imagined it, it just got funnier and funnier. I had tears in my eyes, I was choking on my own breath and I didn't want it to ever end. Thankfully, it didn't. Beth's incredible sense of humour and style of writing continues the entire way through the story, leaving you breathless after countless laughing fits. I really could not get enough. I haven't laughed that much in ages, so my enjoyment meter whilst reading Carry You was smashing through the roof. It seems that Beth and I share a very, very similar sense of humour, and I truly cannot wait to read more books from this amazing lady, especially if they have me laughing like this one did. Completely out of this world!

Another thing that I adored about Carry You was Beth's characters. The leading lady was Daisy May Macintyre, also known as Daisy Duck. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed being in Daisy's company. Not only does Beth begin Daisy's story by a reference to the fight scene in Bridget Jones's Diary, but Daisy also has a little bit of a fascination with Jaffa Cakes, and Hugh Grant. Dunking them in her cup of tea made me love her even more, if that was even possible, and that is definitely an idea that I'm looking forward to trying out with my own Jaffa Cakes and cuppa. Besides Daisy's adorable qualities, without her realising it, she is amazingly capable and strong. Her sarcasm, wit and miserable outlook on life did not deter me one bit. Even whilst she was moaning, it still seemed funny somehow, and I don't think I could ever tire of her ramblings that run through her mind constantly. Daisy has been through a really tough time, so as the reader you don't question her negative attitude and slumpiness, it's just how she is. 

Another character that I loved and who made me smile constantly was Daisy's best-friend, Abi. This girl was freaking awesome. The love and bond between Abi and Daisy was just amazing and actually brought me to tears on more than one occassion. As Daisy is living with Abi throughout the story, you get to witness a lot of their banter, their playfulness with each other and their love. They hug, tell each other they love each other and Abi always has Daisy's back. Once the plot really gets going, I guess you could say that Abi whips her best-friend's arse into shape and gets her back on her feet. Their friendship plays a HUGE role in Carry You, and it is constantly highlighted throughout. They both made me laugh, made me cry and made me want to bang their heads together on a few occassions, but in all honestly, I think I've found my new favourite fictional best-friends. I would also say that Abi is a little bit of a control freak and Daisy calls her the queen of being organised. She's fit, she's attractive and she's not ready to see her best-friend fall to her knees. It was simply amazing. Really, it was. 

Felix was another favourite of mine in Carry You. At first I kinda' wondered what his role was going to be within the story, and then I realised. I would describe Felix as being an absolute cutie. He was absolutely adorable with an incredible sense of humour. Kind, caring, and Daisy even described him as being exasperating sometimes. When Felix enters the story, he does rub Daisy up the wrong way, but I realised that this "rubbing up" was intentional, and not entirely innocent. His smart tongue and friendly attitude was just lovely, and something that never fails to capture my interest, and in this case, my heart. Any conversation that took place between Felix and Daisy ended up with Daisy becoming a little fiery and angry, but I realised that this was actually just what Daisy Duck needed. 

Carry You was holding my heart in the palm of it's hands the entirety of my reading it. I cannot put into words my joy and enthusiasm for reading this story. It was exceptional. A PURE chick-lit story that had a million and one emotions running through me all at once. It had a beautifully written emotional undertone that left me feeling a little sad. Daisy's mum played a big role in the story without even physically being there, and that was just astounding. I was completely in love with Carry You. Beth even included the aspect of Facebook status's and had other characters commenting on it through the story. I'm a bit of an avid social media user myself and I LOVED this little add-on. It made it seem so much more real and life-like. 

In all honesty, Carry You by Beth Thomas was absolutely incredible. I cannot rate and recommend it enough. To all lovers of chick-lit, romance and stories of coming back to life, this is a must-read. I really need you to add it to your to-read list and start it as soon as you possibly can. I finished Carry You with tears streaming down my face and a happy smile tugging at my lips. Seriously, it captured my heart and had it soaring within the very last pages. 

Becca's Books is giving Carry You by Beth Thomas a rating of five glittering gold stars, and about a million more too. This is now one of my favourite reads ever and I'm dead excited to read Beth's next book. Her sense of humour is just freaking priceless, and her story writing... unbelievable. 

* * *

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