Rock My World by Julie Shackman

"So many people would consider it a blessing to be given even just five more minutes with someone who they had lost."

Title - Rock My World
Author - Julie Shackman 
Publication Date - February 14th 2014
Publisher - Not So Noble Books 
Format - Kindle Edition 
Pages - 250 

The blurb

Ruby Cameron is an ambitious reporter for a local paper where she is fed scraps of news, and lives with a man whose "idea of living dangerously is to leave the heating on when we pop out to the shops." But after catching her squeaky clean boyfriend in flagrante delicto she ups sticks and moves into her own small home, only to discover the ghostly presence of a cheeky rockstar who becomes her confidant as the dynamics of her small town, and her feelings about her dashing new boss, begin to throw up more questions than she can answer. Will Ruby discover who she really is, and perhaps more importantly, who she wants to be? 

Becca's thoughts

Rock My World by Julie Shackman was a fantastically written story, not only involving romance and a scumbag of a boyfriend, but also including a brilliant dash of paranormal that managed to string the whole novel together. 

As usual, I'm going to talk about the cover for Rock My World first, because as you all know, I am a SUCKER for a pretty cover. I really loved the whole out-of-this-world feel of Julie's cover, especially the shooting star just in the corner of the image. The two people watching the sky look close and comfortable together, but I can't help wondering if this is Julie's characters, Ruby and Matt, or Ruby and Stevie, who you'll find out more about later on. Either way, the cover still works perfectly alongside the story and it is gorgeous. I would love to be admiring that view, can you imagine? 

Julie's characters were fantastic. Ruby was a fabulous woman, hoping to move up in her career as a junior reporter and finally snag a bigger and better role, involving bigger and MUCH better stories. I loved Ruby's persona as a whole. She made me laugh and was quite sarcastic at time, which I always find myself giggling at. There's nothing like some good sarcasm to make you love a fictional character, it's as if it speaks straight to my own heart. Ruby's live-in boyfriend, Luke, was a complete arsehole who I detested. For starters, I'm not really a fan of blonde guys (sorry!) I'm more of a dark-haired guy lover myself. Carrying on from that, I wanted to grab hold of Luke's face and repeatedly swing my fist into it. He may have been a gym-freak with a nice, muscled body but no. Just no. I knew from the moment that he was mentioned in Rock My World that Ruby deserved so much better than the little slimeball. As soon as the story gets going, you actually get a round-up of Ruby's relationship with Luke and it doesn't look good. Constantly running off to the gym and being a miserable git doesn't bode well with any woman. I kinda' had a feeling that what happened was coming, but I won't spill the beans too much, because I hope after this you'll want to read Rock My World for yourselves ;) 

Another character that stood out to me was the gorgeous, brooding Matt! *SQUEAL* Urgh, this guy was just sex on legs. Matt strides into the story as someone who Ruby just can't deny her attraction for. In all seriousness, Matt is very, very hot. When they first meet, Matt appears right behind Ruby as she is slagging him off without realising his presence. Matt is described as "A tall figure with endless legs..." and said to have eyes that are almost "wolf-like." I think I was a bit besotted from the moment Julie introduced him to the plot. Okay. A lot besotted. He was intimidating, both looks-wise and mentally. Full of smart ideas and trying his hardest to dispel the impression that his rich background held over everybody that he met, Matt knows he wants to write for a living, all he needs to do is prove himself and that this isn't just another hobby that will eventually die out. 

As well as Ruby and the handsome Matt, there was Stevie, who inhabits Ruby's new house that she has just moved into. Stevie, and this idea was sensational, is the ghost of a rock-star that tragically died years ago. He roams Ruby's home day and night, his melodic voice bouncing back and forth between the walls of her new home. I really do think that the paranormal aspect of Rock My World was just fantastic. It added a whole other dimension to Julie's writing and seeing as I haven't really read anything paranormal before, Rock My World has given me a taste for it. Stevie's story of his passing was very emotional, and I loved how Julie took me right back to the very beginning and I was watching how it all happened through Stevie's very own eyes. There's also a HUGE twist involved in the story, something to do with Stevie, and it will blow your mind, I promise! 

The plot in Rock My World was brill. It kept me guessing all the way through and I was hooked completely. Julie managed to include so many different subjects and narratives in her story it was constantly entertaining and I loved it. There were so many different things going on all at once, it was hard to not be interested in what was happening. 

Becca's Books is giving Rock My World by Julie Shackman a sparkling rating of 5/5 stars! I loved everything about this novel and I cannot wait to see what Julie plans to bring out in the future. I'm sure it will be fantastic if Rock My World is anything to go by. It had everything. Romance, attraction, chemistry, mystery and everything in between. I promise you, you will love it!

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Julie herself for getting in touch with me about reviewing her book. There's nothing like an author sending you their work, and I cannot imagine how they are feeling when they hit the send button but I am so glad that she did because it was fabulous! So, thank you so much Julie, and don't forget, I'm here whenever you decide to write your next one ;) 

* * * 

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