The 30 Day Book Challenge ~ Day 5 ~ Your 'comfort' book.

As is the case with most book-related questions, I genuinely cannot pick just one book, especially when it comes to my 'comfort' book. I think when I turn to a book in need of some comfort, it has to be something light, cheery and usually something with romance. The whole idea of comfort, to me personally, is to make me feel better when I'm feeling a bit glum, therefore, I really don't want to be reading about goodbyes or illnesses or depressing subjects. I do read those, don't get me wrong. But not when it comes to a 'comfort' book. Nu-uh.

Firstly, without even having to think about it, any of Jill Mansell's books will be first on my list. I just love them. I haven't read a single one that I haven't finished with a little smirk on my face feeling like I've accomplished something by reading them. There is just something so cosy and heart-warming about Jill's novels that instantly makes me feel a million times better, no matter what kind of mood I'm in. Jill's covers are also a great comfort to me, because they're so freaking beautiful. I tend to feel better from just looking at them.

Of course, I think Sophie Kinsella deserves to be mentioned in this 'comfort' book post, because her books always manage to make me giggle. She has such a great style of writing that speaks right to girly side of me. One of my favourite books by Sophie Kinsella is The Undomestic Goddess, it had me laughing so much my sides hurt, and it also reminded me a little bit of myself if I'm honest, because I am the most undomestic person you will probably ever meet. Anyway, Sophie's books are always quite light-hearted and sprinkled with plenty of humour and romance, which is why I love them so much. I definitely turn to Sophie in times of 'comfort' needing. 

Lastly, Paige Toon's books are a definite giver of comfort for me. I think it's because I find it so easily to lose myself in her beautiful stories, and that in itself is a comfort sometimes, especially when reality is a little crappy. Pictures of Lily is my favourite book by Paige. I love her settiings, her characters, and her gorgeous style of writing. It's impossible to not love Paige's books if you're a chick-lit/romance lover. They are the definition of that genre! 

So, there you have it, my ultimate comfort books. I know the challenge says 'book', but asking a book lover to choose just one book is like asking a mother to choose between her children. What are your 'comfort' books? 

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