The 30 Day Book Challenge ~ Day One

Day One ~ A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just end already.

Ah, this is an easy one for me. I've never really been a huge fan of book series, although I have surprised myself with a few. I don't know why, I literally have no idea, but I just haven't. The one series that I absolutely loved, and would read a million more books included in it, is Fifty Shades of Grey. Seriously, I would read every single book if E.L James was to bring a hundred more out. 

Christian and Ana are such a beautifully imagined couple. I completely lost myself in their story. What annoys me is a lot of people instantly laugh when you say that you've read it, and the main reason for that being because it has sex in it. Okay, not just any sex, it's a bit dirty, let's be honest, but really? Are we fifteen year olds again? Yes, there is sex in it. BUT, if you read it like I did, there's actually a whole other aspect included in there too. Like love, for example. 

Anyway, I would love for E.L James to publish more of Christian and Ana's story. Even after reading the trilogy, I wanted more. 

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