Forty Things To Do Before You're Forty by Alice Ross

"Oh, look - a list of forty things to do before you're forty..."

Title - Forty Things To Do Before You're Forty
Author - Alice Ross
Publication Date - May 9th 2014
Publisher - Carina 
Format - Kindle Edition 

The blurb

The truth is that Annie Richards is just too busy to fall in love! 

Running a successful cake-making business, acting as a caretaker to a grand country house, Buttersley, and not to mention single-handedly raising her five-year-old daughter is more than enough to keep Annie's (flour-dusted) hands full! So can someone please remind her why she agreed to train for a marathon as a '40 things to do before you're 40' pact with her same so-called best friend?! 

With every hour of the day already taken up, the arrival of crime writer Jake O'Donnell at Buttersley shouldn't really have any impact on Annie's day-to-day life at all. There's definitely no time in her carefully scheduled day for daydreaming about drop-dead gorgeous authors. Is there? 

But between whipping up batches of her signature limoncello cupcakes, Annie realises that Jake, and his twinkling dark eyes, can't just be ticked off her mental to-do list as easily as she thought. Especially when it seems that no.40 on her list could be creating a truly decadent wedding cake - for her very own wedding. 

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the wonderful crew at Carina UK. I don't know what it is about their titles, but I'm beginning to find that I'm rating every single one with five stars. So, thank you, you lovely bunch! 

In Forty Things To Do Before You're Forty, we're introduced to Annie, whom I absolutely adored. Annie is a lovely woman who works as a cake-maker (something that I always love when reading), and is a single mother to her gorgeous little girl, Sophie. Annie's character was incredibly easy to love. She was a kind and considerate woman who appeared to be completely independent, and handled her single status like a pro. When Annie's best-friend, Portia, creates a to-do list for Annie, Annie cannot believe that she allowed herself to be dragged into it. Not only does the list instruct her to have a "screaming orgasm", but it also encourages Annie to take part in a marathon, which she begins training for. 

As Annie trains herself up for the marathon, taking herself out on daily walks and runs, another character enters the scene, and that character is Mr Jake Sinclair. Arriving at the manor in the charming little town of Buttersley, he is taking some time-out to work on his latest book. Jake is a very attractive guy, with a heart of a gold and twinkling dark eyes, but underneath his heart-throb appearance, Jake has a few secrets of his very own. Secrets that he has been keeping hold of for a very long time. He doesn't expect to meet Annie. He doesn't expect to take such a liking to Annie's little girl, Sophie. But, anything can happen, especially in Buttersley. 

To be completely honest with you, blog readers, FTTDBYF was a bloody brilliant read, with a gorgeous cover and a hottie too. Not only is the story girlie and romantic, but there's also a hint of sadness hidden in the depths of it too. Alice Ross has done a fantastic job of really grabbing hold of my heart and dragging me into the pages of her story. I loved each of her characters as if they were friends of my own and I'm sad that they've been left to their own devices now that I've finished, but I guess that's the sign of a magical author, isn't it. 

Becca's Books is rating Forty Things To Do Before You're Forty by Alice Ross with five beautiful golden stars. This story doesn't deserve any less, but could definitely be rated with more ;) 

* * * 

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