Say it again, I dare you...

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty sick and tired of all the negativity that surrounds books and reading. Not from us, of course. We, as a book-blogging community, could not praise books enough. If, like me, you've been reading ever since you can remember, you probably feel that books have been playing a major role in your life for a very long time now. You barely go a single day without having a book that you're currently reading, and even when you're finished with that book, you've probably already decided in your head which book you're going to read next. If not, you've probably got your own, unique way of choosing which book is next, just so you can give all of your books a fair chance. Obviously ;) Books are a part of your being, something constant that you can always rely on, a portal to a new and more exciting world and with each one that you read, you feel better for it, satisfied even. But hey, that's just us. We're fully fledged bookworms with a passion for words. We eat them up like our favourite meal, inhale the scent of the pages like our favourite perfume and run our fingertips around the edges, feeling whole as we absorb everything that the author has given us. From day one, books were there and they've remained there ever since. Awaiting upcoming releases and reviewing books means we're always looking forward to something. We await the postman like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, hoping that he's bringing something with our name on it. How could we not be happy? We've lived a thousand lives within our one, and people still say that's impossible? Nu-uh. Not for us it's not. 

The worst thing someone could probably say to me is this. 

"Books are boring."

This, this ridiculous statement, is not even worthy of an answer. The definition of boring is uninteresting, tedious. How can that be? How can reading a book be described as being uninteresting and tedious? Okay, fair enough, one day you might pick up a book that really doesn't take your fancy, but that happens, and that's okay. But to make this statement without even trying? Without even attempting to take the leap from our ordinary world into the magnificent world of a story? Now that's what I would call boring. 

Imagine it like this. 

You're on the bus/train to work. It's something you do every day. The same people get on and off. Outside, it's miserable and grey. Nothing remotely exciting is happening. You're just staring through the window, watching the streets pass by. 

Oh, hang on! What's this?! 
Slowly, oh so slowly, you reach into your bag that's sitting beside you on an empty seat. Fumbling around inside, your hand happens to pause upon something. It feels smooth beneath your fingertips. Grasping it, you slide it out from the darkness and study it in your hands. It appears to be a book. Shrugging and not feeling particularly interested in whatever book it is that you're holding, you go to shove it back out of sight. Just before you let go, you hear a voice.
"I've read that one. Had me sobbing my heart out, it did." 
Turning slightly in your seat, you see a middle-aged woman leaning over the back of you. Smiling uneasily at the stranger, you turn back around and gently ease the book back out again. Studying the cover, you begin to wonder what it's about. It had her crying? Or is she just saying that because she's one of those "bookworms?" Glancing back through the window, you groan inwardly as rain droplets begin to slide down the glass just opposite your face. Opening the book at the first chapter, you frown at the amount of words that are printed before you on the page. Well, what the hell. It's not like there's anything better to do. You study the rest of the commuters that are staring blankly out of the windows and decide that anything has got to be better than this. You drop your eyes to the first word and begin. 

New York. San Francisco. England. Hawaii. France. Wales. Egypt. You're surrounded by stifling heat, freezing cold wisps of air, a tropical storm, a gentle sea breeze... You're meeting new friends; bad-ass bikers, troubled couples, people seconds away from falling in love, people with super-human powers, excited women preparing for their wedding day, cake makers, interior designers, mothers, fathers, widows, magazine editors, high-flying business people. 

You glance up from the pages, feeling a little overwhelmed. Nope. Nothing new here. Your head drops down once more. 

Now you're in a kingdom, surrounded by castles and knights in shining armor. Myths and legends are alive. Serpents, wizardry, spells, potions. With a whoosh, you're now at a child's birthday party. Cake, balloons, the notes of 'Happy Birthday' tinkling in the summer air. Turning around, you're standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, watching someone propose to the woman of his dreams. With a squeal, she jumps on the spot and throws her arms around her man. Smiling sweetly at the image, you glance to the side and watch in fascination as a child and father swing by in a hot air balloon. 
"Step inside! Come with us!" 
Without hesitation, you hop into the basket and with a blast, the three of you take off. Below, the land is muddled into a mass of greens and blues. 
"Where are we going?" You call, the air taking your breath away as it wraps itself around you. 
"Where ever you want to go..." is the reply.

With a jolt, you sit right up in your seat and realise you're being spoken to.
"Last stop, maam." 
Furrowing your brows in confusion, you glance down at the open book in your lap. 
You close the cover gently, and slip it back into your bag, being careful not to damage it. You make your way down the bus and step off, feeling shaken and bewildered. The doors close behind you and you glance up at your grey, stone office building. 
Just another day at the office. 

* * * 

I realise that words can sometimes seem scary and frightening, especially for people that have never taken an interest in what they have the power to draw from you. But trust me on this. Once you lose yourself to a book and experience the sensation of having to drag yourself back to reality reluctantly, you'll never look back. Books aren't just words on pages, they are doors to where ever you feel like you need or want to go. There are millions and millions of books out there, and just one could change your entire perspective if you have the patience to find it. 

But in the meantime, please don't tell us that books are boring until you've been to the place that you've been dreaming of without even leaving the house. 

Becca xxx


  1. I love this post, you are so right xx

  2. Thank you dearest! I just want/need people to understand how amazing books truly are xxx

  3. Ah, brilliant post. When I hear "books are boring," I just tell them that they're not reading the right books! I just find it so difficult to understand people who don't read. Reading has been a part of my life for so long now, it's hard to believe that there are people out there who just don't read.

    1. Aurwh, thanks so much! Yes, totally agree. I just can't imagine myself not being a total book-obsessive! And I too don't understand why there aren't more readers out there. Just a shame! xxx

  4. Great post and it's very true! Someone once told me I should stop living in a dream world and return to the here and now without all those silly books. How stupid is that? And how empty is his life that he doesn't know how great they are? I always carry a book with me wherever I go. Every boring situation becomes a lot more fun with something to read. I've managed to get people around me to read too, I bet the same goes for you. I loved reading this!