The Broken by Tamar Cohen

They were the unit - the two of them, and Lily, of course. Everyone else was on the outside.

Title - The Broken
Author - Tamar Cohen
Publication Date - May 22nd 2014
Publisher - Transworld Digital
Format - eBook
Pages - 273

The blurb

Best friends tell you everything; about their kitchen renovation; about their little girl's schooling. How one of them is leaving the other for a younger model. 

Best friends don't tell lies. They don't take up residence on your couch for weeks. They don't call lawyers. They don't make you choose sides. 

Best friends don't keep secrets about their past. They don't put you in danger. 

Best friends don't always stay best friends. 

Becca's thoughts

The Broken by Tamar Cohen is not something that I would normally pick up to read. It's nothing to do with the book itself. I just generally stick to what I enjoy most, which is girly, happy, sickly romantic chick-lit. This was definitely not girly, happy or even sickly romantic. This was a little haunting, rather creepy and it played on my mind constantly. The Broken by Tamar Cohen was a brilliant read that I could not, for the life of me, put down for a single moment. 

In The Broken, the reader meets Hannah, Dan, Josh and Sasha. A close-knit bunch of young parents & best-friends. Their bonds are tight, formed over countless years, as well as both of the couples two young daughters, Lily and September, being close friends too. Everything seems to be flowing along smoothly until Josh confides in Dan. Things are about to change. As soon as the words fall from Josh's lips, each of their perfect worlds are turned upside down and darkness takes over each of them, one by one. What ensues is a game. A miserable, energy-consuming game that none of them can seem to find their way out of. It doesn't seem to matter that none of them wanted to play in the first place. Whether agreed to or not, Tamar's characters are dragged legs first into a black hole of twisted, bleak insanity, all controlled by one person and one person only. 

What I loved so, so much about Tamar's book was the thrill of it all. It really was a game that I felt that even I was involved in, whether by choice or not. It was dark, it consumed me and it sent chills up and down my spine. I also came to realize, in a moment of thoughtful contemplation that really, monsters and werewolves are things that you should no longer be scared of, because the real fear-inducing thing in this world these days are simply human beings. Whilst reading The Broken, it occurred to me that people, no matter how much you trust them and think that you have them figured out, they can change, as can everything. I think this is what started off the unsettled feeling that I had throughout reading this book. I felt uneasy, on edge and a little bit shaken up to tell you the truth. This story managed to somehow crawled right underneath my skin and seriously creeped me the hell out. 

Tamar's characters in The Broken were perfectly created. Not only did they seem like a bunch of ordinary, down-to-earth people, adding to the calmness and deceitful image of them, but they were all so likeable. They spoke about such ordinary things, like having work done on their kitchens and how their children are doing at school. They had takeaways, the lads had beers together in the pub. It was simple, normal and ordinary. But you know the saying that describes it all perfectly; the calm before the storm. And damn, that couldn't be any more correct in this case. Hannah, one of the characters that I really took a liking too, was what would you would call a little bit of a push-over when it came to her best friend, Sasha. She also seemed so innocent and kind to be involved in any nasty messes but was dragged into it, nevertheless. She was very loyal towards anyone that  she cared about and kept a watchful eye over everything. I suppose Hannah was one of those quiet types; doesn't say very much but takes everything in. Again, she was just an ordinary woman living a very normal life, taking her daughter to school, doing the housework and cooking dinner for her family. Nothing was amiss, nothing seemed strange and nothing about Hannah gave me the chills. Hannah's partner Dan was a lovely guy. He didn't like seeing Hannah bend to Sasha's every whim but he couldn't really do too much without upsetting the peaceful atmosphere than they began with. When things are turned upside down though, and Josh invites Dan into his plans, Dan begins to have niggling doubts. Not only is the friendship between the four of them suddenly hanging in the air, but Hannah and Dan's own relationship too. What appears to be a happy and stress-free household soon turns into anything but...

All that I can really say about The Broken by Tamar Cohen is that it was probably one of the most intriguing yet chilling books that I have read in a long time, and it didn't even involve monsters or aliens to achieve that. I was hooked, I was turning the pages at the speed of lightning and I enjoyed every single second of it, even if I was creeped out throughout a lot of those seconds...

Becca's Books is rating The Broken by Tamar Cohen with a fantastic 5/5. It brought me out of my reading slump and the author had me hanging on her every last word. Brilliantly though-out with a compelling story-line, not forgetting the dark and twisted past of one of the main characters running alongside there here and now. Loved it!

* * * 

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