Interview ~ Sarah Smith, from The Bookshop On The Corner

Wahoo! I definitely, definitely think that I should begin this post by saying a HUGE happy publication day to the absolutely fantastic Rebecca Raisin with her newest release that is OUT TODAY, The Bookshop On The Corner.

Readers, you will love this story so much, and you'll love the adorable Sarah Smith even more. Like us, she is obsessed with books, and unfortunately not like us, she owns her very own bookshop. Are you jealous? I am. I'm very jealous. Not only that, but Sarah's bookshop is the most adorable bookshop in this world, fiction or not. 

Today, Becca's Books is incredibly excited to share with you my interview with Sarah Smith. Luckily, I managed to drag Sarah's head from out of a book so that I could ask her some questions about her life and The Bookshop On The Corner. 

Without further ado, let's get started. Readers, I introduce to you the very bookish Miss Sarah Smith. 


Hello, Sarah! Welcome to Becca's Books. I have to say, I am positively delighted to have you here with me today. It is a pleasure and I cannot wait to introduce you to my readers. 

Hello, Becca! It's so nice to be here, and a huge hello to your readers! 

1.) Sarah, for those that haven't heard of you, could you please tell them a little bit about yourself, including where you're from, where you work and what you do there. 

If you visit the small town of Ashford, Connecticut, you'll find me in my little second-hand bookshop, usually reading the day away... Though I like to think of it as part of the job description! Books seem to whisper to me: they want to be read and loved again so how can I refuse? There's a book here for everyone, it's just a matter of finding it. It's not an orderly, bright bookshop, it's old and dusty, the shelves are double stacked, books spill on to the floor in rickety piles, but that's what I love about it. 

2.) What is your little town of Ashford like to live in? What is your home like? 

Ashford is a small town, and full of community spirit. I guess there are pros and cons to living in a tiny town where secrets are impossible to keep but at the end of the day, when you need a friend, you have a town full of them. My home is ordered chaos, much like the bookshop. I know where everything is, but you probably wouldn't. It's kind of cluttered. With books. I figure time spent cleaning is less time reading...

3.) Surrounding your bookshop, what other establishments are there and who can we expect to see? 

My best friend Missy owns the Sassy Salon which sits on the opposite corner to me. She's this glamorous, over-the-top hairdresser who throws compliments your way like confetti. She's a real sweetheart, and a great hairdresser... 
Then there's The Gingerbread Cafe across the road, Lil and CeeCee are great pals, and often I'll close up the bookshop after the lunch rush, and head over to the cafe for a gingerbread milkshake... Missy meets me there, and us four girls sit there giggling like teenagers - they're great friends, and always there when you need advice. 

4.) Sarah, how did you come to be the owner of The Bookshop On The Corner? Was it passed down to you? Did you buy it and then spruce it up? I'm dying to know! 

Great question! People often wonder about this... There was an old man who owned the bookshop. He rather eccentric, and only opened on Saturdays, and even then only for an hour or so, begrudgingly. He'd sit there and chain smoke cigars, so you'd walk through this fog to get to the shelves. He'd narrow his eyes and watch your every move, his books were like his children, and not everyone was invited in to buy them. Of course the rumor mill ran rife about this old man who seemingly didn't need to sell books to actually make a living. There were all kinds of theories as to how he survived, and where he lived. And then one day, I peeped through the window of the shop, and we made eye contact. It was the first time I'd ever seen him without a cigar, and without that flinty look in his eyes. He waved me in and told me he wanted to sell the bookshop. To me. I was only twenty at the time, but he told me he could see the books 'spoke' to me. I'd never told anyone about my obsessive love of books, and my crazy idea that they fluttered in my presence, and hummed like they were alive. He told me all about his life, and swore me to secrecy. I've never told anyone what we discussed that day. A few weeks later, he was gone. I don't know where. I like to think he's with family somewhere, and surrounded by books. A letter turned up in the mailbox. He'd gifted me the bookshop on the one condition: that if it ever becomes a chore, I must sell it, and move on, so the books have an owner they deserve. I still think of the old guy every day, and hope he's happy wherever he is. I hope he comes back one day, to see how happy the bookshop is! And I'm so grateful to have been given something priceless. 

5.) From what I've heard, your love of books is something that we book lovers can totally understand. When would you say that it all began? What is your favourite book to date, and is there a specific genre that you can't get enough of? 

 I was a quiet child, and found other children to be slightly terrifying. I never seemed to 'fit', and instead found comfort in books. I went on adventures with my fictional friends, on the page and in my dreams, and this has continued my entire life! I don't think I'd be able to pick one book as a favourite, because so many have been 'right' for that particular time in my life, like books have a tendency to do. But my favourite genre is romance. I love LOVE. And the idea we can all aspire to the Happy Ever After. 

6.) What are your views on true love, Sarah? Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you think it takes time to grow to love someone? Is there love on the horizon for you? And what would your ideal man be like? 

I believe in love, full stop. Whether it's instant, or built up over time, or you were friends first. But I've been holding out for the guy from the books. My friends think I'm crazy, but the book boyfriend must come to life! And love may be on the cards... it's still early days, but let's just say my ideal man is tall, dark, and handsome, the perfect so-called cliche! And I'm sticking to it! ;) 

7.) You're such a social butterfly! I already follow you on Twitter and I'm also following your blog too, which I LOVE by the way. What made you choose to start up a blog? 

Oh thank you! I started the blog after a dream... (yes I'm one of 'those' people!) I wanted to meet, albeit virtually, like-minded people to discuss books with, and talk about all those quirks we all have with reading, and romance. Instantly I 'met' a group of lovely book bloggers, and romance readers who think the way I do, or are so passionate about reading, that we never run out of things to talk about! And with our time differences, we are all over the world, there's always someone there to chat to when you've read a book you just must discuss! You know, Becca because you're one of our best friends! 

8.) Do you have any close friends in Ashford? Any particular people that you go to when you need advice or just a chat? 

Missy is my best friend and has been for over a decade. She's the perfect confidante, and I know she would never share my secrets. Lil and CeeCee from The Gingerbread Cafe are also close friends, if you want good no-nonsense southern advice, then Cee is the one you go to! She's got a heart of gold but she'll be the first to tell you when you're making a mountain out of a molehill. 

9.) Do you have a dream or a life goal? Is there anywhere that you plan to visit one day? 

I would LOVE to go to Paris. Between us, I have this dream of working in a bookshop there, you know, as if it were my own. Hunting through those shelves of dusty pre-loved French books and finding treasures. One day, I keep telling myself, one day. 

10.) How popular would you say your bookshop is, Sarah? Do you have a lot of regulars? 

   I have an online store, and a collection of customers who special order certain genres. I also have the regulars of Ashford, and a book club who hang out here regularly. All in all, I'm usually busy enough but not too busy that I can't switch off and read if the urge grabs me! 

11.) I'm going to give you three wishes! What are you going to wish for? 

1.) I wish that books were available to everyone whether they could afford them or not. 
2.) That everyone found reading a magical experience. 
3.) That I do go to Paris one day and it's everything I imagine it to be! 

12.) What kinds of books are available in your bookshop? Is there something for everyone? Do you have a knack for knowing exactly what type of story a person desires? 

There's a huge selection. I feel there's something for everyone if you'll just stop to look. There's no rush here. 
I do happen to have an inkling of what people like, I can often tell the genre just by watching the way a customer talks, their mannerisms, their dress. I'm usually never wrong, except for once... with that reporter from New York. 

13.) How much time would you say you spend in your bookshop on average? Do you ever get lonely in there? 

I'd spend probably twelve hours a day here, even though I'm only open for eight of those hours. I enjoy reading here, there's certain book nooks that are perfect for different times of the day, and when the door is shut, you'll find me curled up in one of those. 
Sometimes I yearn for something in my life, like love, but I'm never lonely because I read, and that has the ability to transport me anywhere. 

14.) Sarah, what is your favourite bookish quote? 

'She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.' By Anne Dillard. 

15.) Any big plans for the future? 

I'm thinking of hiring someone to help me here. It's a huge thing for me, because I do enjoy the solitude when there are no customers, but maybe, just maybe, I do need to step slightly out of the pages... 

16.) Can I please have a job in your bookshop? I'll work real hard, promise! ;) 

Ha ha! Well see the question above, Becca! Serendipity! 

Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to appear on Becca's Books! I am so happy to have had you here. I'll be visiting your gorgeous little bookshop one day, mark my words. It has been an absolute pleasure, and I wish you all the luck for the future. Speak soon! 
Becca xxx

Thanks for having me, Becca! And I know we will meet! And yes, please do come and visit us at the bookshop. All the best and happy reading!
Love, Sarah xx


Well, there you have it, folks! The lovely Sarah from Rebecca Raisin's The Bookshop On The Corner. Do you like the sound of Sarah and her adorable little bookshop? If so, follow the links below to add The Bookshop On The Corner to your Goodreads to-read list and Amazon wishlists! 

In the words of Sarah Smith, happy reading! 

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  1. This was so great to read! I'm currently reading the book and it's so amusing to look at those questions and answers in between. Very nice and original interview!