Meet Me Monday ~ Sophie

This afternoon, I have the lovely Sophie from Reviewed The Book on Becca's Books, answering my fifteen questions. Take it away, Soph! 

~ Sophie ~

~ Meet Sophie ~

1.) When would you say that your passion for reading first began? How old were you? Was it during school or later? 

I've always enjoyed reading but never did it massively. I loved Jacqueline Wilson when I was a kid and then Louise Rennison when I was a bit older. I kind of dropped off reading for a while though when I was about sixteen and it wasn't until early last year that I discovered Goodreads and started to love reading again. Now I can't imagine my life without books but a couple of years ago that wasn't the case. 

2.) What are some of your favourite movies? Is there a particular type of movie that you love? Are you a big kid? 

If any of my 'real life' friends asked me this (yes I do have some friends), they'd be convinced I love gory, horror films and the likes because I put up a tough, serious (moody) act. But I am such a wimp! Actually, I'm a sucker for chick-flicks and rom-coms even though they're all the same. 

I can't really think of my favourites. I guess the two that I've watched way too many times to remain sane are 10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger was perfection in this...) and John Tucker Must Die. 

Ooh and I can't forget Magic Mike. I did think the ending kind of sucked but when Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum are semi-naked I can't complain...

3.) Which do you prefer? To use an e-reader or to read a physical book? Is there a particular reason for your preference? Do you have an e-reader? 

I do own an e-reader, my beloved Kindle Fire HD and I much prefer reading that than physical books. I love owning physical books because they're beautiful and everything but my e-reader is much more practical. Plus I seem to get through books quicker on it and I hate having to turn lights on to read so it's easier having my Kindle. 

4.) When is your birthday? How old will you be on your next birthday, and what's the best birthday you had? 

My birthday is October 8th and I will be 21 this time. And no I won't be partying. I'll be sat in reading I'm sure. Ooh the best birthday I've ever had is a tough question. Especially since I'm renowned for having the worst birthday luck ever. Let's see, there were the two we got burgled on, one where my best friend got run over, the two when I was really sick in hospital. Ha - birthdays just aren't for me! 

I did decide though that this bad luck wasn't going to affect me on my 18th and that kind of worked. So that would be my best birthday. Back then, I was really into going to gigs and I think I had three in that week, plus one on my birthday which was a great night. That is probably the only successful birthday I can remember though. 

5.) Besides being a bookworm, what else do you like to do for fun? 

Sorry but I'm really boring. I'm also the worst socialiser ever, except I do seem to be rambling quite well in these questions. 

Erm, I tweet quite a bit?? Although I'm sure you've noticed. I do love watching sport so I guess when I'm not reading or blogging or eating, that takes up most of my time. 

6.) What is the first thing that you usually notice first about other people? 

Their smile. It's quite ironic really since I've probably only smiled like six times in my life. 

7.) Did you like Fifty Shades of Grey? If not, why? And if so, why? 

I've never actually read it but not for any particular reason. I do read erotica but I guess I've just never got around to it. I don't get all those people ashamed to say they read erotica though. I mean, why be ashamed of anything you do? If it was so shameful, you should never do it in the first place and there's no shame in reading anything. I don't like erotica which is literally just sex though, because I wouldn't really be reading books if I wanted those kinds of kicks...

8.) Do you believe in ghosts? 

I do. I think a few spooky little things have happened making me consider whether ghosts are real or not but I won't mention them just in case anyone who has made it this far thinks I'm nuts... 

9.) Have you ever attempted to write your own story? How far did you get? What was it called and what was it about? 

Uh, not really. I used to write fan-fiction probably about five years ago. It was all hugely embarrassing, especially on the odd occasion I go back and look through what I wrote. I'd never want to be an author I don't think. I can't take any criticism. I can't even stand to hear someone criticise someone else - it makes me feel so bad. I have recently had a few ideas going around my head which I think might make interesting stories, but I don't think I'll ever write them. 

10.) What does your casual attire like? 

Scruffy. I tend to just wear a plainish top and skinny jeans and dress that up with some probably tacky costume jewellery and nail polish from one of the 1006 colours I own.  

11.) Do you have a favourite character from a book? If so, who and which book are they from? What did you like about them? 

I have two (sorry). 

I loved Liam in Carmel Harrington's Beyond Grace's Rainbow. He was by no means stereo typically perfect but I loved seeing him grow and his love and care for Grace and Jack brought me to tears throughout this whole book. He was an inspirational character battling his own demons and becoming a better person. 

And then I've just read Carmel's latest book, The Life You Left, and I loved the main character Sarah. She was also an inspirational character in that she was determined to pick herself back up to fight and protect the people she loved. She had a massive heart and I thought she was a brilliant character. 

12.) What's your favourite season? 

Autumn. I love sitting inside on an autumn day where it's not too warm or cold and it's maybe a bit rainy and just, nice. A perfect reading day :) 

Plus the view from my house is gorgeous in autumn. 

13.) If you were to open your own bookshop, what would it look like inside? 

This is a great question and one I have no great answer for. I always loved the idea of having a bookshop but I do get quite possessive over books so I'm not sure I could cope with people touching 'my' books. 

Well, it would have to be super organised and stacked completely full of books. Colour coded maybe because colour and pretty and shiny books make for all things happy. It would be quite small and cosy but still, with billions of books of course. And we need somewhere for visitors to sit and read (and fall asleep reading) because nobody ever wants to leave a bookshop, do they? And so then we'll need chocolate dispensers too because you need chocolate with a book. Are you going to make this real for me? 

14.) What's the one thing that you're afraid of? Do you have any phobias? 

  I have tons of phobias, but I'll go with the really predictable one of spiders. Ergh. Even those tiny money spiders gross me out. Anyway, I can't talk about them else I'll be having spidery nightmares. 

15.) Lastly, what is it that makes you love reading and books as much as you do? 

The escape and the chance to dream. My life is either pretty uneventful or busy and hectic for all the wrong reasons. I love reading so I can be transported somewhere else and think of all the what-ifs and picture myself being the girl in the happy-ever-after, with the dream job and swoonworthy boyfriend and just happy. Because books make me happy and I'll take happiness anywhere I can. 

~ Sophie's Bio ~

Hi! I'm Sophie - twenty year old Sports Journalism student and all-out bookworm. Self-confessed crazy cat lady and serial tweeter. If I'm not reading or tweeting (on those rare occasions), you'll find me sleeping, eating pizza or blogging over at Reviewed The Book.


Absolutely LOVED reading your answers, Sophie, and thanks so much for taking the time to appear on Becca's Books, it has been an absolute pleasure! 

Becca xxx


  1. Oh dear! Thank you for having me on your gorgeous blog :) xxx

  2. Fabulous interview, Sophie! The view from your house is fantastic - I sit there reading all day if I could :)

    Rachel x

    1. Thanks Rachel! I love sitting out there and reading although nature doesn't give me much peace and quiet for long :) x

  3. I loved reading this interview. Great questions and answers! And it's a good way to learn something about someone :).