The Last Word by A.L. Michael

When the closest you got to affection and intimacy was with cyber fans who had no idea who you were, maybe it was time to reconsider your life. Or just say, 'To hell with it,' and get a cat. 

Title - The Last Word
Author - A.L. Michael 
Publisher - Carina UK 
Publication Date - May 6th 2014
Format - eBook

The blurb

Tabby Riley's online life was a roaring success. Her blog had hundreds of followers, and legions of young fans ardently awaited her every Tweet. Her real life was a bit more of a disappointment. Living in a shared flat in North London, scratching a living writing magazine articles on 'How To Please Your Man In Bed' wasn't where she thought she'd be at twenty-six - especially when there was a serious lack of action in her bedroom. 

Until she was offered the job of her dreams on online paper The Type - and gained a sexy new editor, Harry Shulman, to bounce her ideas off. Tabby had previous bad form when it came to falling for well-dressed, smooth talking editors, so no way was she going there again... ever! But had she got a little too used to hiding behind her laptop screen? Perhaps it was time for the real Tabby Riley to come out and have some fun! 

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, a huge thank you (for about the millionth time this week) to Carina UK for allowing me access to The Last Word and, of course, to the absolutely hilarious and incredibly talented author A.L. Michael. This novel was nothing short of a complete success, and I didn't want it to ever, ever, ever end! Come back, Tabby and Harry! *crys and crawls across the floor*

Everything about this novel was everything that I just freaking LOVE. Brilliant characters, hot, sexy tension and buzzing chemistry, a well put-together plot that progressed perfectly, and let's not forget that delectable cover. Not only that, but I began to feel like I was living in this novel alongside Tabby Riley and her two best-friends, Chandra and Rhi, and I felt completely and utterly at home. 

A.L. Michael's characters were superb. The novel itself was written in a third person narrative, all entirely from Tabby's perspective, which really allowed me to get to know her that little bit better. But, even though it was all solely from Tabby's point of view, I still managed to feel like I knew Rhi, Chandra, Harry and her mother Claudia like the back of my hand. A.L. Michael managed to convey the other character's emotions perfectly and I felt that I knew them just as well as Tabby, which was fantastic. 

Tabby Riley's character basically made up the sort of person that I would generally get along pretty well with in real life. I got the impression that the author had just put so much hard work and effort into creating Tabby and it really shone through whenever a description of the character or her messy past came up. From the clothes she wore to the men that she had slept with. A.L. Michael had thought of everything. Tabby Riley couldn't have felt any more real to me if the author had tried. Another thing that I really loved about Tabby was her negative but hugely funny outlook on her own life. The opening paragraph really set the tone and from that moment on, I knew that Tabby was my sorta' of girl. 

This cannot be my life, Tabby Riley thought as she finished her latest article. Four hundred words on the dire consequences of plucking outside your brow line. She needed ice cream. 

The comical misery-guts cloud that surrounded Tabby really made me laugh out loud, although there seemed to be an underlying reason behind her grey outlook on life. I don't want to completely spoil the novel for anyone out there who thinks this may be their sort of thing so I won't say too much more, but she's not just like this for no reason, I promise! I think Tabby's job also played a role in her negativity; writing articles about pleasing your man in bed and plucking eyebrows wasn't exactly her life dream, although she had tons of Twitter and blog followers who all loved her dearly because of her unique style of writing. Due to a mucky past involving an editor at her previous job, Tabby isn't planning on EVER making the same mistake twice. That is, of course, until the absolutely gorgeous Harry Shulman comes along and completely knocks her off her feet. I adored the chemistry between these two characters, and the way Tabby used all of her strength to not find him attractive or tempting in any way whatsoever. I was practically begging her to just snap, because I couldn't take the pressure that was building between the two of them. I totally 'got' why she didn't want to 'go there' though, especially after what had happened last time. What makes things worse is that Harry is an editor, just like before, and Tabby watches herself quickly spiraling into a very similar situation that lost her job and tarnished her name in the journalism world. When Tabby receives a job offer from The Type, where Harry plays the role of Editor, she can't believe her luck, although she'll be giving up her eye-brow plucking articles for things a little bit more on the serious side. 

Harry was bloody delectable! He played the 'tempting, green-eyed, delicious treat' oh so well. Even I was quickly falling beneath his spell. I loved everything about him, from his cocky smile to his quick-fire remarks that took him only seconds to think up. He was confident, cheeky and everything that Tabby really didn't need in her life, but with a job offer like that on the table, did she really have a choice when it came to working in the same building as him? Harry was the kinda' guy who knew he had a devastating effect on any female within his vicinity, and he couldn't say no to bedding a ready and willing woman. But, even thought he was a complete ladies man, there was just something so damn sexy about him, I was dying to egg Tabby on to make a bloody move! Beneath all the cockiness and sexiness was a warm, kind man who really just wanted a woman to call his own and tell him that she loved him. He was gorgeous! And I do not how Tabby managed to resist him for as long as she did. 

As well as the two main characters, Tabby and Harry, there were two other characters that really caught my attention, and held it too. Rhi and Chandra, Tabby's two best friends, were absolutely brilliant fictional creations that I really wished I could have a night out with. A.L. Michael got the girly banter down to a T, and it was just so entertaining to read, imagining the girls firing their catchy remarks backwards and forwards between each other whilst lounging in their living room, drinking countless cups of tea, smoking rolled up cigarettes and eating crap. That is basically my idea of a fabulous night! ;) A.L. Michael managed to perfectly present the girl's friendship and it was heartwarming and lovely and all things that friendships are. The author created such a fantastic connection between her characters; it was clear to see that nothing, and I mean nothing, could break these girl's bond. 

The plot in The Last Word worked so bloody well, and just when Tabby's life was beginning to flow perfectly, I remembered that normally, there comes a problem in the plot of a story, and I was sitting there, praying that the problem wouldn't come. That there would be no climax and nothing was going to knock over Tabby's fabulous life! But, alas, a story wouldn't be fantastic if nothing bad happened to the main character and created some action and drama. A.L. Michael achieved this and so much more. I was cheering for Tabby, I had my fingers crossed so damn hard, wanting everything to work out for her! It felt like she was one of my very best friends. Tabby also had a bad habit of ruining things for herself, so each time I read about her over-thinking things and leaning towards making a bad decision and ruining her own happiness, I was practically thumping my Kindle in frustration and screaming, "NO, TABBY! NO!" Honestly, if any character deserved some happiness, I reckoned it was Tabby. 

Overall, I loved this novel. I loved the excitement, and the banter, and the sexy tension and the way it all rolled along smoothly. The characters were bloody fantastic, the plot kept me highly entertained the entire way through, and I really do hope that A.L. Michael will carry on Tabby's story somehow, because I don't think I am quite ready to let her go just yet...

So, A.L. Michael, it's five yummy looking cupcakes from me! It was an absolute pleasure to read, and I do hope you have some more of that extra-special Tabby-ness up your sleeve! 




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  1. This sounds like a really great read! It's on my wishlist now :).