Hopelessly Devoted to You by Jill Steeples

There were far too many decisions to be made when it came to dumping your boyfriend.

Title - Hopelessly Devoted to You
Author - Jill Steeples 
Publisher - Carina UK 
Publication Date - August 14th 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 304

The blurb

Meet Ruby's fiancé, Finn. He's gorgeous, thoughtful, successful and adoring - pretty much everything anyone could ever want in a man. In fact, he's perfect. The catch? He's just not perfect for her. But when Ruby finally plucks up the courage to come clean, Finn's so furious that he misses his footing as he runs down the stairs - and suddenly, it's not just his heart that's broken!

When Finn wakes up, he can't remember a thing. Not that Ruby dumped him - not even that they were ever engaged! It's on the tip of Ruby's tongue to come clean, but somehow, it never seems to the right time... And as the weeks pass, she sees a new side to Finn. Arrogant and a shameless flirt, he's irresistibly bad, and the chemistry between them is explosive!

It's not that Ruby's lying... she's just withholding the truth. And seeing as things are going so well, perhaps there's no need for Finn to have his memory jogged... The trouble is, there's every chance Finn might remember for himself. 

Becca's thoughts

The fabulous Jill Steeples has done it again! After reading and reviewing Jill's previous title Let's Call The Whole Thing Off, I could not wait to get my hands on another one of her brilliant stories, so when I spotted Hopelessly Devoted to You on NetGalley, I clicked the crap out of the request button and held my breath until it was safely downloaded onto my Kindle, leaving me in the safe knowledge that it was ready and waiting for me. Ahh, bliss! 

I ADORE Jill's writing style. It's fresh, it's girly, it's feminine, and it's also comical. It's everything that you expect to find when reading a good, solid chick-lit book, and Hopelessly Devoted to You was everything that I hoped for. Jill writes so fluidly and it just makes the whole experience of reading it completely effortless. Within the story itself, there's the fabulous heroine Ruby, her hunky Lawyer fiancé Finn, and a colourful, entertaining cast of other characters that keep you smiling all the way through. 

Ruby's character was one that I loved immediately. From the get-go, she was incredibly likeable, and I just couldn't help but to cover my face with my hands and groan when her plan to admit the truth to her perfect fiancé went completely down the pan. I freaking LOVED the terrible turn of events that Jill added to her plot, and it was such a spanner in the works to Ruby's plans! I felt so damn sorry for the girl and I was constantly kept wondering about what the hell she was going to do next. Ruby wasn't a bad person, not at all. I think she was just scared about telling Finn the truth, and I thought it was completely understandable. What I adored was that Finn hadn't actually done anything wrong. He was pretty much perfect! He hadn't cheated on her, lied to her, broken her trust... She just kinda' fell out of love with him and was waiting for the right time to tell him. But of course, with their wedding looming and Ruby questioning whether what she felt for Finn was enough to ahead with marrying the guy? Well, I just couldn't put it down. 

Finn, Ruby's fiancé, was lovely. A lawyer, polite, loving, caring... Everything that you could ever want in your future husband, except Ruby of course. That is until his accident, and he returns to reality almost as a different man entirely. Jill must have had so much bloody fun writing Hopelessly Devoted to You because I found constant satisfaction when reading it! Finn begins as a rather safe and normal character, and then all at once, is replaced by a flirty, gobby male who suddenly decides that he's changing the direction of his life completely. What made it even MORE interesting was the fact that Finn lost his memory, and it's only a matter of waiting for Finn to regain his memories of that night and remember what Ruby's last words were before he tumbled.

I felt like I was constantly waiting, alongside Ruby, for Finn to snap back to reality and remember Ruby's words. It was a waiting game; tension, lip chewing and a million and one worries about what Ruby was going to do IF that happened.

It was just BRILLIANT. A gorgeous story about falling out of love, and then falling straight back in. I loved the characters, the plot, the constant humming of the truth lying just beneath the surface, bubbling it's way to eruption! This truly was a fabulous read and I would recommend it to any chick-lit lovers out there who are in need of a pick-me-up! Hopelessly Devoted to You by Jill Steeples is the one! Four yummy cupcakes from me Jill! 




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