Making you talk about book genres.

So, we're onto my second interview of the #MakeYouTalkTuesday blog feature, and this week I have the lovely Rebecca from Forever Between Pages book blog. I chose to discuss book genres with Rebecca, and here's what we said...

The Interview

B ~ Today, I have the fabulous Rebecca with me, and we're going to be chatting about the different genres of books. Welcome, Bec!

R ~ Hi Bec, and thanks for having me! :)

B ~ So, when it comes to genres, which would you say is your favourite? 

R ~ Chick-lit or horror. It depends what kind of mood I'm in and where I am. Usually in winter, I love the horror/thriller books and then in summer I love a good chick-lit. 

B ~ Ooh, I love a good horror too. Let's talk about chick-lit first. What things does an author typically have to include in their story for you to class it as being in the chick-lit genre? 

R ~ I generally like it to have a nice setting, a hunky hero, and a love story. Even if there faint in the book generally what I like them to have. Ooo and a pretty cover. Chick-lits 9/10 have really nice girly covers. 

B ~ They do, totally agree. I'm a sucker for a pretty cover! And what about horror? Do you think there is a distinct line between the horror genre and the thriller genre? What would you say are the differences between these two? 

R ~ Ermmm... I don't really know to be honest. I think horrors are generally more gruesome/killer books and thrillers are more detective type books. 
I'm making no sense am I haha...

B ~ Course you are! I get what you mean. Horrors tend to feel a bit more on the creepy side, whereas thrillers are more detective. I get you! 

R ~ Yeah. That! Haha. And there's staple writers in horror such as Dean Koontz, Stephen King & Karin Slaughter. Them types. 

B ~ Oh, Stephen King. He's awesome. And we've spoken about Dean Koontz before. When it comes to covers, do you think you can determine what genre a book is just by looking at the cover? 

R ~ Yes definitely. Your chick-lits are girly and fun, horrors are darker and give away a lot less, thrillers usually have someone on the cover etc. You can generally tell. Sometimes a book can surprise you though. I was surprised by From Paris with Love by Samantha Tonge! 

B ~ That's one I haven't read, but from looking at the cover I'd say it was girly/romantic/chick-lit? Am I wrong in saying that? 

R ~  It's definitely a romance/chick-lit but has such a cool twist to it. Really fun!

B ~ Sounds very exciting! Pretty sure it's on my never-ending to-read list somewhere! ;) 
So what's a genre that you don't normally go for? Your least favourite? 

R ~ Historical Fiction. I was sent a Philipa Gregory in a book swap, and it's in my to-read pile, but I've never found myself even looking for it if I'm honest. I never liked history in school, I'd rather go and look. 

B ~ That makes sense! I do enjoy reading a historical fiction now and again, but I don't think that I could read them constantly. 

Do you think there are any over-used plot lines within any of the genres that we've mentioned? 

R ~ Yeah, I love chick-lit but the 'girl runs away from crappy boyfriend, finds lovely man, boyfriend causes drama, gets together with said holiday romance, stays forever, happily ever after' definitely think that's over done a touch. But sometimes an author does write a book like that and adds something new. A nice twist to it. Such as Paige Toons The Longest Holiday, I bloody loved that book! 

B ~ Aurwh, Paige Toon is just brilliant with her chick-lit. She knows just how to hit the spot, doesn't she? I get what you mean. 
What about any typical plot lines in the horror genre? 

R ~ She really does, and she's a lovely person. I loved meeting her! 
With horror I'd say more than likely with the ones I read the plots are very varied! And each author adds their own twist to the book, adds something that only they can write. Like a signature kinda thing?! 

B ~ Yes! It's amazing how they do that, isn't it? 
Do you think that you would be able to tell which genre a person enjoys most just by looking at them? 

R ~ It really is something special! 
I used to get the train to uni every single morning, and whenever I'd see someone reading I'd always wonder what they were reading, and think what genre they'd more than likely be reading. With Kindles and E-readers it's a little more difficult now haha. 
But no, I don't think you can really. People surprise you with books. 

B ~ I agree. You could see a girly girl reading a gripping thriller, or a male reading a classic romance. You just don't know do you?!
Do you think a write gets better with more experience from writing in the same genre, or when writing different genres? 

R ~ I honestly think they do. Even Dickens got better, I mean I adore his books, and classics I think you can even see changes in their work. And even up-to-date writers like Dean Koontz who has over 50 odd books out, if you read the first and last there's a real difference.

B ~ So sticking with the same genre then? 

R ~ Yeah I think it's better. Sometimes feels odd reading a different genre from the same author. J.K. Rowling nailed Harry Potter but the Casual Vacancy was casual bore-fest! Haha.

B ~ Haha, I haven't read that one but yes, I can definitely understand what you mean. 
Are there any genres that you've never tried? 

R ~ I don't think so. I only read like a chapter of a historical fiction, but really don't like it. So I suppose you could say I've never had a full hearted attempt? I've only ever read one autobiography too. 

B ~ Do you prefer fiction to non-fiction? 

R ~ Yes definitely. It's more fun and quirky and even though it's not real I really connect with the characters. 

B ~ A lot of people talk about escapism when reading. You wouldn't find escapism in non-fiction, would you? 

R ~ I don't think so, I mean don't get me wrong I like reading them, but only if I like the person first? And it's be a rare occurrence. 

B ~ And what genre is your own bookshelf more or less made up of? 

R ~ Split half and half. I have two bookshelves. And chick-lit on one and horror on the other. 

B ~ Oh, you organised little lady, you! So, to finish off, could you tell me your top three books from the chick-lit genre, and your top three books from the horror genre? 

R ~ Haha! It's unusual. 

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon
Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin
Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern
Midnight by Dean Koontz
The Sleep Room by F.R. Tallis
Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs 

Been a pleasure Bec, loved it!

B ~ Thanks so much for taking part, Bec! Loved having you here!   

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