Making you talk about settings in books.

To kick off my newest feature on Becca's Books, Make You Talk Tuesday, I chose to discuss settings in books.

The lovely Marie who tweets @marieteapot22 talked to me about what makes her perfect settings when reading, and her favourite places for a story to be set. Here's what we said...

The Interview

B ~ Marie, I just want to say a huge thank you for agreeing to take part in Make You Talk Tuesday. Today, I want to discuss the settings of books with you. So first, where are some of your favourite places for stories to be set in? 

M ~ You're very welcome, glad to take part in Make You Talk Tuesday. I think some of my favourite places for books to be set in I would have to say somewhere like Italy only because I want to go there one day myself. Another place I like books to be set in is Cornwall because well it really draws me in and takes me right to that place! Which is what me as a reader wants! 

B ~ I have to agree with you, I absolutely love Italy! It's such a gorgeous, romantic place to set a story, especially a summer romance! What are some of the things that HAVE to be included by the author when describing the settings of their story do you think? 

M ~ I think that the author has to include and draw on all of our senses when describing the setting which in turn puts the reader there so to speak! Also making us, the reader, included while we read. 

B ~ Yes, brilliant point. I love it when you feel as if you're there, and you can smell and taste and see. It makes it all seem so much more real. How do you feel about the setting of New York? Does that work for you? 

M ~ Well New York for me is a setting that is full of excitement with it being such a busy place and all. I especially enjoyed Sophie Kinsella's book Shopaholic Abroad which was set there. 

B ~ Oh, that's one of the Shopaholic books that I haven't had the pleasure of reading, but definitely plan to. Could you tell me some of your favourite books that aren't set in the UK? 

M ~ My first favourite book that is set abroad would have to be Chocolat by Joanne Harris which is set in France. It's so beautifully written that you are transported there!
My second choice is On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves. This is set in the Maldives and is a fab book to read in the summer, I couldn't put it down!

B ~ They both sound gorgeous! So, what about settings that you're not too keen on? 

M ~ I must say as a book lover I am up for reading books that are set anywhere! 

B ~ Oh, brilliant! So, if you were to write a book, where would you choose to set it? 

M ~ As it happens, I am giving it a go! I've chose to set it in the Caribbean, a.) because I would love to visit there and b.) because I am a sucker for a palm tree, breach and sun!! 

B ~ Argh! Really?! How exciting! Can you tell us more? 

M ~ Well it's about a woman who is a CEO of a women's magazine and is a workaholic. She never takes time off for herself, she doesn't trust men due to being hurt by her first love. Her best friend persuades her to go to this private island in the Caribbean that has been turned into a luxury holiday place, where your every need is catered for. First of all, she struggles to be away from from her work life, but eventually begins to relax. A few funny things happen to her and then she bumps into someone she never expects to be there! I haven't quite figured out the ending yet!

B ~ Marie, that sounds brilliant! I love the idea of the Caribbean, that's my idea of a perfect holiday, without a doubt. Are there any authors who you think are exceptionally well at bringing their settings to life? 

M ~ I think Jill Mansell is a perfect example of bringing her settings to life. I haven't read one of her books that has made me not feel like it's brought to life. I really enjoy her writing style and humour. 

B ~ Jill Mansell is one of my all time favourite authors! She's just so romantic. I fall in love with her stories so easily. Do you think that books that are set at home and not abroad somewhere on holiday have the same effect on us as readers? 

M ~ That's a good question! I think that they don't have the same effect on us as the reader. Books that are set a home for me feel more comfy like a snuggly pair of slippers! And books that are set abroad make me feel excited that I am experiencing a different place and culture! 

B ~ Totally agree with you there, Marie. Well, I think we've had a good chat, but I have one more question for you! What would be your perfect holiday? Describe it to me!

M ~ My dream holiday would be to Australia. I would check out the beaches first to do some sun bathing (with a good book of course!!!), and then I'd want to explore the country and cultures there!

B ~ Ahh, that sounds perfect! I think I will join you! ;) It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you Marie, and thank you again for taking part! 

M ~ You're very welcome my sweet, been lovely chatting to you too!  

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