These blogger friends of mine...

I think, as I've grown older, I've grown apart from people. People that I thought I'd be incredibly close to for basically the rest of my life. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. Work, family life, drama, just all those things that kinda' separate you. To tell you the truth, readers, I'm a little bit of a loner. I think maybe always having my face in a book could have played some small role in this, or the fact that I'm not a very outgoing person maybe, but the truth is, I kinda' love to be alone, with a cup of tea and a good book. It's not so bad that I don't see another human being for weeks on end, but these days, I tend to keep to myself. Of course, I see the people that I used to be close to every now and again, but everyone seems so busy with their own lives these days, that I guess I decided to do the same. If I pass them in the street, it's a quick "Hello, how are you doing?", and then we part ways until we happen to fall across each other some other time. It's sad really, isn't it? How friends grow apart over time. At one point we would have been whispering and giggling about our latest misdemeanors, intertwined with each others lives, and barely a day would pass by without us talking. Sadly, that's not the case these days. 

When I became a book-blogger, I was introduced to a world full of people who share the same interests with me, who have the same "bookish" quirks as me, and who, despite me never meeting them face to face, have made me feel like I'm not a loner anymore. Crazy, isn't it? I've never hugged these people, never spoken to them using my actual voice, never nudged them playfully or laughed with them, and yet, I feel like I have a whole other family right here. A bunch of people who make me smile endlessly, who make me giggle and also make me feel like I'm not and never will be alone. Some of them live on the other side of the world, others live a couple of hours away. I remember before I became a book-blogger, I would scoff at the idea of on-line friendships and wonder what the hell the world was coming to. But do you know what? Thinking about it now, I am incredibly grateful that our paths managed to cross, and I honestly do not know what the hell I would do without these people in my life. We say "Good-morning" to each other, we say "Good-night" to each other. We share our worries and troubles, we celebrate each other's ups, and offer comfort for each other's downs. We talk non-stop, about books, about our different lifestyles, about our jobs, about how we feel about anything and everything, ha, we even tell each other what we're having for dinner that night. These bloggers are my comfort blanket. My go-to ladies that lift me up when I'm down. I have wanted, so many times, to reach into my screen and squeeze these people tight, just to let them know how much I appreciate them being there. It's unreal. What started out as a few friendly tweets here and there, now feels like a friendship that is unbreakable. 

A friend, no matter how that friend was made, is a friend. 

Do you have a bunch of blogger friends who make you feel less alone? Who comfort you, and make you smile? Why not post below and share the blogger love? 

To my special bunch of ladies, I adore you x



  1. This is so lovely! I couldn't agree more. I was saying to my Mr the other day how odd it is that I barely use my normal facebook any more, because any news or anything I've got to share, I'd actually rather put on my blog or book twitter, and share with all you lovely ladies!
    I think it's the connection of like-minded people, as you say. We've all got a mutual love (/obsession?!) that brings us together, and it's amazing! I had such little confidence when I started all this, I never could have hoped for such a warm welcome and amazing friends, especially in the short space of time I've been doing it!
    Best thing I ever decided to do :) xxx

  2. What a lovely post. The underlying emotion seems to jump right off the screen!