BLOG HOP ~ Why I Write.

Morning folks! 
I was tagged in this great blog hop by the absolutely delightful Sophie, who blogs at Reviewed The Book. Sophie is a fellow book blogger, who is constantly reading or reviewing something, whilst hosting some of the best give-aways, and of course, offering fabulous book chat whenever you're in need! 

So, I think the idea of this blog hop is for me to answer four questions, all to do with why I write and blog, and there will be two other bloggers tagged at the end of this post, and they'll be posting on their blogs next week. 

~ Why do I write? ~

I started my blog last year, as I was in desperate need of somewhere to ramble on about a book once I had finished it. I had so many thoughts running around in my head once I finished reading a book, it was beginning to become a teensy bit overwhelming. 

Writing my reviews allows me to keep track of which books I've read and what I thought of them. My memory is kind of rubbish, and with me reading so many books, it can become very easy to lose my whereabouts, haha. 

I also hope that other readers out there will have a read of my blog, and maybe see something that they love the sound of. I really have to try hard not to shove books in people's faces, so writing my reviews are the next best thing!

~ What am I working on? ~

Really not that much right now, just trying my best to keep on top writing my reviews and trying to keep to a schedule, which I am insanely rubbish at, paha! Real-life wise, I've been dabbling in a little bit of writing lately, and I'm really enjoying that. Nothing like letting your creativity shine through! And I seem to have so many ideas lately, so I guess that's a good thing too! 

~ How does it differ from others from its genre? ~

To be honest, I don't think there is anything that makes my blog stand out from the rest! I rate what I read with cupcakes, haha, does that count? There are a ton of book blogs out there, and some are absolutely amazing, and sometimes I do worry about that. But then I think, it's not all about how your blog looks! As long as there's passion, love and enjoyment in what you do, then why worry about anything else?! 

~ How does my writing process work? ~ 

There is no method to this madness, hahaha! I don't really have a process as such. I usually finish reading the book and then write my review, which doesn't seem to have any sort of structure to it either. I honestly just put my fingers to the keyboard and then see what happens. I don't like to make things too clipped and professional. Your blog is all about you and your unique style, and my style would be rambling, making no sense whatsoever, and generally just going on and on for ages! 

Thanks for the tag, lovely Sophie!
My two nominations are Jo from Comet Babe's Books, and Rebecca from Forever Between Pages. Can't wait to read your posts ladies! Happy Monday folks! 

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