Mexican Kimono by Billie Jones ~ BLOG TOUR!

It's true, all the best guys are gay or look better in stilettos than you do. Life can be cruel. 

Title - Mexican Kimono
Author - Billie Jones
Publisher - Carina UK
Publication Date - September 4th 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via publisher)

The blurb

Samantha knows what she wants from life - and she's got it!

1. A loving family. OK, her mum's plan to marry her off to the world's most metrosexual man might not be ideal... but it's only because she cares!

2. A great job. Or at least: a job that leaves plenty of time to update Twitter and shop for designer bargains online... 

3. A credit card, with a very generous limit. So generous that she's just spent over $10,000 on an antique kimono... 

But suddenly Samantha's charmed life starts to fall apart! From a hair-related fire to losing her job, Sam's facing bad karma - and it all started when she bought that kimono... 

Sure, it's ridiculous. How could a piece of silk ever bring bad luck? But it can! Because, whether Samantha likes it or not, someone wants to teach her a lesson: it's what's inside that counts. 

But will Samantha slow down long enough to listen? 

Becca's thoughts   

Wahoo! So today, I'm sharing my review of Mexican Kimono by Billie Jones for the blog tour, hosted by Chicks That Read. I finished reading Mexican Kimono a while ago now, but it still feels as fresh in my mind as if I had only finished reading it yesterday, and for me, that's a sign that tells me I've read a great book. Completely memorable, and sticks with you long after you've turned the last page. Anyway, I'll get started. 

Reading Mexican Kimono was like a breath of fresh air. The story itself was unique, and written in a such a way that it had me giggling to myself almost the entire way through. Billie Jones created a fabulous character to be her heroine, Samantha Bevilaqua, who's rather rose-tinted look at the world made me, at times, shake my head in disbelief. She was sarcastic, cheeky, and downright playful, which made my reading of Mexican Kimono endlessly enjoyable. 

What leads into the main part of the story is the purchasing of a beautiful silk, kimono that Samantha just happens to fall upon as she's strolling down the street and decides to step into an auction. From that moment on, Samantha becomes cursed, and everything begins going wrong for the poor woman. She sets her hair extensions on fire, bad luck seems to follow her everywhere, and before she knows it, the Mexican Kimono is alive and dancing around her flat. There's something dangerous yet magical about the kimono, and as much as she knows that she should get rid of the damn thing asap, she just can't bring herself to do so. Not until things begin to get serious, anyway.

What I loved most about Mexican Kimono was Samantha's character. I just found her to be hilarious. And, as much as I feel mean saying this, just a teensy bit dim-witted, too. She seemed to have this idea that everyone around her fancied her, that everyone was in love with her, even when people were so obviously getting bored of her. She seemed oblivious to the fact that she was driving everyone crazy, and that she was incredibly materialistic. She insulted her friends, and one point decided that she'd be finding a new best friend to take her current one's place. Samantha saw no problem is spending a mountain of cash on the kimono, but there was one person who did, and that was Samantha's mother. 

Sam's mum was a bit of a wacky character, who believed in curses and spells and was constantly rabbiting on to Samantha about bad auras and chakras. I think Samantha thought her Mum was a bit of a loon, to be honest. Sam never took any notice of her Mum's "warnings", even when the Kimono does begin to act up. I think that the weird and wonderful character of Sam's Mum added a sort of hippy-like feel to the story, and despite it being so far-fetched, I just couldn't stop enjoying it! 

There's also Sam's ex lovers, one who now dresses as a woman, and another who turned gay. Billie added so much character and depth to Mexican Kimono, it was jam-packed with humour and entertainment. The characters were just so "out-there" and outrageous, and I really couldn't help but shake my head at how Sam always managed to get herself into ridiculous situations! 

I really loved Billie's writing style. It's definitely different to anything that I've read before, and she has such a style, especially when creating the dialogue for Sam's character. I spent the majority of my time reading Mexican Kimono snorting and laughing and rolling my eyes. It was entertaining, far-fetched but just so bloody addictive. A great introduction to Billie Jones's writing! 

Billie Jones, Becca's Books is rating Mexican Kimono with five yummy cupcakes! A laugh-out-loud book that'll have you wondering whether there are actually people like Samantha out there in the big wide world! 


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