Being Together Being Alone by Amie Daniels

Shaun had found someone better, that wasn't the words he used but it was what he meant.

Title - Being Together Being Alone
Author - Amie Daniels 
Publication Date - September 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via author in exchange for review)
Pages - 225

The blurb

Meet Beth. Beth is broken, torn apart by an unexpected break up from her long term boyfriend. Stumbling through life and trying to appear normal is her only focus... until she meets Pete. 

Within minutes, Pete turns Beth's world upside down. He reminds her what it is to think, feel, touch, to be more than just a mindless machine going through the motions. He rediscovers her desire...

Follow Beth's journey through her eyes, see her perception of relationships, the good and the bad. Follow her unique situation with Pete, the ups and downs as she tries to keep her emotions in check but also somehow keep Pete in her life. Find out if the two concepts are mutually exclusive and which is the best option; being together or being alone? 

Becca's thoughts

First off, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to the author Amie Daniels, for personally getting touch with me, and taking the time to actually read my blog. So many times I've been emailed by authors, who clearly haven't taken to the time to figure out what it is I like and what I'm all about, and it just makes me wonder whether they actually care about the reviewer or whether they just want a review, end of. Thankfully, Amie knew exactly what it was that I liked and looked for when it came to reading, so I was more than happy to accept the review request! So, Amie, thank you so much for getting in touch! It is always lovely to meet new authors, and be introduced to their work.

I loved the sound of Being Together Being Alone when I read Amie's blurb, and the author didn't take her time when it came to getting straight down to the story. As soon as I began reading, I was dropped right into Beth's devastating situation, and I genuinely couldn't believe what was happening, as couldn't Beth. Amie described Beth's feelings of shock, horror and disbelief perfectly, so it wasn't difficult to really grasp how the character was feeling. Beginning the book in this way definitely caught my attention. Immediately I was hooked, drawn in, and I felt involved with Beth. I was super eager to see how the remainder of poor Beth's story would play out. She was a great character, and it was clear that Amie had put a lot of thought into the creation of her, but I do feel that she could have been made just that little bit stronger, maybe with some more background information and history. Besides that though, she was quite believable, and it wasn't long until I had conjured up my very own image of Beth in my head. She went through a rough time, which was understandable, and I have to say that Amie got the tone of the writing spot on. Whilst reading, I felt as if I was bogged down from the depressive atmosphere. Beth became unsociable, neglecting her need for socialising and living life. It all seemed incredibly real to me, despite it being fictional. 

As Beth's story continued onwards, I was overjoyed when she met Pete. I guess I knew that something along those kinds of lines was going to happen, but it didn't take away my enjoyment when it actually did happen. What Beth truly needed after the heartache of her long-term boyfriend leaving was someone to bring her back to life, and that someone came in the form of Pete. I liked this guy instantly, he had tattoos, piercings, and a whole lot of charm and charisma. The one thing I wasn't completely sure about was the first time that they met. I couldn't help but to feel as is maybe it happened all too fast, but maybe that's because I'm more of the reserved type. It's safe to say that Beth and Pete did not leave it long before they got down to business, and with an audience too! The sexual chemistry and physical 'tug' between them was powerful, and so I guess that explained in itself the way they were unable to keep their hands off each other. I felt awakened on Beth's behalf. I desperately wanted Beth to be brought back to the here and now, rather than wallowing in the memories and past that involved Shaun. I wanted her to smile like she meant it, to laugh and shout, because she truly did become a ghost of her former self. Thankfully, Pete came at just the right moment, and I absolutely adored him for appearing in Beth's life when he did. I felt that maybe the pace was a little too slow, dragging sometimes, but then something exciting would happen and I'd completely forget about it. There were lots of ups and downs within the story, problems that Beth and Pete had to overcome, and so by the end of reading, I felt as if I'd come a full circle with them, as if I'd been through the entire thing and felt the emotions that they felt. 

There were a lot, and I mean a lot, of naughty sexy scenes within Beth's story. I guess you could say that after the shock of Shaun getting up and leaving in the way that he had, Beth had locked and chained up her heart, reluctant to let anybody even get a glimpse of it. Pete,of course, was desperate to, but Amie wasn't about to let another man capture it and then stomp all over it in the way that her ex had. I totally understood that, because I would have been exactly the same. The sex within Beth's story was sometimes completely wild and shocking, and others, passionate and beautiful. There were a few scenes that made me blush, and a couple that I found hard to believe, but Beth and Pete were very physical with each other and it just made their attraction seem all the more powerful. 

The main thing that I adored about Being Together Being Alone was how the tables had been turned. Rather than the male being after sex instead of a relationship, it was the other way around. It was Beth who insisted that they kept things between them purely physical, and Pete who wanted the relationship. It was so interesting to read how this turn of events played out, and I loved it so, so much because it was different and new. I, like Pete, wanted Beth to open her heart back up for business and to allow herself to be loved again. I trusted Pete's character and found him completely endearing. I never found myself questioning him or his actions, but rather believed everything that came out of his mouth. There was something about him that made me feel certain that he wasn't a bad guy, and I really wanted Beth to see that. 

Becca's Books is rating Being Together Being Alone by Amie Daniels with 4 CUPCAKES! Beth's story was beautiful, at times crazy, but watching a person be brought back to life just by sharing time with another was stunning. I really enjoyed this book, and if you're a lover of steamy, saucy stories, and of watching someone fall apart and then be put back together, then this is perfect for you. Amie, thanks so much for allowing me to read and review your work, it was fab! 

~ Author Bio ~

Very part time author and I mainly write romance, love and lust theme stories. 
When I'm not writing then I'm generally thinking about writing! Or spending time with friends, family, my cat or my long suffering other half. 
I was born and raised in Hull and still live there now (Yorkshire and proud!) I'm rapidly approaching thirty years old, Arsenal fan and love any music with loud guitars (but mainly pop punk). 
Happy to share talk about anything writing related and always keen to get any feedback on my work so drop me a message or a tweet. 

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