Coming Home to Writing by Liesel Schmidt

I never actually started out with the intent of becoming a writer. When I started Coming Home to You, it really was just something I was fooling with. It was a way to pass some time and be creative on the weekends. I didn't even really think that it would be something that anyone would read, much less publish. But as I wrote more and more, and the characters developed and seemed almost to take on a life of their own, the more I realized I wanted to share it. I felt like I had finally found what I was meant to be doing - writing. I worked through a lot of things as I wrote, explored a lot of different things emotionally. I remember days of writing the book that left me feeling absolutely exhausted because they were filled with so many different emotional challenges; and as my characters went through their own difficulties, I experienced them as well. I don't think people realize how much the characters become part of you when you're writing them - they're as alive as any living, breathing human being, and what they feel effects what you feel. 

By the time I'd decided to really and truly try being a writer, I had a lot to feel. And none of it was anything I'd ever expected to be going through, especially in my mid-twenties. Like Zoe, I was a bookkeeper. Unlike Zoe, I'd never been engaged. In fact, I'd never even had a serious boyfriend. But I'd been in love and experienced rejection, so longing for someone was not an unfamiliar emotion. I used that to my advantage as I wrote her character, so I guess there was a plus side to all of that! I'd also been through plenty of loss. Only months before I made the leap from full-time, gainful employment to the hand-to-mouth, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants living of a freelance writer, I'd lost one of my best friends, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on the way to work one morning. It was his death, actually, that served in inspiring parts of the book; but more importantly, it was what gave me the drive - and the means - to become a real writer. It was an unexpected gift - not very much, really, but just enough to give me courage to try. So I put in my notice at work and gave myself a one year deadline to live off that small bit of money he'd left ti me, and write.  

Even after it was written, I was never really sure than anyone would read it. Fortunately - or, in some case, unfortunately - I'm determined, and I had just enough of that to put myself out there and start the whole long and gruelling process of pitching the book to the agencies. I spent hours and hours researching each one and what they required, writing emails and letters and synopses and putting together packets to mail. It turned into a full time job! I kept at it until I ran out of agents to query, and then I spent my days waiting for the mail - both in my email inbox as well as the actual post mail - and looking for freelance writing work. Even with this, there came more letters, phone calls, rejections... but also just enough yeses to give me hope to keep trying. The more I wrote, the more doors opened up, and then I was writing enough to keep my head above water. And now, it's how I spend my days, writing articles and hoping that my words touch readers - even if it's only in the smallest way.  

~ Author Bio ~

Liesel Schmidt lives in Penascola, Florida, where she spends her time writing, drawing, and reading everything she can possibly get her hands on. She's currently working on her next novel in between doing the job that keeps the bills paid, busily freelance writing for a list of local magazines that sometimes keeps her head spinning in a dizzy attempt to keep all the deadlines straight! When she has a few free moments, Liesel plunks away at her blog, Finding Words, where she posts product reviews and offers her readers a peek at the inner-musings of a writer slogging her way through the challenges of a creative career. 

Having harboured a passionate dread of writing assignments when she was in school, Liesel never imagined that she would ever make a living at putting words on paper, but life sometimes has a funny way of working out... When she's not writing, reading, or drawing, Liesel likes to indulge in her guilty pleasure of watching competition television shows like Top Chef, Chopped, and Project Runway. Follow her on Twitter at @laswrites. 


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