Friday Favourite ~24th October 2014

Hello, beauuutiful readers, and thanks so much for visiting Becca's Books! If you didn't already know, today I'm introducing a new feature to the blog known as Friday Favourites. Each week, I'll be overlooking the books that I've read, and picking the one that I absolutely loved. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the others. It's just a chance for me to really emphasise how much I enjoyed the chosen Friday Favourite, and chance for me to highlight the author and how brilliant they are! 

So, this week I've read the following:


Each of the above titles were absolutely brilliant, and it's a nice selection too. I enjoyed each of them thoroughly, no doubt about it. 

But, this week, for my Friday Favourite, I'm going to have to say...

~ The Boy in the Cemetery by Sebastian Gregory ~

This was absolutely fascinating, and reminded me completely of a Tim Burton movie. I adored Sebastian's descriptions throughout the entirety of reading. Everything from the dark and dingy streets which 'The Boy' lived on, to 'The Boy' himself. There was something creepy and unusual about the story, and for some strange reason, I always find myself drawn to those types of stories. There was so much to go on, and I couldn't put it down. Every now and then, I like to take a step back from my preferred genre of romance/chick-lit and dive into something different, something unusual, and The Boy in the Cemetery was absolutely perfect. There was a spooky theme to the book which would make this one a superb choice for a Halloween read! If you're able to push away the realities of real life and allow your imagination to loosen up a bit, then this book is for you! Sebastian Gregory, thank YOU for such a great read! 

You can find Sebastian Gregory on Twitter & Goodreads.

And you can also find The Boy in the Cemetery available for pre-order on Amazon UK &Amazon US.

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