I am Ella. Buy me. by Joan Ellis ~ BLOG TOUR!

Be careful who you cross on the way up; you might meet them on the way down.

Title - I am Ella. Buy me. 
Author - Joan Ellis
Publication Date - 29th July 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via tour hosts)

The blurb

'I am a ginger tom. I am a boy racer. I am a pain in the arse.'

The first line sets the tone for Joan's debut novel, I am Ella. Buy me, a fast-paced romantic comedy set in Soho's mad, bad Adland in the sexist 80's. Ella is a woman in a man's world, trying to dodge her sleazy boss and make her way to the top. Faced with losing her job or sleeping with him, Ella turns to her friend Adam Hart. 

Can love help her go from a girl in the firing line to a woman calling the shots? 

Based on Joan's experiences as a copywriter in top London advertising agencies, this fun tale is set against a backdrop of Margaret Thatcher's Britain where money trumps morals and lust is a must. 

Becca's thoughts

Huge thank you to the ever-lovely Leah from Girls Love To Read for getting me involved with Joan's blog tour for I am Ella. Buy me. And of course, another huge thank you to the author herself Joan, for providing me with a very entertaining story that I absolutely loved. 

In I am Ella. Buy me. we meet Ella David. Ella works in Adland, where she battles against the advances of her sleazy, slimy boss daily, and writes letters on behalf of a cat called Marmalade. Ella wants to climb higher up the career ladder, but with over-confident men surrounding her, she's not getting very far. I am Ella. Buy me. is a brilliant story about a woman living in the sexist 80s, who gets knocked back again and again. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! 

I absolutely LOVED Ella David. She made me laugh endlessly. There was a smart wit about her, and she spoke fluent sarcasm. I, being able to speak fluent sarcasm too, understood Ella as if we were speaking our own secret language. The fact that Ella worked in Adland just made reading this book all the more enjoyable. She was so easy to relate to, and the fact that she had to write a letter in the place of a cat made me laugh. She was sassy, and not about to take any crap from anybody. Ella was the type of woman that I'd love to sit across from in an office. I'd be endlessly entertained! There were a whole cast of characters that brought I am Ella. Buy me. to life for me, and it made it so so so believable. I was able to imagine everything, and everyone. I took an instant dislike to Ella's boss Peter. He was up himself in every sense of the saying, and the fact that he thought Ella wanted to sleep with him made me giggle. He honestly thought that he was the bee's knees, when he really, truly wasn't. In fact, he really ground my gears and wound me up to no end. Urgh, I could have happily slapped him around the chops! He was also a complete FAKE. What should have been Ella in the limelight turned into Peter taking Ella's ideas for his own. Ha, fortunately, his little plans didn't quite go the way he was expecting them to, and I practically high-fived my Kindle! Smarmy git! 

The plot in I am Ella. Buy me. was fantastic. I loved watching her go through her daily routine; getting into the office, settling down at her desk. It was something that everybody could relate to. Joan's descriptions of some of her characters REALLY made me chuckle, and despite some of them not appearing to be very nice or likeable, I still enjoyed them popping up every now and again. Ella's story moved at a nice, easy pace. I didn't feel like I needed to rush straight through it, and I wouldn't say that it held me gripped, but it definitely entertained me whenever I picked my Kindle up and began to read.

Becca's Books is giving I am Ella. Buy Me. by Joan Ellis four cupcakes! It was written in a fresh, down-to-earth way that I absolutely adored. The characters were superbly developed, and Ella sounds like the type of woman that I could easily become best friends with.  


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