Kathleen Mcgurl ~ On finding time to write

As well as reviewing Kath's fabulous time-slip novel The Emerald Comb for her blog tour, Kath is here on Becca's Books telling us about how she finds the time to write. Take it away, Kath!

~ Kathleen McGurl on Finding time to write ~ 

'How do you ever find the time to write?' People have often asked me this. It's true I'm often very busy, with a full-time job, husband, sons and disable mother all needing time and attention, and other interests such as running and swimming to fit in. And we do like to go away on holiday a few times a year. And I suppose the house ought to be cleaned from time to time. 

But in our house, if ever anyone says, 'I just don't have the time,' the answer will always be, 'Yes you do - you have the same amount of time as anyone else. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.' What's important is how you choose to use your time. In other words, what are your priorities?

I choose to spend time writing. It's at the expense of watching TV, ironing, and sitting in the garden reading (though I still try to make time for that now and again!) It's all a question of motivation. I love writing - I love watching a novel grow before my eyes from a first tentative sentence into a complete, rounded story. So I have to make time to do that. I'll grab an hour or two on a weekday evening, and get my novels written in those slots. If I have a deadline looming, I'll shut myself away in the spare room with my laptop and only emerge, cross-eyed and blinking, for meals. 

I'd love if it the mortgage was paid off, there was money in the bank to live on and staff to do the housework. Then I could spend many more hours writing or reading or lounging in the garden. This summer, I printed off The Emerald Comb to do a final edit on it, and as the sun was shining I took it into the garden to work on. Talk about multi-tasking - sitting in the garden, reading AND writing! Does it get any better? 

I make the time to write because I prioritise it over other things, and I am motivated to do it. So the next you find yourself saying, 'I don't have time to do that', consider whether you are actually saying, 'I'm not motivated enough to do that'. 

If you really want to do a thing, whether it's start that novel, or train for a marathon, or begin decorating the front room - prioritise it. Make your first thought on waking be: when am I going to spend time working towards my goal today? And then make all your other commitments fit around that. It's worked for me, and I have a completed and published novel of which I'm very proud, to show for it. 


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