Revealing Holly Martin's cover of One Hundred Christmas Proposals

I feel like I've been waiting forever and a day for Holly Martin's cover of One Hundred Christmas Proposals to finally be revealed, and now, it's here! YAY! After reading One Hundred Proposals by the super talented author, I knew I just had to keep up with Harry and Suzie, and see where they went next. So, gorgeous bookworms, here is the cover for One Hundred Christmas Proposals by the fabulous Holly Martin. *SQUEAL!*

One Hundred Christmas Proposals
By Holly Martin
Released November 3rd 2014

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to One Hundred Proposals...

If you thought Harry and Suzie's life couldn't get any more sweepingly romantic than Harry asking her to marry him at the end of One Hundred Proposals - think again!

It's Christmas in a snow-kissed London, and have vowed to carry out one hundred proposals in December. No easy task at the best times - made even more complicated by Harry and Suzie trying to plan their first Christmas and a visit from the dreaded in-laws. But one hundred deliciously Christmassy proposals later they find themselves asking if everything is still perfect in their own relationship...

Welcome back to the divinely warm world of One Hundred Proposals - with a sprinkling of pure, joyful, festive magic. 

Have yourself a very merry Christmas indeed with Holly Martin's Christmas novella & pre-order here!

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