Vicki's Work of Heart by Rosie Dean ~ BLOG TOUR!

"Izzy. I want to spend a year in France. I want to paint." 

Title - Vicki's Work of Heart
Author - Rosie Dean
Publication Date - 26th March 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via tour hosts)

The blurb

What if you found yourself stranded at the altar, knee-deep in your absent fiancé's gambling debts? 

Vicki Marchant, humble art teacher and jilted bride, seizes her freedom by leaving teaching to paint - in France. It's her time. 

Nobody is going to get in the way of her ambition - definitely not a man. 

Vicki learns two things: some men are difficult to resist, and choosing the right one is not always easy. 

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, I'd like to thank the brilliant team over at Candlelit Author Services for inviting me along to be part of this fabulous blog tour! And, of course, a great big thank you to the author Rosie Dean! I loved the sound of this story, and I loved the cover too! All in all, Vicki's Work of Heart looked to be a brilliant story, and just my kind of book. 

Within Vicki's Work of Heart we meet Vicki Marchant. I LOVE it when you're reeled in right away with a good hook, and this book had that. It turned out that Vicki had been stood up at the altar, not only leaving her husband-less, but also kinda' penny-less as well. Her husband-to-be had left a rack of debts behind him, and Vicki was left to deal with the fallout. I felt pretty sympathetic towards her, but to be fair, she seemed to take it all in her stride. I didn't feel any powerful emotions regarding her husband-to-be doing a runner, no heartbreak or depression, but I was aware of how pissed off she was about having to deal with the debts that he'd shrugged off and chucked her way. I really liked Vicki's personality. She was quite funny, rather sarcastic at times, and I felt like maybe she was trying to keep her spirits as high as possible to ensure she didn't suddenly fall into a deep depression. When Vicki realises that her husband-to-be isn't going to be turning up to their wedding, she seems shocked, but is determined to put on a brave face. She even goes ahead with the wedding reception, planning to get super drunk and forget all about it. I felt like cheering her on and whooping, but then I felt sad for her at the same time, too. I can't even imagine being stranded in the church for starters, and then being told that there's a pile of debts waiting for you to pay off, too? What a mess! 

Who doesn't love a woman who goes after what she wants? 
After quitting her teaching job, Vicki figures out what it is that she wants to do. She wants to go to France for a year, and she wants to paint. Her best friend Izzy quickly sets up a place for Vicki to stay, and before you know it, you're being whizzed to France with Vicki, on what I felt was a journey of self-discovery. France played a huge role within Vicki's Work of Heart, and it was undeniably beautiful. Rosie gave such stunning descriptions of the world that surrounded Vicki. The food, the scenery, the lifestyle. It was just perfect. I've never been to France myself, but I think after reading this, it's definitely been notched up a space or two on my travel list! Everything just seemed so divine. It was just the most gorgeous setting for Vicki's story, and Rosie created it fantastically. 

There was a wonderful, colourful cast of characters included besides Vicki. One thing that I positively loved about Rosie's narration was that it was mainly from Vicki's point of view, but every now and again, she'd switch to Christophe's point of view too. I've said it before and I'll say it again! There is something incredibly entertaining about being able to see things from a man's point of view when reading. And what it made even better was that whenever the narrative did swap to Christophe, it was only a small chunk, and it almost always left me wanting to hear more from him. I really enjoyed the way Rosie peppered in little French words and snippets of conversation in French too, it added so much charm and character to the story, and made me feel like I was right there. Rosie's dialogue was brilliant too, and I looked forward to every time Christophe and Vicki spoke to each other. I could imagine his voice in my head perfectly; smooth and rich and with that delectable French twang to it. It was all so believable! Christophe was definitely heart-throb material. I crushed on him instantly! Well, it was kinda' difficult not to. He was gorgeous, and had such a mystery about him that made me want to know so much more. There were things that I wasn't able to find about him until much later on in the story, and it really kept me hanging. I loved how Vicki was fighting to hold herself back from him, due to the fact that she really just wanted to focus on herself and her art, but with Christophe being around, I could understand completely how difficult it must have been. There were a number of other characters involved, each of them with their own unique personalities, and it was endlessly enjoyable being introduced to each of them in turn. 

The plot itself was lovely. It progressed smoothly, and definitely kept my attention. Overall, it was a superbly enjoyable read that I would recommend to any lovers of France, or romance, or just chick-lit in general. 

Becca's Books is giving Vicki's Work of Heart by Rosie Dean FOUR CUPCAKES! It was a gorgeous story and I would love to bring the very handsome Christophe to life! 


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  1. Hi Becca
    Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Vicki's Work of Heart. And I'm thrilled to bits that you enjoyed it so much.
    Yes - I wouldn't mind Christophe materializing in my kitchen, one day, too!