Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin ~ BLOG TOUR!

"Lil and Damon Guthrie..."
My heart flutters at the words. "Lived happily ever after."
He grins. "The end."

Title - Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe (The Gingerbread Cafe #3)
Author - Rebecca Raisin 
Publisher - Carina UK
Publication Date - 15th October 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via tour host)

The blurb

You are invited to the wedding of the year!

Snow is falling thick and fast outside the Gingerbread Cafe and inside, it's owner Lily is planning the wedding of the year. Her wedding! She never dreamt it would happen, but this Christmas, she'll be marrying the man of her dreams - in a Christmas-card-perfect ceremony! 

The gingerbread is baking, the dress is fitted and the mistletoe's in place - for once, everything's going to plan. That is until her mother-in-law arrives... Suddenly, Lily's famous cool is being tested like never before and her dream wedding is crumbling before her eyes. 

In the blink of a fairylight, the Gingerbread Cafe has been thrown into chaos! Lily thought she had this wedding wrapped up, but with so much to do before she says 'I do', can Lily get to the church on time - and make this Christmas sparkle after all? 

Becca's thoughts  

Before I begin my review of Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin, I'd like to say a very special thank you to the wonderful Tay from Chicks That Read for getting me involved with Rebecca's blog tour. I'd also like to say thank you to the publishers Carina UK. Reason one: for just generally being awesome & being home to some of my most-loved stories. Reason two: for seeing Rebecca's magic and taking her under their wing. It's hard to imagine the bookish world that I live in without Rebecca Raisin and her books, it truly wouldn't be the same. There'd be no gingerbread lattes for starters, and of course there'd be no Ashford, which is, without a doubt, one of my favourite places to disappear to, and there'd also be no Lily and the gang. And that brings me nicely onto my last declaration of thanks, to the magnificent Rebecca Raisin herself. Not only is Rebecca an incredibly talented author, but she has become, over the last year or so, a very dear friend to me. Her books have taken me to such beautiful places, allowing me to step away from dreary reality and into an enchanted world full of romance, friendship and countless sugar rushes from the delights within the Gingerbread Cafe. It's difficult to believe that this title is the last in Rebecca's delightful series, and I will admit that as I turned the last page, I felt like I'd said goodbye to a bunch of life-long friends. It's almost as if I had a space inside of me, shaped specifically for The Gingerbread Cafe series, and now, I guess, it's kind of empty. But fear not, there's more to come from Rebecca, and fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long. Until then, let me tell you about Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe.

If you, like many of us, have followed the series, then you will have already read (and hopefully adored) Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe and Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe, both of which are bursting at the seams with the characteristics of Rebecca's gorgeous writing style. Thankfully, this style that I speak so fondly of has been constant presence throughout the series, and as I've followed Lily's story, I've grown to love it as if it were something that I could wrap up in my arms and squeeze tightly. There is, and always has been, something incredibly satisfying about Rebecca's stories. From the tiny adorable town of Ashford, to the sanctuary of the Gingerbread Cafe, it's been like slipping on an old but nonetheless cosy cardigan and snuggling down comfortably. She writes with such passion for the characters who have danced from the depths of her wonderful imagination right into our hearts, and because of that, I really cannot imagine saying goodbye to these fictional people once and for all. These stories, each and every one of them, remind me of the feeling that overwhelms me every time I step through the door back home. Of comfort, familiarity, of belonging and being able to feel completely at ease. There are no pretences when it comes to these books, no showy-offy features or fa├žades. Rebecca's writing is what it is, and it is magnificent. Right from the very first book, I knew, hand on heart, that I was going to fall head over heels with every character that Rebecca introduced me to. Lily, because of her endless sweet nature and golden heart. Ceecee, because of her charming Southern drawl and motherly, nurturing nature. And last but by no means least, Missy, because of her sassy attitude and love for her friends. The relationship between the three has been steadily growing stronger and stronger throughout the series, and now, it is completely and utterly unbreakable. Everything that I've said above can be seen in the grand finale that is Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe. The sheer beauty of Rebecca's writing reaches its peak within the last story in the series, and it is breathtaking. I feel as if everything has come a full circle. Not only did the series begin with Christmas, but now, it's ending with Christmas, and Lily is finally about to get her happy ending with the man of her dreams. The spotlight that has been shining on them all this time is sadly coming to an end. So, I believe it's only right that Rebecca ends with a monumental occasion, and something that we, as well as dear Lily, have all been waiting for. 

Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe is all about Lily and Damon's big day. I felt as if I had been waiting my entire life for this moment. One of the things that immediately caught my attention was the charming way with which Rebecca chose to open each chapter.

"Ten days..."

We are counting down to the wedding, people! Not only was I already bouncing around with excitement simply because I had begun reading the first page but now, I'm COUNTING DOWN TO THE WEDDING! This little add-on, though small, truly hammered home the fact that Lily and Damon were getting married. It emphasised how special and highly anticipated the event was going to be, and really, we're dropped into the story not that far away from the big day, which means there's not a whole lot of waiting to do. To me, a ten day gap from the wedding was perfect timing. Enough time to neither get bored of waiting nor rush straight into it, and also enough time for serious wedding chaos to ensue before the big day arrives. And arrive it does!

If you thought Lily and Damon's wedding was going to smoothly, you thought wrong. Not only was Lily trying to prepare for the biggest, most important day of her and Damon's life, but she was also meeting the in-laws, too. All of a sudden, Lily's careful planning was thrown up in the air, and she was battling against the odds to pull off what she had pictured as a magical, fairy tale day. Problems cropped up all over the place, and things went wrong that Lily hadn't imagined could. Although I felt absolutely horrified on Lily's behalf, these bumps only made the reading of this story so much more enjoyable and entertaining, and I wasn't prepared to put my Kindle down for even just a second. What was emphasised more than it had been before in the previous two books, was the bond not only between Lily and her two gorgeous friends, but the bond between Lily and husband-to-be Damon, too. I can imagine the type of stress and panic that Lily underwent as the problems began to arise. In any other situation, these problems could have had the power, most likely, to have the bride and the groom ranting and arguing with each other, but Lily and Damon, as adorable as ever, pull through together. Their relationship is put under a whole lot of strain within the third book in the series, but I had so much faith in the fact they'd unite as one and help each other through. Rebecca's heart-warming themes of friendship and love can be seen at their most powerful, and it was stunning. 

Lily's passion for a baking is more prominent than ever, too! The Gingerbread Cafe was in full swing, with gingerbread men, gingerbread lattes, and of course, Lily and Damon's wedding cake! The scents, the sights, the whisking and the baking brought the cafe to life, and we were given more insight as to why Lily loved baking so much. The Gingerbread Cafe was full with the festive season, and it made me want to snuggle down and will Christmas to hurry up.

Basically, in a nutshell, Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin is the perfect ending to the Gingerbread Cafe series. It has everything, from sensational food to gorgeous romance and all the little things in-between. Becca's Books is rating this book with five beautiful cupcakes! I cannot wait to see what Rebecca will do next, and saying goodbye to Lily and the gang didn't seem so bad because it was executed beautifully. 




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