Cold Feet at Christmas by Debbie Johnson

All things considered, it was depressing. She couldn't even run away properly. 

Title - Cold Feet at Christmas
Author - Debbie Johnson 
Publication Date - 6th November 2014
Publisher - Harper Impulse 
Format - eBook (Provided via NetGalley)

The blurb

Running out on your wedding shouldn't be this much fun! 

A remote Scottish castle on a snowy Christmas Eve. A handsome husband-to-be. A dress to die for. It should have been the happiest day of Leah Harvey's life - but the fairytale wedding turns sour when she finds her fiancé halfway up the bridesmaid's skirt just hours before the ceremony! 

Fleeing the scene in a blizzard, Leah ends up stranded at the nearest cottage, where she collapses into the arms of its inhabitant - a man so handsome she thinks she must have died and gone to heaven!

And when Rob Cavelli suddenly finds himself with an armful of soaking wet, freezing cold, and absolutely gorgeous bride on the run, he's more than happy to welcome her into his snowbound cottage this Christmas...

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to the publishers Harper Impulse for providing me with a digital copy of Cold Feet at Christmas by Debbie Johnson, via NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review. I'd also like to thank the author Debbie Johnson for this very naughty, very enjoyable story which I'm about to review!

I saw a couple of negative reviews for Cold Feet at Christmas, which I suppose put me off a little bit at first, after all, I do take my blogger friend's reviews into consideration, but I also like to begin every book that I read with a blank slate so that those reviews won't influence my own. I don't think it's fair for book-bloggers to follow other book-bloggers, each to their own and all that. I was a tad worried about admitting that I enjoyed this one, but after a while I thought to myself, "Do you know what? To hell with it! YES I enjoyed this book, YES I enjoyed the naughtiness of it, and YES I'm prepared to have baguettes thrown at my face because of this. Ah well, a famous person once said, "No two people ever read the same book" (I can't remember who this was, I'll find out later on), but how bloody right was this person? 

Seeing as the title was Christmas focused, I had geared myself to be thrown into the festive season with some force. I guess my first moany point would be that it wasn't that Christmassy. There was no Christmas dinner, no talk of presents and, despite there being mountains of snow outside and a minus-degree temperature, I still felt as though something was missing to really get me into that wonderful Christmas mood. But, and this is a big but, there is a reason for this. Once you begin to get to know the characters, you realise that Rob, the inhabitant of the cottage that Leah Harvey stumbles upon, has had a rough time of it, and is more of a Scrooge than a Christmas Elf, and so the whole feeling of it not being very festive was kinda' explained by that. To tell you the truth though, this lack of tinsel and baubles didn't really deter me from enjoying the story. When the book completes a full circle, Christmas comes round once again, and it's safe to say that the second Christmas involved is a lot more festive and full of Christmas cheer and excitement. 

My second little moany point (there are only two moany points in this review) is that I didn't really "get" the beginning of the book. When we first meet Leah Harvey, she's in her wedding dress and her husband-to-be's car has just broken down. She's stranded, and so spotting Rob Cavelli's cottage, it's lights shining across fields full of snow, that's her safest bet. She arrives on the doorstep, shivering and seconds away from hypothermia, and once taken in, the sparks immediately begin to fly. This is cool, I LOVE when sparks fly, but to me, it just seemed to happen far too quickly. I understand that the two were attracted to each other and that's fair enough, but for me, I love a tough build-up, I love watching characters fight against their urges until they can barely contain them, and I guess I felt as if there wasn't much build-up between these two. If Debbie had just kept it going between them for a while longer, I would have had no complaints, but for me, I suppose it didn't really work. Don't get e wrong! I loved the passion and the desire surging through the atmosphere, because that's exactly what it felt like, but maybe a chase could of added some more OOOMPH for when they both finally caved. 

Those two moany points above are the only problems that I had with Cold Feet at Christmas. Besides those, I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and the situation that Rob and Leah found themselves in. The idea of being holed up in a little old cottage whilst the snow is piling up outside speaks right to my old romantic heart, and it's even better when there's some real strong physical attractions going on. The circumstances of both Rob and Leah meant that there were believable reasons as to why the two of them couldn't just jump right into a full-on, serious relationship. I do feel that once Leah had agreed to head off to Chicago with Rob that the story truly picked up and held my attention captive. Temptation was there all the way through, and both Leah and Rob were fighting against their instincts almost constantly. There was no question about how powerful their attraction was, and I just couldn't wait to see where their rocky "friendship" ended up leading to. There were a ton of entertaining scenarios that cropped up within the plot, Rob ending up in a prison cell, Leah ending up working as a caterer for Dorothea Cavelli (Rob's mum). I don't think there was a single moment when I found myself bored and wishing for the next big thing to happen, because I was entertained constantly. As well as Leah and Rob, there were numerous characters to be introduced to, all of them leaving some sort of impression on me. With their rocky pasts and sticky situations (quite literally), Leah and Rob's story was one that I enjoyed endlessly. There were ups and downs, lefts and rights, and despite my two moany points above, I truly did enjoy Cold Feet at Christmas by Debbie Johnson. It wasn't serious, it is fiction after all, and it held that brilliant essence of escapism that I can't help but to adore! 

Becca's Books is rating Cold Feet at Christmas by Debbie Johnson with FOUR PRETTY CUPCAKES! A real feel-good book that had me smiling, purring and laughing in equal measure. Thank you Debbie Johnson, and thank you Harper Implulse.   

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