The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster

"How about we go to London and escape from all this madness?"

Title - The Perfect Christmas
Author - Kate Forster 
Publisher - Mira UK
Publication Date - 29th September 2014
Format - eBook (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 78

The blurb

A holiday short story that proves that true love is forever, not just for Christmas...

Hollywood movie star Maggie and friend and manager Zoe need an escape from their complicated star-studded lives in LA. With its history and Christmas charm, London feels like the perfect getaway. 

But can they truly leave their realities behind?

In their luxurious quarters, the girls meet Holly who is ideal at showing Maggie and Zoe the sumptuous sights and sounds of London in their most glittering light. But behind her bright facade, Holly is hiding a secret: suffering from unrequited love, she's looking for a Christmas miracle. Desperate to see an unattainable love story for Holly come together, will our LA starlets succeed in providing a Hollywood ending before the dawn of Christmas Day? 

Packed to the brim with festive cheer, this is the only story you'll need this Christmas...

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, thank you to the publishers Mira UK for providing me with a digital copy of The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster is a short story, meaning that I read this within an hour. The thing about short stories is that I'm always left wanting more, wanting to know more about the characters, the situations, the lives... I don't think there has ever been a time where I've finished a short story and felt satisfied. 

In The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster, we meet Maggie and Zoe, both desperate to get away and leave LA behind for a few days. The fact that the girls decided on London had me excited, as London during Christmas is said to be a truly glorious sight. When the girls arrive and are met at their hotel by their very own personal concierge, I was made aware of Maggie's status. The hotel was luxurious, their room almost like that of a palace, and I was insanely jealous of the fact that they were able to order room service (something which I've always wanted to do)! Kate created a fabulous atmosphere during their time in London, it definitely felt Christmassy, with the lights and the shopping! The scene was really delivered to me, and I loved it. 

The plot moved along very quickly, but not so quickly that I didn't have chance to enjoy it, which I did. The idea of having Holly, the concierge, involved in the plot was great, and it added that gorgeous spark of romance to the story, which we all adore at Christmas! There was a little bit of meddling on Maggie and Zoe's part, and of course best-friend banter, which was entertaining to say the least. The whole tone of the short story was jovial, festive and endlessly enjoyable. 

 Becca's Books is rating The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster with four cupcakes! I did enjoy this book and the whole idea was great, however I still don't think I'm sold on the whole short story thing! It really doesn't work for me. I need more, more, more. I reckon if this had been made into a full-length novel, I would have bloody loved it! That's not to say that I didn't though, because I most definitely did. A cute, short, festive read that will have you pining for the lights and chaos of London in the throes of Christmas! Thank you Kate, and thank you Mira UK! 

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