A Christmas Feast for the Senses by Samantha Tonge

In Mistletoe Mansion, my Christmas novel, baker Kimmy loves cooking Christmas fayre, and I hope the book is a treat for the senses in terms of descriptions of cake and all those festive favourites - Stollen, mince pies, Christmas cake... Mmm, I could go on! Of course, Christmas appeals to us in all sorts of ways - the tastes, smells and textures. Here are some examples of the sensuous side of my past family Christmasses (don't worry, they aren't X-rated!)


Well, nothing starts the day off like the aroma of heated mulled wine. Mmm, and if accompanied by the pastry smells of hot mince pies, then even better... During the day I light scented candles - a favourite is cinnamon and cloves. I don't use them during the rest of the year, so that makes the fragrant rooms even more special. Then there are the zesty smells of perfume and aftershave given as presents... And sugary whiffs of sweets eaten by children, from gingerbread houses and candy sticks. 


Christmas music. I just love it - particularly anything by Michael Buble. And jazz tracks, plus Robbie Williams' swing numbers, which I play from first thing in the morning, until late at night (bless my husband, he doesn't once complain). Plus I like crackers and party poppers with a really loud bang. And another Christmassy sound in our house is arguing as we usually get a new board game and are all super competitive! 

~ TOUCH ~ 

Christmas jumpers with faux fluffy fur. Torn wrapping paper everywhere - a particular favourite with the cats who hide underneath it, until we tidy up. The spiky leaves of the tree that have fallen on the floor. Snow outside if we are lucky, that freezes the hands through wet gloves, until they are numb. 

~ SIGHT ~ 

Wow. What can I say - isn't Christmas just all about the sparkles? That's why I particularly like my Mistletoe Mansion cover. There is nothing more romantic than a darkened room lit up by fairy lights - apart, perhaps, from waking up to a blanket of snow. A few years back this happened and everything looked picture-postcard pretty. Plus happy faces - that's the best sight on Christmas day... Um, apart from when we are fighting it out over Monolopy! 

~ TASTE ~ 

I had to leave the best until last. Let's talk snacks - nuts, chocolates, breadsticks, crisps, olives, cheese squares... We are total foodies in my house. After Christmas dinner we choose from three puddings (traditional, sticky toffee and chocolate) or have a slice of each. Then in the evening it's the cold cuts, with hot bread, dips, salad bowls, then Stollen slices, mince pies, and leftover pudding with cream. 

Goodness. All my senses feel sated, just thinking about it! Roll on Christmas Day! I hope you have a good one and if you already want to get in the mood, why not try fun Mistletoe Mansion? It's only 59p/$0.92 for a limited time! 

~ Author Bio ~

Samantha Tonge lives in Cheshire with her lovely family, and two cats who think they are dogs. When not writing, she spends her days cycling and willing cakes to rise. She has sold over 80 short stories to women's magazines. Her bestselling debut novel, Doubting Abbey, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction Best eBook award in 2014. Its fun standalone sequel is From Paris with Love. Mistletoe Mansion stars a new set of characters and is for fans of cupcakes and Christmas!   

Samantha Tonge can be found on TwitterFacebook & samanthatongue.co.uk

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