All in the Leaves by Pat Elliott

'The answer to your question is all in the leaves!'

Title - All in the Leaves
Author - Pat Elliott
Publication Date - 12th November 2013
Publisher -
Format - eBook (Provided via author)

The blurb

A lea-leaf reading. 
A prediction of a fabulous life to come. 
Can your future really be told in a cup? 

Anna is feeling down in the dumps. She's nearly thirty, painfully shy and has no boyfriend. She's still living at home and has a boring job. Can this really be all there is? 

A chance bout of tears leads to a tea leaf reading which predicts a wonderful future for her. A future which promises a new career, a new home and a husband. All by the following Christmas. 

Join Anna as opportunities arise, calamity strikes and the battle for happiness begins. 

Becca's thoughts

I'd like to begin my review by saying a huge thank you to the lovely author of All in the Leaves, Pat Elliot, who kindly provided me with a digital copy of her book. This is the first of Pat's work that I have had the pleasure of reading, and I am very happy to announce that it was an absolute pleasure to read. 

In All in the Leaves, we're introduced to Pat's main character Anna. Anna's life hasn't been very exciting up to that point. She's still living at home with her parents, there's no boyfriend on the scene, and her job is nothing but mind-numbingly dull. When it all gets too much, Anna breaks down into tears and is comforted by one of her best-friends Barb. Barb offers to give Anna a tea-leaf reading, to get a glimpse of what Anna's future may hold, and what Anna is told is more than enough to inject some excitement and colour back into her life! From that moment on, Anna's life steps up a gear, and suddenly, everything that her good friend Barb predicted is coming true. 

The whole aspect of tea-leaf reading intrigued me to no end when I began reading All in the Leaves. I like to think that I am a very open-minded person when it comes to things like this, and so, I was interested in what would become of Anna's reading. The whole story had a sort of 'aromatherapy' feel to it, if that makes sense? I felt like it was clean, fresh and very uplifting to read about, particularly when Anna's tea-leaf reading shows more than what she bargained for! It made me conjure up images of fortune-tellers, gypsies, all those sorts of old-fashioned images that take you right back in time. 

The plot within All in the Leaves moved along at an easy pace, and Pat used the visions from Anna's tea-leaf reading to lead the way as the book progressed. It was exciting to watch Barb's predictions slowly come to life, and just like Anna, I couldn't believe it when each thing appeared to take place in Anna's real life circumstances. From her job to her partner, Anna's life was upgraded and I couldn't help but to feel happy and fulfilled on Anna's part. It was exciting, invigorating and so, so enjoyable to read. 

Pat's heroine Anna was a lovely character who I liked immediately! The only thing that I found with Anna was that she seemed to fall in love super quickly! Not that it's a problem of a course, but when reading about relationships within a book, I just adore a bit more of a prolonged build-up between the two characters in question. Besides that, Anna had a dream and she was determined to make it come. I love it when a character strives for success and I definitely found this within Anna. As well as Pat's heroine, there was also the character of Anna's best-friend Chloe. Now, sadly, I found myself disliking Chloe on more than one occasion, not constantly, mind you, but quite often. It was mainly to do with the company that Chloe was keeping throughout the book, aka, a married man called Howard. Time and time again, I found myself taking sides with Anna, because she too quickly began to grow tired, and rather concerned, about this man's relationship with Chloe. If Chloe had had the courage to leave Howard sooner in the book I probably would have taken a shine to her earlier on, but alas, as the story progressed, Chloe finally got her head in the game and made the right decision regarding the pig called Howard! 

There was lots of travel included in All in the Leaves, especially regarding research for Anna's dream! It was fabulous to be taken along on the girls' journey as they brought Anna's dream to life and began to build it into more than just an image in Anna's mind. Pat really brought her settings to life and made them incredibly clear to me, so I was able to imagine each place that they travelled to perfectly! Pat's descriptions felt fresh and green and natural to me, like a breath of fresh air! It was exciting to travel alongside the two women! I loved it. 

All in the Leaves by Pat Elliot was fantastic. It took me a while to read as I have been crazy busy this Christmas, but I really enjoyed it and looked forward to going back to it at each given opportunity. Anna began to feel like a friend to me almost instantly, and I adored being part of her journey and watching the tea-leaf reading's predictions coming to life. Pure magic! Becca's Books is rating All in the Leaves by Pat Elliot with four of my yummy cupcakes. It was refreshingly different, and I felt completely satisfied when Anna's story came to an end! Thank you Pat, for the opportunity to read All in the Leaves, it was brilliant! 

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