As Good As It Gets by Fiona Gibson

Is this it? Is this as good as it gets?

Title - As Good As It Gets
Author - Fiona Gibson 
Publication Date - 29th January 2015
Publisher - Avon UK
Format - eBook (Provided via NetGalley)

The blurb

A mother-and-daughter shopping trip. That's where it all started...

It was just a day like any other when Charlotte's 16-year-old daughter Rosie is scouted by a top model agency. For Rosie, it's a dream come true. But for Charlotte it awakens dreams she'd rather forget...

With Rosie's new career taking off, Charlotte reluctantly agrees to take part in a 'models and their mums' photo shoot for a national magazine. But when it catches the attention of Fraser, Charlotte's first love - and father of Rosie - Charlotte starts to regret her decision. 

Fraser has never met Rosie. In fact, he's never shown any interest in either of them since the day that Charlotte announced she was pregnant. So why does Charlotte suddenly want to revisit a past she'd long forgotten about? 

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to the publishers Avon UK for providing me with a digital copy of As Good As It Gets by Fiona Gibson, via NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review. I'd also like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful author who is the one, the only, Fiona Gibson. This is the second book that I've read by Fiona, Take Mum Out being the first, which I howled with laughter at and absolutely adored! Fiona gets the whole 'family' thing down perfectly, and it reminds me so much of home, with the squabbling and the messiness and the chaos, and so, because of that, it is always a pleasure to delve into the pages of her stories, because quite simply, they feel like home. 

In As Good As It Gets, Fiona introduces us to her heroine Charlotte, who's a mother of two to Ollie and Rosie, and who hasn't had sex with her husband for quite a long time. When Fiona touches upon this issue, it becomes clear that Charlotte and Will's relationship isn't as exciting as it used to be, and immediately, that becomes an issue within the story itself. The first thing that caught my eye about Charlotte was that she was endearingly self-depreciating. She's not as thin or youthful as she used to be, and the fact that Will practically flinches whenever she touches him doesn't really comfort her niggling doubts. She was instantly likeable. I loved the fact that she was a mother! For some reason, this always enhances a storyline for me. I think integrating the whole motherhood aspect into a book just gives it such a fabulous 'homely' feel, and I always find Fiona Gibson's fictional children endlessly entertaining! There were numerous dramas within As Good As It Gets, whether they be about Charlotte's children, Rosie and Ollie, or about Charlotte's lack of sex life with Will, or about the new neighbours with the sensational-looking Sabrina! There was so much to get excited about/look forward to, and a huge amount of intrigue that kept me turning the pages (digital pages, of course!), I honestly couldn't bring myself to put my Kindle down! There was also the issue of Rosie's biological father, dramas with Charlotte's work-colleague, and OMG, it was just fantastic and I cannot rate it enough! Now, when I think back over it, the story just seems chock-a-block with hilarious, sometimes sensitive events, and it was just a complete pleasure to read and indulge myself in. 

The main event that, to me, seemed to kick-start the story and move it along, was that Rosie, Charlotte's daughter, whilst out shopping at the mall, is scouted by a modelling-agency! It was a fantastic way to begin As Good As It Gets, and as the story progresses, so does Rosie's career with the agency. It was fabulous to hear about how Rosie was doing, and humorous to read her parents' views on the whole matter, including her grandma who tells us a story about when she modelled in her younger days! From then on, other dramas seem to leak into the chapters, and it felt like I'd been whisked away into Charlotte's chaotic world! Pure escapism, let me tell you. 

There was a ton of mystery surrounding Charlotte and Will's relationship, which I was made aware of from the beginning of the book. I was seriously intrigued to find out what was going on with Will, and found myself questioning his every action as I continued to read! There were countless moments where I laughed so hard that I cried, like when Will sticks on a pair of leather trousers to attend the neighbour's party, or when Charlotte squirts salad cream all over his favourite t-shirt! There were sharp, snipey comments between them, and it was so warming to see Charlotte trying, on occasion, to get Will to open up to her about what the hell was going on with them! Honestly, I think I spent the entirety of reading this book trying to figure out what on earth was going on between them! It kept me hooked, and I watched Will's character like a hawk throughout! 

There was also the aspect of Rosie's real-father which, right at the beginning of the book, is delivered to the reader through the form of letters, between a young Charlotte and Rosie's biological grandma. These were entertaining to say the least, specifically on Charlotte's part, but it still made me feel just that little bit more protective over Charlotte. After those letters, Fiona brings us back to the present day, with a grown-up Rosie, and the story progresses from there. This whole father aspect is something that I'm particularly sensitive about, and also something that's quite personal to me, and it was so lovely to read about another young girl going through the process of meeting her biological father for the first time. Again, it's effortlessly brought in and out of the story, so it's never too far from your thoughts! 

I loved this book. Absolutely bloody loved it, and I love Fiona Gibson too, because not only do her stories remind me of home, but they never fail to make me feel warm and cosy and comfortable. They are the perfect books to snuggle down with whilst wearing your favourite pyjamas and thick, fluffy socks! They're not crazily exaggerated, but so down-to-earth, and Fiona writes so genuinely! There's no glitz or glamour, just real-life families with real-life issues, who become dear to you incredibly quickly! I really don't believe that you can EVER go wrong with a book by Fiona Gibson. Like, EVER! 

Becca's Books is rating As Good As It Gets by Fiona Gibson with my highest rating of FIVE GORGEOUS CUPCAKES! I cannot recommend this book enough, especially to those readers who thrive in the chaotic world of families and children and rushing out in the morning to get them to school on time! Thanks again Avon UK and Fiona, such a JOY to read As Good As It Gets!


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  1. Awesome review! :) I'll have to check this one out, sounds like a good one.

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