Becca's Books' Top Ten of 2014!

Wow! It's incredible to think that 2014 is almost over, and pretty soon, we'll be welcoming in the sparkly, new 2015! How quickly time goes by when you're having fun, and that's the God's honest truth, because for me, this year, my book blogging has really taken off and it has been absolutely brilliant! I managed to connect with some of the most wonderful publishers around, met and became friends with some fabulous bloggers and authors, and read, quite simply, some sensational books! How lucky am I?! To all my book blogging friends, authors, publishers; you have made my 2014 fantastic, so thank you so much!

Now for the tricky bit! 
In true book blogger fashion, I've managed (with great difficulty) to put together a list of my top ten reads of 2014. Trust me when I say that it was not easy, but after much consideration, I've finally compiled my top ten list for you to have a gander at! Enjoy! 

~ Becca's Books' Top Ten of 2014! ~ 

10.) At the top of my Top Ten List is Bad Bridesmaid by Portia Macintosh. 

Honestly? I don't think I have ever laughed at a book as much as I did with Portia's Bad Bridesmaid. Oh-my-actual-freaking-GOD, it was hilarious!!! We are, quite literally, handed a naughty bridesmaid, as well as a whole series of outrageous, scandalous events which follow, as Mia Valentina heads back to England to attend her sister's wedding. I think I spent the entirety of this book laughing so hard I squeezed out a few laughing-tears in the process, because some of the stuff that Mia gets up to was INSANELY FUNNY! Bad Bridesmaid kept me highly entertained the entire way through, and I would recommend it to any ladies out there who love to have a giggle and a glass of wine. It is the book equivalent of a girly chick-flick movie, and I absolutely loved it, through and through!

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9.) The Guestbook by Holly Martin. 

Holly Martin is a creative genius, and that creativity positively shines through in The Guestbook. I remember reading this and thinking, "Wow. Just wow." I think what I adored most this book was the fact that the story was told via comments in Willow Cottage's guestbook. It was charmingly pretty, and such an endearing way to get you to connect with Holly's characters who were, without a doubt, the most colourful bunch that I've had the pleasure of meeting. The setting, the holiday atmosphere, the secrets... Honestly readers, it was beautiful, and I still find myself thinking about it to this day, when I feel like getting away from the troubles of everyday life! There was no doubt in my mind that The Guestbook by Holly Martin had to appear in my Top Ten of 2014. 

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8.) The Story of Us by Ellen Faith.

The author's love of San Francisco radiates through Ellen's writing in her debut novel The Story of Us, and it was an absolute pleasure to read. Not only was the setting to die for, but the characters were utterly lovable and incredibly engaging. I don't think I've ever met two closer fictional best-friends before, and Lexi and Rosie were very memorable to say the least! The two best-friends go on an adventure together in San Francisco, visiting those heavenly diners and all of the sights, and it was like going on a real-life tour. There was so much description and detail, I could see it all right before my eyes. I grew to love Ellen's characters as if they were my own best-friends, and to me, that's a sign of a fantastic book. The Story of Us was excellent, especially for a debut. I'm such a massive fan of Ellen's writing, it hits that girly, chick-lit spot right in the middle. 

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7.) One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin.

Yep! The super-talented Holly Martin features on my Top Ten list not once, but twice! One Hundred Proposals absolutely blew me away. Again, that one-of-a-kind creativity that blossoms in Holly's mind was at work, flicking magic from it's fingertips and bringing One Hundred Proposals to life right before me! The romance was blinding, the plot was sensational, and I just couldn't get over this book, even now. Probably the most romantic book that I've read this year. Sheer hopeless-romantic paradise. There were a hundred different settings, a hundred different things to gasp at, and a stunning couple who truly took my breath away. I marvelled at this book again and again and again, because it was just one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever read. If you haven't read One Hundred Proposals yet, then please, do me and Holly a massive favour and read it! I can promise you that you will not regret it, hand on my heart. 

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6.) The List by Joanna Bolouri.

Written in the form of a diary (something which I've always taken pleasure in reading) readers join Phoebe Henderson on a personal journey which takes place over the length of a year. This isn't just any old journey though, this is the journey of sexual exploration! And let me tell you something readers, it was absolutely bloody marvellous! The List had me laughing, crying, "aurwhing" and growling! The characters were fantastic, and I truly didn't want this story to come to an end. EVER. The List just had to make an appearance in my Top Ten of 2014, because quite simply, it was brilliant. I still feel as if I only read it yesterday, that's how much of an impact it had on me. Also, if you're a fan of friends blossoming into something more, then again, it is the perfect book for you. I think I'll be re-reading The List at some point in the new year!

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5.) The Bookshop on the Corner by Rebecca Raisin.

The Bookshop on the Corner by the wonderful Rebecca Raisin absolutely blew my mind to pieces! When I read this book, it felt as if the author had crawled inside every book-lover's mind and brought to light the ins and outs of how we think and feel when surrounded by books. Rebecca's ability to bring the books to life, in the bookshop where her main character Sarah worked, was just stunning. Every page, every spine, every shelf had a story to tell. The setting of the bookshop itself was my ultimate paradise, and I wanted so badly to go and visit The Bookshop on the Corner just to feel that magic for myself. It truly was written in the most beautiful way, and I'm pretty sure that Sarah and me are alike in more ways than one. I found myself agreeing with everything that Sarah thought and said, and it just seemed surreal. I honestly adored this book. It was one of a kind! 

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4.) The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan. 

This was an incredible read, which I enjoyed right the way through until the very end. I remember thinking, "Oh no, this book isn't going to be for me," and then finishing and thinking, "Oh my good God, imagine if I had passed this up and never even read it?" It was absolutely bloody brilliant, with a stunning twist placed right where you'd least expect it! It was entertaining, mysterious, and so, so captivating. I adored this book, it's the kind of story I'd like to pass down to my younger sisters as it's primarily based around just that. A truly splendid book, it was a pure joy to lose myself within, and I cannot wait to read more from Darcie Chan, I really can't! 

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3.) One Step Closer to You by Alice Peterson.

This was the first book that I had read by Alice Peterson, and what a stunning way to begin my journey into Alice's novels. Once I'd finished, I felt as if I could finally exhale a long, steady stream of breath that I'd been holding the entire way through. One Step Closer to You was intensely gripping, pleasurable in the way that Alice had written it, and her characters held me captive constantly. I would happily read this again, just so I could experience the sheer intrigue that blossomed within me as the story progressed. An excellent book that had me wanting to read everything that Alice had written as soon as I'd turned the last page. I cannot recommend One Step Closer to You enough. 

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2.) Hello from the Gillespies by Monica McInerney 

Hello from the Gillespies by Monica McInerney just had to appear in my Top Ten of 2014. This book had everything that I love to read about and so much more! Based on a hectic family who send an annual Christmas letter updating friends and relatives on their life, the annual letter, which is normally smoothed over and not at all true, is accidentally sent in a truthful form, and it was absolutely bloody fantastic! The family atmosphere in Hello from the Gillespies drew me in immediately, reminding me so much of home, and I felt comfortable and familiar with Monica's settings and her character's circumstances. It was fabulous and I really can't put into words how absolutely brilliant it was! 

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1.) And my ultimate read of 2014 goes to Before the Fall by Juliet West.

Sublime. Powerful. Incredibly moving. There was no doubt in my mind that Before the Fall by Juliet West was going to be my ultimate read of 2014. It was absolutely AMAZING! Even now, as I think about it, I can remember closing the book and thinking, "What perfection." I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer emotions that flow through me as I think back to my experience of reading this book, rendering me speechless. There's nothing I can say other than read it, because I honestly think this is just a masterpiece in the writing world that I feel privileged to have read. 

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Well book-lovers, that's my Top Ten Reads of 2014! Looking back, I can't help but to smile at some of the gorgeous books that I've been able to read this year. It's been an incredible 365 days in terms of reading, and I'd like to thank you all, authors, publishers, book bloggers, for making it extra special! Here's to 2015!!!

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