On Strike for Christmas by Sheila Roberts

Women just had a way of taking a guy's life and turning it upside down.

Title - On Strike for Christmas
Author - Sheila Roberts
Publication Date - 2nd December 2015
Publisher - Piatkus (Little, Brown UK)
Format - Paperback (Provided via publisher)
Pages - 314

The blurb

At Christmas time, it seems as though a woman's work is never done. Trimming the tree, mailing the cards, schlepping to the mall, the endless wrapping - bah humbug! So this year, Joy and Laura and the rest of their knitting group decide to go on strike. If their husbands and families want a nice holiday filled with parties, decorations, and presents - well, they'll just have to do it themselves. 

The boycott soon takes on a life of its own when a reporter picks up the story and more women join in. But as Christmas Day approaches, Joy, Laura, and their husbands confront larger issues in their marriages and discover that a little holiday magic is exactly what they need to come together. 

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, a huge thank you to the fabulous Clara Diaz from Little, Brown UK for getting in touch and sending me a gorgeous paperback copy of On Strike for Christmas by Sheila Roberts which, of course, was in exchange for a fair and honest review! Also, I'd like to wish the author Sheila Roberts a very happy publication day! 

When Clara first got in touch with me, it was On Strike for Christmas which immediately caught my attention, mainly because right away, I had an image in my head of what Christmas would be like if my own mother decided to go on strike. I could not wait to get started and to see how the magic within would unfold, and I was not disappointed at all! 

In On Strike for Christmas, we're introduced to Joy, her husband Bob, Laura, and her husband Glen. There's also Sharon, Carol, Kay, and a whole bunch of other characters who really bring this story to life, but I did feel like Joy, Bob, Laura and Glen had the main focus on them throughout the majority of reading. Joy, in finding that once again, preparation for Christmas has been left entirely in her hands, decides to go on strike. At first, it's just a silly day-dream idea, she can't imagine actually leaving the preparations to her Scrooge of a husband Bob, but once she airs her idea at the local stitch n' bitch group, Laura can't believe how genius it is! Neither can Sharon and Kay, as it happens. Before Joy knows it, the women who share her hometown of Holly, are determined to make a strike happen, and it's not long before the men are left in charge of Christmas whilst the women kick back and relax with a large mug of tea. 

Let me just say, I absolutely loved On Strike for Christmas. Really, really loved it! It was entertaining, extremely comical, and so interesting. I mean, I think Sheila was really onto something when she came up with this idea. Leaving the men to deal with Christmas? It was fabulous, and I would just love to see how that would go down back home. There was a lot of truth within the story. Women do normally end up juggling everything that comes along with the Christmas period, whether that be writing the Christmas cards, cooking and serving the Christmas dinner, or buying and wrapping the presents! When Sheila took that and turned it around, I was turning the pages so rapidly I'm surprised flames didn't flicker from my fingers! When Bob and Glen were handed the Christmas responsibilities, I couldn't wait to get right down to it. 

From creating the children's Christmas costumes to baking the Christmas cookies, Bob and Glen tackle their to-do lists determinedly, and to be fair, they didn't do too bad, despite the monster tree and the children's annual Christmas photograph. And besides trying to get their men to finally realise how much work goes into each Christmas, Joy and Laura begin to miss all the things that Christmas means to them. 

Not everybody agrees with the strike though, and I think this added the perfect balance to the entire book. Carol, another character who Sheila introduces to the reader, doesn't agree, because this Christmas, she's alone. In her eyes, it's actually the women on strike who are taking their family for granted, and she'd give anything to have what they have. Carol added such a warm tone to the book. She was selfless, sad, and was definitely in need of cheering up. From the mayhem of the Christmas strike, Carol's character mellowed it all down and brought the reader right back to the heart of the story. 

I adored this book. It was gorgeous, and such a perfect read for the festive season! It's full of family, mischief, chaos and all of those things that make Christmas what it truly is. Becca's Books is rating On Strike for Christmas by Sheila Roberts with FOUR GORGEOUS CUPCAKES! A warm, fuzzy book that made me want to snuggle up and sip on a hot, sweet drink. 


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