Today on Becca's Books, I'm wishing Terri Nixon an incredibly happy publication day! Daughter of Dark River Farm publishes today, and dear readers, we can only imagine the sheer thrill that an author feels when their baby is handed out to the big, wide world! 

1917. Kitty Maitland has found a safe and welcoming home at Dark River Farm, Devon, and is finally beginning on a path to recovery after her terrible ordeal in Flanders... until the arrival of two very different visitors threatens to rip her new little family apart. 

One, a charming rogue, proves both a temptation and a mystery - Kitty is still trying to push her hopeless love for Scottish army captain Archie Buchanan out of her mind, and this stranger might be just what she needs. But she soon discovers he's not a stranger to everyone. 

The other newcomer, a young woman with a past linked to the farm, sows seeds of discontent and mistrust. Between the two of them, and the choices Kitty herself has to make, Dark River becomes a place of fear, suspicion and danger. Can it ever return to the haven it once was? 


Ooooh, mysterious, huh? I like the sound of the charming rogue, for sure! ;) Intrigued? I hope so, because if you are, then follow the links below to grab yourself a copy! 

Happy publication day, Terri Nixon! I hope it's wonderful and full of celebration!

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