Revealing Carys Jones' cover of Dare to Dream

This afternoon on Becca's Books, I'm delighted to be spreading the word about Dare to Dream's epic cover! If the phenomenal cover doesn't sell it to you, then read the blurb, it sounds brilliant!

Dare to Dream
By Carys Jones

"The world was going to end. Of that, Maggie Trafford was certain."

Fourteen-year-old Maggie Trafford leads a normal life. Well, as normal as being crammed in a three-bedroom house with four siblings and a single parent can be, anyway. But despite being somewhat ignored at home, Maggie excels, earning top grades, a best friend who would do anything for her, and stolen looks from a boy in Maths. 

It's not until the dreams start that Maggie realizes "normal" is the least of her problems. Every night, she lives the same nightmare - red lightning, shattered glass, destruction. But nightmares are just that, right? No one believes her when she says it's an omen. At least, not until the already mysterious pillars of Stonehenge start falling. 

No longer alone in her fear, Maggie and the world watch with bated breath as one after another, the historic stones tumble, like a clock counting down. But only Maggie knows what it means: when the last stone falls, destruction will reign. And when the world ends, there's only one option left - survive. 

Horrifying and raw, Dare to Dream is equal parts tragedy and hope, detailing the aftermath of apocalyptic catastrophe, the quest for survival, and the importance of belief. 


Wow. I feel like I was holding my breath right the way through reading that. Sounds pretty freaking awesome, right? If you think so, then the relevant links are below, book friends! 

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  1. Carys sounds like an amazing author! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to find out more!