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Today on Becca's Books, I'm welcoming the fabulous Kierney Scott onto the blog, and we're talking all things bookish & writing. Author with Carina UK, Kierney has agreed to answering my questions and sharing them with you all, to give readers and bloggers alike an insight into her books. Kierney, it's brilliant to have you, so without further ado, let's get this interview started!

So, for those readers who haven't yet heard of you or your books, can you provide us with an introduction? 

K ~ I write super hot contemporary romance. I specialize in alpha males and slightly unlikable heroines. I love my heroines but they might be a tad abrasive for gentle readers. 

Tell us a little about yourself!

K ~ I am your run of the mill, carpool driving, Brownie Troop leading, housewife... who writes naughty books in between school runs. 

Which books of yours are currently published, and can you tell us about any upcoming releases? 

K ~ Dirty Little Secrets - Ben McCoy is the Vice-Presidential candidate with the backing of the entire nation. His wife, Megan, is as close as she'll ever be to living the American-Dream, from inside The White House. 
Until investigative reporter, James Emerson, comes looking for a story - and it seems the barricade masking ambition, sex and power-struggle rife in Washington D.C. isn't impenetrable after all... No matter how careful you are, secrets always leak out. Now, Megan has a choice, she can do as many First Lady's have done before her, and stand by her man. Or she can opt for full disclosure. With a scandal so sensational it will whip the press into a humiliating political frenzy Megan, for the first time, holds all the cards. 
They say all that glitters isn't gold - but what happens when you realise everything you've ever dreamed of isn't enough...

Twice in a Lifetime - A second chance at redemption...
A lifetime ago, Sarah and Liam were childhood sweethearts in a dingy Edinburgh block, dreaming of making it in the big wide world. But reality called. Sarah stayed to make a difference in her community, while Liam forged a career in international finance and never looked back. 
Ten years on, a friend in crisis brings Sarah and Liam together in Dubai. There's no trace of the boy she once loved - the man Liam has become is hard, mercenary, infuriating... and arousing. In an opulent desert city far away from everything she knows, can Sarah take the heat?

Blurring the Line (The Firing Line - Book 1) - When DEA Agent Beth Thomson recruits ex-soldier Armando Torres as an undercover agent, she knows she has hit the jackpot. 
He will infiltrate 'Los Zetas', one of Mexico's deadliest cartels, and expose their drug-running into the USA. In turn, she promises to turn a blind eye to him finding and killing the rival cartel member who shot his best friend. Beth is good at overlooking the gruesome details of her job; her focus is the bigger picture - nailing 'El Escorpion', the mysterious and most-wanted leader of the 'Los Treintas' gang. Torres soon climbs the cartel ladder, and has the tattoo markings to prove his loyalty. So when a secret meet with Beth goes wrong, his cover is strong enough for him to save her from his fellow gang members. His silence hints at the horrors he has performed to get him where he is, and his brutality and strength both scare and arouse Beth simultaneously. The between them is unprofessional and yet undeniable. But has he gone rogue? Can Beth trust him to put her mission before his own revenge? And can she trust herself with him? 

Holding the Line (The Firing Line - Book 2) comes out March 9th.

What major themes do you generally focus on when writing? 

K ~ All of my books are very different. When I finish a book I always pick a project very different than the last thing I did. It keeps things fresh for me and it keeps my characters distinct. But I would have to say one continuing thing in my work is: people are complicated and relationships are messy but everyone deserves love and respect.

When genre do your works fall into? 

K ~ All of my book are romance but sometimes they cross over into suspense, but the relationship is always at the heart of the story. 

How would you describe your writing style? 

K ~ Technically speaking it would be classified as deep third person point of view. I don't ever write in first person because I can't stand it, just one of my pet peeves. It makes me feel too much like a voyeur. I like the emotional distance of third person. In a strange way it actually lets you get deeper into the person's psyche. It is all about the psychology for me. My background is developmental psychology so I love writing people's motivations. 

What does your ultimate fictional hero look like in your mind? 

K ~ Physically I have no idea what he would look like because I am very fickle. My favourite everything changes on a regular basis. Also I am not the person to ask if you want to know if someone is objectively attractive. There is an ongoing joke amongst my friends to never ask me if someone is good looking because I think every woman is beautiful and every man is handsome. 

What can readers expect from the heroines in your books? 

K ~ My heroines are very strong  and very flawed. Sometimes they make bad choices but they are kind. Kindness is paramount; I don't have time for mean people in books or real life. 

How would you describe your writing process? Do you plan? If so, how? 

K ~ I am a die-hard plotter! Everything is mapped out right down to the number of chapters. All the characters quirks are written down and filed in my trusty purple binder. Once I start, my characters will often fight me and I have to tweak things. Bizarrely I struggle with changing the outline. I always have to remind myself that I am the author; I have permission to change the story. 

Would you say that any of your personal experiences in life have affected your writing in some way? 

K ~ I never write about myself directly but everything gets filtered through, I think it would be difficult to completely divorce yourself from your work.
When things happen in my life, there is often a wee voice telling me that it will be going in a book. I think that is how I process painful things. 

Where do your ideas come from? 

K ~ I wish I knew. And I wish I could plan it. Ideas come out of nowhere. Music is the most reliable source of inspiration. I adore music, all types. I have so many guilty pleasure tracks on my ipod.

What, in your opinion, is the perfect writing accompaniment?

K ~ Cinnamon tea is a must for writing. 

Do you have any bizarre writing habits?

K ~ I have a whole long involved process. It starts with checking email and social media. Then I read the newspaper. Next I put on youtube videos. I listen to the same song on repeat for hours. I think it would drive a normal person crazy; thankfully I'm not even a wee bit normal. With Blurring the Line I wrote 12,000 words in one day listening to Go Your Own Way, by Fleetwood Mac, on repeat. Every book has a soundtrack. When I hear the songs, it brings everything back. 

At what point did you realise that you wanted to share your writing with the world? 

K ~ Shortly after birth...

How do you cope with bad reviews? How do you celebrate the good ones? 

K ~ That is a great question. I am very respectful of people and their individuality. I know my books will not be to everyone's taste and that is OK. I love diversity. Find what makes you happy and read that. If you don't enjoy my books, don't waste your time on them. Life is too short! The only time I mind bad reviews is when they are personal or mean spirited. I strongly believe that as humans we don't have the right to intentionally inflict pain on one another. 
As for good reviews: I love them. It makes my heart happy when a reader takes the time to leave a review or send me an email. I love creating characters that resonate with people. I am so honoured that people spent their time and money on my books. I am so very grateful.

If a reader was to ask you why they should buy your book, what would you say? 

K ~ I would start by asking what kind of books they enjoy. There is no one size fits all for books. 

Where would we normally find you on an average day? 

K ~ You will always find me with my family or friends. I adore the people in my life. I am so blessed to have them all. My typical day involves a school run, trip to gym, writing sessions, coffee date with friends, homework and board games, and then a good snuggle before bed. Oh and there is always a hot bath in there somewhere. 

Are you due a holiday any time soon? 

K ~ I am going on a Mediterranean cruise this Summer with my extended family. We always take my parents and one of my nieces or nephews on holiday with us. This year my eldest niece is coming. She is off to University next year so I am so excited to get to spend a bit of time with her before she sets off into the great big world. I can't believe how quickly time has gone. 

If you could swap places with another author, who would you choose and why? 

K ~ I would not want to swap places with anyone. I am so grateful for everything in my life. I'm not a jealous person. I admire achievements but I don't covet them. I love when people are successful and happy. I wish it for everyone. 

What would you say you find most difficult when writing a novel? And what do you find easiest? 

K ~ There are so many hard parts, but I suppose that is what I like, I like a bit of hard work. Love scenes are difficult to write. My pace slows right down; it is a battle to get every word on the paper. The easiest thing to write is dialogue. I love writing dialogue. Love, love, love it.

What's the best advice you ever received?

K ~ Do unto others as you would have done to you. 

What advice would you give to any aspiring authors out there? 

K ~ Don't give up. Commit to getting better: don't be precious about your work. You created it, but it isn't you. If you are lucky enough to get your work in front of an editor, take their advice. 

What's your favourite meal? 

K ~ Kung Po Tofu. I love spicy food. I like my food so spicy that my eyes water and my nose runs. I'm vegan so give me anything with tofu and chilli and I will be happy. 

Favourite colour?

K ~ Purple and pink. Can I have two? 

Favourite smell? 

K ~ Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Who are your biggest supporters? 

K ~ My family. 

What spurs you on the most when writing? 

K ~ My OCD certainly helps. I give myself a set number of words I need to get done in a day and I don't stop until I'm done. I will keep going all night, even after my eyes are cross and my wrists hurt. My husband says I am like a dog with a bone: I never give up. 

Where do you write most often? 

K ~ Lately I have been writing in bed. I am getting a treadmill desk but the model I want is not available in the UK until the end of the year. I can't wait! My bottom really needs it. Sadly I have developed a bad case of Writer's Bum. But I shall sort it! 

In regards to your next book, when can we expect to see it released into the big wide world? 

K ~ Holding the Line is out March 9th! We get to catch up with Beth and Torres. I love spending time with them. So much angst!

  Any parting comments?

K ~ If you made it this far, you deserve a cookie! Thanks for reading! And thanks for having me Becca!

Thanks so much for being here with me on Becca's Books, Kierney Scott, it has been a pleasure! Good luck with everything!

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