Her by Harriet Lane

All this buttoning and unbuttoning.

Title - Her
Author - Harriet Lane
Publication Date - 1st January 2015
Publisher - Weidenfield & Nicolson
Format - Paperback (Self-purchased)
Pages - 288

The blurb

Two women; two different worlds. 

Emma is a struggling mother who has put everything on hold. 

Nina is sophisticated and independent - entirely in control. 

When the pair meet, Nina generously draws Emma into her life. But this isn't the first time the women's paths have crossed. Nina remembers Emma and she remembers what Emma did. 

But what exactly does Nina want from her?

And how far will she go in pursuit of it?

Becca's thoughts

So, wow. I mean, just... wow. I really don't know where to begin with my review of Her by Harriet Lane, I still feel like my thoughts are a little jumbled since finishing, so this review may or not make sense.

I brought Her by Harriet Lane solely because the blurb truly grabbed me. I was browsing through Amazon, enjoying a spot of book shopping, and decided that it sounded too good to be missed. One-clicked, added to the basket, bada-bing, bada-boom! Once it was delivered, I knew I'd pick it first out of the bundle, and once settled down in my pyjamas with a cup of something nice and hot, I finally felt ready to begin.

Her by Harriet Lane follows a chunk of Emma and Nina's lives. Throughout the telling of this story, Harriet switches the narratives between the two women, allowing the reader an incredible insight into each woman's life, which is where the reader begins to take note of the obvious differences between Nina and Emma. Harriet slips in amid her stunning descriptions that something, although exactly what isn't revealed right away, happened years before between the two girls, which is the reasoning behind Nina's now fascination with Emma. As Her progresses, Nina draws Emma further and further into her enticing world of freedom and neatness, until it all reaches a point where Nina's intent becomes seriously real and dangerous. Her was thrilling, intense and incredibly powerful.

One of the things that I truly loved about this book was the switching of the narratives. I mean, I love this in general, but in the given circumstances, and with Emma and Nina, I was ridiculously eager to skip and forth between them to try to figure each out of them out. The women's narrative's switched with each chapter change, and so, when it became apparent that this would be a regular occurrence throughout the book, I found myself looking forward to it, desperate to see what one of the women thought a particular event etc. It was brilliant in how this was achieved. Mainly because something would happen during Emma's point of view, but then once we were back with Nina, Harriet went over what had happened once more, and we were then given the why and the how, if that makes any sense. There was one thing that became a little repetitive during reading, and that was this repetition of events being told a second time round. I don't know why, but I found myself rushing through these bits, not enjoying them as much as I could have been, which was sad, but it happens! I was definitely interested in what was going on in Nina's head, but really didn't want to go over the conversations again, and dinner again...

Besides those repetitive moments, Harriet's writing style was flawless. Her descriptions, despite seeming to some as taking too long, were fantastic. I'll stand out in the crowd here and say that actually, I loved them. I read a few reviews beforehand, but wanted to keep an open mind for my own reading of the book. These descriptions were beautiful, and just so spot-on, I was able to picture every single tiny detail in my mind and I adored it. Harriet has such a way with words, from describing her settings and characters, to the weather and homes. I also felt that Harriet's writing style, quite strange and foreboding, fit in perfectly with the tones and atmospheres of the book, leaving me almost disturbed out at times. There was something dangerous laced within the words, and I picked up on that danger almost instantly.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I loved how wrapped up I felt within the character's, I loved how I was kept in suspense for almost the entirety of the book, and I loved how neatly the strings of this story were wrapped up as it came to an end.

Becca's Books is rating Her by Harriet Lane with FOUR SCRUMMY CUPCAKES! If you love books that have you hanging on the edge of your seat (or bed, or whatever) then this would be perfect for you. A gorgeously gripping read.



  1. I'm reading this at the moment. Know what you mean about the repetitive text but it's still got my attention.

  2. Glad you agree, Julie! Yes, it held my attention right the way through! I'll be interested to know your thoughts once you're finished!

  3. So pleased you enjoyed this book, I ordered it from amazon at the weekend, along with a few others, always nice to get other people's views, x