The Pearl Locket by Kathleen McGurl

That was the problem with old houses. They were full of the ghosts of past occupants.

Title - The Pearl Locket
Author - Kathleen McGurl
Publication Date - 27th February 2015
Publisher - Carina UK
Format - eBook (Provided via author)

The blurb

We'll meet again...

When Ali inherits her great-aunt's house she immediately moves her whole family in, despite the warnings that there is something strange about the place. Unfazed, Ali begins redecorating, going through the rooms, making each one her own with the help of her daughter, Kelly. But when under the wallpaper in Kelly's new room they discover a scrawled message from 1944 Ali begins to question the history of the house as she knows it. 

Her family has always seemed so picture perfect, not a blemish or a secret to be found. Yet, this discovery throws her into confusion and Ali begins to question exactly what she knows about her family and the mysteries they have kept hidden... 

Becca's thoughts 

I'd like to begin my review of 'The Pearl Locket' by Kathleen McGurl by saying a very heartfelt thank you to the author. Honestly, the thrill that I feel every time an author emails me with a review request never dims or loses its sparkle, especially when that author is someone who've you read before and enjoyed immensely. So, Kathleen McGurl, a huge thank you to you! After reading and adoring 'The Emerald Comb' (see my review here), I just knew that 'The Pearl Locket' was going to be drenched with that very same time-slippy magic that just astounds me. So bookworms, let me tell you why I absolutely, 100%, LOVED 'The Pearl Locket'.

First off, I have always been a fan of historic novels, despite you not seeing many on Becca's Books. I adore them. I love being whisked away to a time before our own, experiencing and seeing all of the things that my great-great-great-great grandparents saw on a day-to-day basis. Kathleen McGurl is a pro at doing this to her readers. The Pearl Locket' begins first in the modern times of 2014, but then you're taken all the way back to the year of 1944, From there on, each chapter is a portal to these two different times, and this is one of the things that I LOVE about reading Kathleen's work. As the reader, once you realise that you're going to be slipping back and forth throughout your reading of the book, it's very difficult not to get excited about what lies ahead. This is why I think the term time-slip is perfectly and utterly accurate for Kathleen's books. 'Slipping' through these times, not hopping, not bouncing (it's definitely doesn't feel that clunky to me), but effortlessly gliding from one era to the next, and it is absolutely superb. This same fluid movement is evident in Kathleen's previous novel 'The Emerald Comb' and it is, besides all of her other writing talents that can be seen in her books, what made me fall head over heels in love with Kath's work in the first place. Rather than plodding along with the same narrative and the same characters, Kathleen hands the reader so much more than that. 

Not only are we stepping back and forth in the doorways of these time portals (also known as Kathleen's chapters, ha!), we're meeting and greeting with two completely different families from two separate worlds. For me, being a family girl and all, I just loved this. We had the modern family in 2014, which consisted of Ali, Pete, Kelly, Ryan, and Ali's Gran, Margaret. Then we had the family back in 1944, made up of a strict father, a subdued mother, and three young girls; Mags, Joan and Elizabeth. The differences, as Kathleen began her wonderful descriptions, were striking, to say the least. The two different families' lives, their circumstances, their relationships... It was marvellous. Kathleen also really opened my eyes to the war that went on during the 1940's. Living amongst that danger, chaos and destruction wouldn't have been easy for anybody, and her family back in 1944 were detailed perfectly. By the end of my reading of this book, I felt like I knew both of these families inside out, and after everything that they'd been through, I was pretty upset to see them go when I turned the final page. 

  The plot itself was, as it was in 'The Emerald Comb', absolutely magnificent. Seriously, I cannot fault a single thing when it comes to Kathleen McGurl's story-telling abilities. I can't seem to be able to put it into words, either. With the two different time eras taken into consideration, delicious snippets of information are set free, and ultimately, end up having some sort of consequence for the modern family in 2014. God, it was brilliant. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Secrets, mysteries, and death-defying love, that seriously got my heart into a big, old tangle. Kathleen McGurl is an absolute pro at reeling in the reader and keeping them in place with the sheer intrigue that overcomes them. The story flowed beautifully between the two separate lives, intertwining now and again, almost as if Kathleen's characters were standing on opposites sides of a mirror, gazing through at each other. There were twists and turns galore that had me gripping my Kindle to within an inch of its life, and in the end, when Kathleen begins to bring the ribbons around her story to tie into a neat bow, I just felt completely and utterly satiated. I felt, as the characters did, that I could finally breathe easy, as if I'd raced through the entire book with my breath held and my mind reeling, and then, finally, let out that breath when I came to the end.

'The Pearl Locket' emphasises all of the most stunning writing talents that Kathleen McGurl holds. It showcases them, shiny and sparkling, and believe me when I say this readers, it will hold you captive right until the very last page. Not only are we faced with mysteries and secrets, as we were in 'The Emerald Comb', but this time, we're faced with a war that's raging onwards and capable of taking the people that the characters love most and hold dear to their hearts. 

Becca's Books is rating 'The Pearl Locket' by Kathleen McGurl with FIVE GLORIOUS CUPCAKES! I cannot rate or recommend this book enough. It is everything that I had hoped for and more, and I think Kathleen must have had a hard job trying to ensure that this book was even better than the last, when the last was absolutely MINDBLOWING. This book is everything I love about Kathleen McGurl and more, and already, I'm DYING to read her next one. Kathleen, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to your stunning novel. It was an absolute pleasure.


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