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Today on Becca's Books, I have the wonderful Ellen Faith, author of The Story of Us and Home for the Holidays, chatting to me about her upcoming release Learn To Love Again (published 14th March 2015). I am so incredibly excited about Ellen's newest book, simply because after reading her previous novels, I just know this is going to be out of this world. And, in true Becca's Books style, I obviously have no choice but to rave about the gorgeous cover! Isn't it beautiful, bookworms?

So, let's get this author interview started!

Ellen, tell us, how does it feel to be the author of three actual books? Did you ever think that you'd get this far?

E ~ Hey Becca! Ahh, thank you for having me lovely lady, it's always a pleasure. I think when I wrote The Story of Us, I just hoped that at least one person would enjoy it haha. I don't think I ever thought further than The Story of Us though. Once I'd received some feedback from bloggers and readers, it gave me the boost to write more. Three is AMAZING though, if you could see me now I have the goofiest grin ;) 

Learn To Love Again focuses on your character Lillie Gilbert, and how she overcomes the grief of losing her husband. Your first two books differ to this style greatly, do they not? How did it feel to be writing with such a different tone and atmosphere? 

E ~ Learn To Love Again is definitely different to my previous two, although I like to think Lillie is someone that people can relate to in one way or another, that she is just a regular woman people can sympathise with. I always like to challenge myself though and push myself to write something that is a little different to the last. I certainly had days where I felt a bit drained with all the emotions though. 

How well do you think you write these emotional scenes? What do you think you've really got to nail when writing these to make them most effective? 

E ~ I hope I write them pretty well... I guess we'll find out next week haha! I think you know if you've managed to write a good scene by how you feel yourself. There are some parts to Learn To Love Again where I sobbed like a small child. I tried to imagine how I'd feel in her position and it really helped. 

Can you tell us about where Learn To Love Again is set? What are the people who live there like? Friendly, or not so much? 

E ~ Learn To Love Again is set in Barton-by-the-Sea, a fictional village that I based on Saltburn where my uncle lives. It's a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, but in Lillie's case, there are some villagers who that never thought she was good enough for her deceased husband, Nick. Some are friendly, but those that aren't really are wicked. 

Who else can readers expect to meet in Learn To Love Again? 

E ~ Well, you'll get to meet the loveable best friend, Sam who flies back from LA just to be by Lillie's side. Lillie's parents also play a key role in her recovery, or not as the case may be. And then of course, there are the mean villagers but I'll say no more on them. 

How did you see Lillie in your mind? What kind of person is she, deep down? 

E ~ Lillie is just an ordinary, young woman who married her one great love at quite an early age. She is fiercely loyal and will never walk away from a relationship without a fight, which she shows at one point in the book. I have a real soft spot for Lillie, I hope others want to take her under their wing like I wanted to. 

Besides grief and death, what other themes have you explored within Learn To Love Again? 

E ~ Friendship and reinvention are probably the other key themes. 

Where did you get the inspiration from, for Learn To Love Again? Did anything in particular spark the idea in your mind, or is it completely conjured up from your imagination? 

E ~ At the back end of last year, I went to visit my uncle in Saltburn, and as we walked on the pier, I felt such a sense of calm and inspiration. I knew there and then I wanted to write something set in a location similar to Saltburn, and from there, I started thinking about characters and scenarios and it just grew from there. 

Is your character Lillie like you in any way? 

E ~ I had to think about this question for a while but, I think the similarities end in her loyalty and how she is obviously so close to her family. 

How long did it take you to write Learn To Love Again? Did you have to overcome any difficulties during its creation? 

E ~ Ooo you're on fire with these questions lady ;) It didn't take too long compared to The Story of Us. I think it took about 4/5 months from visiting my uncle to publication. 

How did you come up with the title? 

E ~ I genuinely have NO idea haha. It just popped into my head while I was writing and I thought it summed up the story perfectly. 

How can readers expect to feel whilst reading? 

E ~ Probably a little bit emotional, I recommend tissues and chocolate, or wine, whatever you prefer... but not gin because, ya know, it makes you cry anyway. I hope they finish reading with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Your previous books have focused a lot on the aspect of friendship. Will we see that in Learn To Love Again too? 

E ~ Most definitely, Lillie leans on her best friend a lot throughout the entire book. 

How important are friends to you, Ellen? 

E ~ My friends are really important, but I think it can take you a while to realise just who your real friends are. I know it did me. It's taken me until the grand old age of 28 to cherish the true friends I have and I wouldn't swap them for the world. 

In your opinion, what is your perfect writing accompaniment?

E ~ Whatever snackage I have in the naughty cupboard haha or coffee. 

Sweet or savoury? 

E ~ Sweet, for sure. 

Ellen, what's your planning process like? 

E ~ Sporadic! Sometimes I just write with no plan at all, in fact I tend to do that most of the time but sometimes, I write notes and certainly with my next book, Dear Darling, I had to make a ton of notes and plan quite meticulously. 

Tell us your thoughts on bloggers? 

E ~ I LOVE bloggers. I can honestly say that the bloggers I've had the pleasure of meeting through Twitter are some of the loveliest people I have ever met and I'm lucky enough to call some of them friends. Without bloggers, authors wouldn't get half of the love they get, we have a lot to thank them for. 

How do you cope with any negative reviews, Ellen? 

E ~ I think when you get your very first negative review, it stings. It's natural, but then you learn to either shrug off the ones that aren't very friendly or constructive. I've always had a pretty level head where negative reviews are concerned and appreciate that we don't all have the same taste which is absolutely fine. Wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same? 

How do you celebrate the good ones? 

E ~ I just give myself a mini high five while wearing a massive grin and usually, it spurs me on to write more. 

How did you celebrate your last publication day? 

E ~ I think I spent most of the day on Twitter and then had a take away for tea haha. It was a very sedate affair but that's just the way I like it sometimes. 

In three words, can you sum up how it feels when you know, for real, that your book is now out in the world with readers? 

E ~ Nerve-wracking, exciting and proud. 

What's the best advice you ever received? 

E ~ It was in relation to negative reviews, in the words of the one and only Taylor Swift, you just have to shake it off because the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 

E ~ To just go for it! You never know until you try. The more you write the better you get, you find your voice and there really is nothing more satisfying that typing those last two words, THE END and getting your baby out into the big wide world. 

Ellen, what are you working on at the moment? 

E ~ Dear Darling is taking longer to fine tune than I imagined it would last year so I'm still trying to finalise that so that I can get it to you all asap. 

Do you think it's possible that you'll ever run out of ideas for books? 

E ~ I hope not haha. And if I do now, I may have to blame you for jinxing me. That cool? 

Can we look forward to catching up with Lexi and crew in the future? 

E ~ I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that there will definitely be more Lexi in the near future. 

Any parting comments, Ellen? 

E ~ I just want to thank you again for having me on your blog and continued support. Without turning this into an Oscar's acceptance speech, without the continued support of bloggers and readers, I wouldn't be where I am today. THANK YOU *mwah*

Ellen, thanks so much for taking the time to appear on Becca's Books today. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you here, and I wish you every success with your future in books and writing!     

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